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<p> 1. Photography Applications Jonah Adshead 1 2. Advertising/Promotional Photography is a very effective way of promoting products or companies and is used to advertise these to potential buyers. It is seen on bill- boards, posters, inside papers and magazines and on the internet. The main focus in advertising and promotional photographs is always the product in question, for example a car, lighter or alcoholic drink. Wide lenses are often used to get the whole product in the frame, this can also allow a background to be seen, putting the product in its natural setting or in other interesting situations that may make the product stand out to the audience. For focusing on small details of a product or shooting smaller things such as the Zippo lighter a long lens can be used, this allows a much closer zoomed in image to be taken with greater detail. Advertising and promotional photography is heavily controlled, often with all aspects of the photograph being set up and planned. This allows the perfect image of the product that the company has in mind to be portrayed in print. Lots of artificial light is usually used in advertising and promotional photography to allow the photographer to light the product up exactly as they want. Correctly placed lights can illuminate the product in a way that makes it look perfect, aesthetic and very attractive to an audience. One photographer who specialises on advertising and promotional photography is Jonathan Knowles. He is a London based photographer who has won countless awards and has featured in the 200 best advertising photographers for the past 8 years in a row. His unique graphic style is widely recognised in the advertising world and Knowles photographs have been featured in the last four volumes of 100 best in photography. Joost vanderbug 3. Text reads; served inquestionable joints since 1866. This gives the drink a cool edgy feel and links to the image where you can see two people skinny dipping. Backdrop looks as though it could be a Texas creek or something similar, this has positive connotations and works well as the drink was first made in Texas. The bottle is the only thing in perfect focus and the image blurs the further back it goes. This means it has been taken with a high aperture setting something that is common in advertisements as it makes the bottle the centre of attention. It looks as though the contrast may have been increased in post production or a slight sepia effect may have been used. This deepens the colours slightly and brings the browns out more giving the image a rustic, vintage appearance. This choice would makes sense as they are using the fact that the drink being served since 1866 as a selling point and so making the image look older would stress this point. The blurred background ensures that the bottle is the main focus of the image. There is minimal text and this all ensures that the viewer sees the bottle first and it will be the thing they remember most. 4. Fashion Fashion photography is often used in much the same way as advertising and promotional, but to promote a specific clothing lone or label. They often use very stylised and interesting photography to make their clothing and brand look very desirable and of the moment. Clearly, the clothing is always the main focus of the image, but sometimes this is less obvious. Many photographers take on a style where they photograph constructed and staged photographs designed to look very interesting. Their aim is to set a certain mood or tell a story while also showing off the clothing subtly. This method may use wide lenses to allow multiple models to be in shot and the surroundings to also be included, creating visually exciting images. More arty, minimalistic shots are sometimes also used with a close up of small details of a product. These often include a detail on the piece of clothing including the label logo and can also include another interesting aspect such as a heavily tattooed hand holding a cigarette. A long angle lens can be used to capture this detailed, up close shots. Shoots are often highly controlled and take place in a studio with lots of artificial light. This allows the subject to very easily be manipulated, models often continuously having make-up re-done and costumes adjusted throughout shoots. Lighting is controlled to give the desired look and illuminate the subject in a certain way to make the photographs come out perfectly. One London based fashion photographer is Tyrone Lebon, who was born 1982. He got his first commission age 19 shooting for i-D magazine and has since shot for Stussy, Dr. Martins, Nike and Casely Hayford. 5. Here the face has been covered with a white block of colour in post production. This is a technique that is often seen in fashion photography although it may be done in a variety of ways. The idea is that if the face has been blocked out then the viewer concentrated on the clothes the model is wearing rather than them, almost like using a mannequin. The clothes that the model is wearing will have been chosen carefully as they are the thing that a viewer will make a decision on the brand from. They look cool and the pose the model is doing holding up a peace sign is also. This representation of the model as a cool person will often make a reader believe that if they wear these clothes they will become better increasing their chances of buying them. The way the shadow reflects the image is nice and makes a visually striking pose. It is important that this image sticks in the viewers mind so that they remember and want to buy clothes from this shop. The Stussy logo and a tagline are included quite small in the bottom corner. This has been done intentionally to ensure that the most attention is placed on the clothing, The model is in the background of the image but still in perfect focus. This means that it has been taken with quite a low aperture setting to ensure everything is focussed. This technique is often used to allow the model to be further away from the camera and completing a movement like walking or running to give the images a more fluid, candid appearance. The model is holding a dollar sign. This sign is often used to stand for the brand Stussy and this dropping in of hints and things that remind the viewer of the brand is something seen frequently in fashion and in fact all promotional photography. 