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  • 1. GORDON PARKS(1912-2006) By: Riley Shill

2. "THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO USE A CAMERA SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING IN MIND, THERESSOMETHING THEY WANT TO SHOW, SOMETHING THEY WANT TO SAY..." (PARKS) 3. BIOGRAPHY Born Nov 30, 1912 in Fort Scott Kansas Attended a segregated elementary school Three white boys threw him in a river when he was 11 His mother died when he was 15 and then ran awayfrom home Parks spent his last night at home sleeping next to hismothers coffin, facing his own fear of death 4. BIOGRAPHY (CONT.) Married and divorcedthree times: SallyAlvis, ElizabethCampbell, GenevieveYoung He had four children He died of cancer in2006 in New York Cityat age 93 5. PERSONAL LIFE Also a film director, Most known for hismusician, poet,pronoun career injournalist, and activist photography Directed severalHollywood movies Jazz pianist Civil Rights Activist 6. EARLY CAREER At 25 he bought his first camera for $12.50 Encouraged by Marva Louis to move to Chicago in1940 Began as a freelance photographer Everything from fashion to the depression of Chicagosslums 7. PHOTOGRAPHY CAREER Freelance photographer in Chicago for 4 years By 1944, Parks was the only black photographerworking for Vogue Only black photographer working for Life by 1948 Sent by Life to Europe and across the USphotographing the civil rights movement Known as an American Gothic 8. INFLUENCES Influenced by the civil rights movement across theworld especially in America Poverty in ghettos and slums Wanted to raise awareness to the rest of the world Wanted to break barriers and stereotypes 9. WHO DID GORDON PARKS INFLUENCE? Brought awareness to:- Civil Rights Movement- Poverty in inner cities 10. INFLUENCE ON PHOTOGRAPHY Style is known as American Gothic Changed the general mood that people seephotography 11. Photography is my weapon (Parks) 12. AMERICAN GOTHIC, WASHINGTON D.C.o Emphasizes emotion andmood of those who were inpovertyo Responding to the repeatedracism in public buildingso Rule of odds, shape 13. o Ella Watson and her family in 1942o Demonstrates struggle poverty stricken familieshad to go through during that time 14. Emerging Man shot in Harlem in 1952 Emphasizes emotion by focusing on his eyes Spot, line, shape 15. Appeals to audiences emotion byfocusing on their faces Tells a story of sadness andhardships with kids emotions Golden Spiral, Rule of Thirds,Rule of Odds, Line 16. Other Did not so much influenceinfluencesanother art form, rather he raised overall awareness by the public of racism, poverty, and civil rights 17. Parks once saidThe subject matter is so much more important than the photographer. 18. OTHER INTERESTING INFO In 1972, Parks received the Spingarn Medal given bythe NAACP Received over 20 doctorates in his lifetime Was the first prominent African American director inHollywood Was good friends with boxer Muhammad Ali Was the godfather of Malcom Xs daughter 19. WORKS CITED Grundberg, Andy. "Gordon Parks, a Master of the Camera, Dies at 93." NewYork Times, 8 Mar. 2006. Web. 9 Jan. 2012.. "Gordon Parks." NNDB Mapper. Web. 9 Jan. 2012.. Gale Cengage Learning. "Gordon Parks." Gale. Web. 11Jan. 2012.. 20. WORKS CITED (CONT.) "Legends Online." PDN & Kodak Professionals. Web. 9 Jan.2012. . "Gordon Parks." Masters of Photography. Web.11 Jan. 2012. .

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