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DESCRIPTION The PHP institute in Kolkata that can be considered for PHP training is Ejob India. Why Ejob India? The question is quite natural to ask. We have got the answer.


  • 1. It is of immense pressure when it comes to getting a job without having any prior knowledge or experience in the software background or the expertise in software languages. For a short period of time, it will be fine without the technical grooming but this will not help in the long run when an individual has an aspiration to go up in his or her career. Without proper guidance and education in the technical aspect, the career growth is bound to be stagnant. In this competitive market when the whole system in determined by IT sectors, one has to have a very strong command over the computer languages or the software programming skills. This will prove fruitful in the coming days. One should justify the reasons for learning a programming or a software language. The urge of learning should come within oneself. Basically, computer was invented for solving complicated mathematical calculations but to increase its utility and not confining its usefulness within solving calculations, software began to be programmed to make it compatible with the responsibilities bestowed on it. There are many software languages amongst which the important are C, C++, and C #, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby. Therefore, it is advisable to learn at least one such
  • 2. language. To start with, one should focus with PHP as it is a server side scripting language for web development purposes. One should choose wisely for a PHP institute in Kolkata that assures the proper technical guidance. A programming language is designed to communicate the instructions which are given to the computer. They want to save the expenses by utilizing the available resources within the organization. In this way, it can concentrate on other ventures. The PHP institute in Kolkata that can be considered for PHP training is Ejob India. Why Ejob India? The question is quite natural to ask. We have got the answer. Ejob India offers 100% placement facilities with some of the best IT companies after the completion of the course. It offers professional PHP training. The classes are taken by some the best faculties who have worked in this field for many years and are experts. The classes are divided into two schedules Regular and Normal Schedules Regular schedules demands full time classes by the students who are eager to get a job quickly. Normal schedules are meant for candidates who are students or working professionals and will not be able to devote their time to the full time course. The classes in Normal schedule are allocated as per the students convenience. The subjects are divided into 5 modules after the end of which there will be assessment and live projects to work on. Feedbacks will be shared with the students. I recommend Ejob India as the PHP institute in Kolkata as it has benefitted me in many ways. A secured future and I have been placed with a reputed IT company. The classrooms are well equipped and we had labs with dedicated systems allotted in our names. The live projects that we had been given in the assessment have guided me in my current work
  • 3. profile. I have learnt from my mistakes and observed the points that led to my achievements. Last but not the least, my heartiest thanx to the faculties who have guided us for what we are or what I am today. Contact information: Main Office Vasundhara Complex NP-9, Sector5, SaltLake, Kolkata -102 Branch Office AJ-124, Ground Floor Sector-2, SaltLake, Kolkata -91 O : (033)30492908-9 M : 09830125644 Website:


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