6. Photojournalism Photojournalism is a form of journalism that uses visual images to tell a particular story. It is widely used to accompany articles in newspapers, magazines, blogs and other web pages. The main aim of these images is to tell a story and put across a point, they can anchor the text they accompany and really change the perceived meaning of a text or the view of a reader on a certain issue. Because of this photojournalism is a very important and powerful media form Photojournalism is almost exclusively concerned with observational shots. A photojournalist will go somewhere of interest that they feel needs reporting such as a warzone or award ceremony and observe, taking photos of events as they happen. This is good as it gives a true representation of what is happening and people can see the true scene. Because photojournalism is observational, often only natural light can be used. This means that photojournalists must make the most of what light is on offer Sometimes a flash gun is used but there are some photojournalists such as war photographers who would rather not make an impact on the environment and just observe, a flash may make them too noticeable and so is not used very often. The paparazzi use them very often, this is to ensure they get enough light on the celebrities they are trying to photograph. A range of different lenses are used in photojournalism, if a photojournalist is quite close to the action, they will use a wide lens that will allow them to include the whole scene. Some shots that are required to be taken from a distance when the photojournalist cannot get close, for example sports games, a long lens will be used. This allows a zoomed close up shot top be taken so that important details can be seen from a distance. Eddie Adams (1933-1969) was an American photographer who took some famous portraits of celebrities and politicians and took photos covering 13 wars. His work won him the Pulitzer Prize in 1969 and his photos are still well renowned today with some of his most famous from the Vietnam war. 7. This candid photograph captures the very intimate and touching moment where a sailor returns from war. The photographer will not have had time to set up for this so will have had to think fast and take a photograph quickly. Capturing real life, real time events is what photojournalism is about but it takes skill to be able to do this. The photographer will have had to act quickly to capture the moment and frame the couple perfectly. The way the uninhibited sailor has swept the girl backwards and is holding her in the embrace allows the viewer to be able to see it is real. This kind of thing is very hard to fake and I believe this is one of the reasons this photograph is so famous along with the historical significance of it. 8. Portraiture Portraiture is a form of photography widely used and it caters for a number of different needs. Families sometimes pay for them to be done for display in the home, they are often used for promotion or advertising by celebrities and politicians and are even required by the royal family for their official family portrait. You see portraiture in peoples homes, in high street photographers, magazines, papers and on the internet so it is a hugely popular form of photography. Portraiture is largely controlled with shoots usually taking place in a studio. This allows the photographer to control many aspects one of them being the lighting. Artificial light can be used so the subjects can have the perfect amount of light and the photographs have the desired look. Sometimes environmental photography is used and this involves the subject being photographed in a less staged, more natural environment. This method is often shot with only natural lighting. Photojournalists also often only use natural light if they decide to take a portrait of an individual or group they meet while they are reporting, this type of shoot will also likely be done in a natural setting such as the persons house. Wide lenses are used often for portrait photography. This is because portraits are usually taken at quite a close distance to the subject and this suits a wide lens. It also allows the whole scene to be captured in good detail. Terry Richardson is an American portrait photographer who was born August 14th 1965. He has shot for many high profile companies such as Marc Jacobs, Supreme and Yves Saint Laurent and for magazines including Vice, Vogue and Vanity Fair as well as portraits for some very famous people including Americas current President Barack Obama. 9. You can see that this photograph has been taken in a studio as there is a white backdrop, the models are posing and the lighting is perfect. This allows the photographer to make the models look exactly as he/she wishes and to capture the images desired. The people being photographed here are visually striking. They are identical twins and this is something that people always find interesting. Portraiture photographers often shoot strange looking people as this allows them to get more interesting images. As with the fashion photography the outfits the models are wearing would have been carefully chosen. The twins are wearing matching Hawaiian shirts that are incredibly bright and eye catching. They often both have sets of gold grillz and this just adds to the strange look of the image. As I mentioned before every non-twin finds twins quite fascinating, especially identical ones. Every mother loves to dress their twins up in the same outfit but this is usually grown out of. Having these two models in the same outfit adds to the surreal appearance of the photograph and creates more questions in the viewers mind. Professional photography equipment would have been used to take this photograph such as light rigging, a high quality camera and light meters. The whole image is in focus meaning a high aperture will have been used. This photograph is quite close up so a wide lens will have been used to get all of the subject in shot. 10. High Street High street photography is when a person employs a large franchise such as Venture to take photographs for you. They can involve a few different types of photography such as wedding and portrait photography. In recent years with the rise of digital technology that is available to the public and high rent prices for shops, the high street studio industry has struggled and the number of studios is on the decline. Photographs taken by these photographing companies are usually seen in the houses of the customers featured in the photographs or their friends and family. The photos are more of personal and sentimental value than for promotional or advertising gain. The studios are set up with lots of artificial lights often using different colour lights to set a certain mood or to fit with the colour scheme of the clients house. Photography taking place outside the studio can either make use of the ambient light or of things such as flash guns to get the desired look. Because of size restrictions in the studio wide lenses are usually used, this allows the whole scene to be captured close up with a good degree of detail. Long lenses may be used on occasion for example if a photographer is employed to shoot a wedding but is quite far away from the alter and cant get close up. Venture is an example of a high street photography studio. They pioneer a high quality look and take slick, professional looking images for display in the family home. 11. This photograph has been taken in a studio. It is close up so a wide angle lens will have been used to ensure all of the subject is in frame. A high aperture will have been used to ensure that the subject is in very clear focus. The lighting is artificial in the photograph as it has been taken in the studio and this is illuminating the girls face well so that she can be seen perfectly. This photograph is set up in a studio and the girl is posing with her finger on her chin. These poses will probably be prompted by the photographer who will be trying to get the best poses out of the subjects so that the images are more likely to be bought. This pose adds character to the photograph and makes the girl look even cuter. The monochrome effect that will have probably been added in post production works well in this photograph. Because of the artificial light there is a lot of contrast between her light skin and dark eyes and hair making the black and white filter very effective. 12. Studio Work Studio work is any photography that t...</p>