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Photo tables and photo tents are usually used for product photography. Beauty dish and other lighting devices are also used with thesetools


  • 1.Photo tables and photo tents are widely used tools while photographing a product. One should choose between them depending on what type of effect he/she needs

2. A photo table is different from any other types of tables. It is often fitted with a light and that illuminates a subject through the glass top table It is made for photographing smaller objects (often consumer goods). It is also used for photographing insects. In short, it works great for all macro photography projects 3. What is a Photo Tent? 4. A photography tent often looks like a box with translucent walls on each sides. There is an opening on one side of the tent through which camera lens can be inserted 5. Elinchrom and Bowens beauty dish are often used for illuminating a subject placed on the table or in the tent. These lighting devices work great in highlighting the finer details of a subject. Photography backdrops are also used with the tools. You should choose a device depending on what kind of photograph you want to click