photography: 2 - lens sizes and depth of field

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  • 1. Lens sizes Depth of Field

2. Camera lenses come in different sizes: 3. The longer the lens the more it enlarges the object being photographed 4. Lens are measured in mm 50mm is roughly the same as what we see with the human eye: 5. Less than 50mm (typically 24-30mm) gives wide angles: 6. And more than 50mm (typically 70mm+) zooms in on a subject: 7. A zoom lens is a jack of all trades lens that can change its length from, say, 30mm to 70mm: 8. Many digital cameras do not have a CCD sensor that is as big as a 35mm film frame so some cropping occurs GEEKGEEK ALERT!ALERT! 9. Depth of Field (DOF) refers to how much of a photo is in focus Suppose you have focused on a person you want to photo: 10. The DOF is the distance you could move the object towards or away from the camera without having to re-focus: 11. Everything outside of this zone will be blurred and out of focus 12. >>> DEMO >DOF with zoom lens> TASK > END


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