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  • 1. Pronounced "fishing The word has its Origin from two words Password Harvesting or fishing for Passwords Phishing is an online form of pretexting, a kind of deception in which an attacker pretends to be someone else in order to obtain sensitive information from the victim Also known as "brand spoofing Phishers are phishing artists
  • 2. Phishing is a way of fraudulently acquiring sensitive information using social engineering and technical subterfuge. It tries to trick users with official-looking messages Credit card Bank account eBay Paypal Some phishing e-mails also contain malicious or unwanted software that can track your activities or slow your computer
  • 3. The purpose of a phishing message is to acquire sensitive information about a user. For doing so the message needs to deceive the intended recipient. So it doesnt contains any useful information and hence falls under the category of spam. A spam message tries to sell a product or service, whereas phishing message needs to look like it is from a legitimate organization. Techniques applied to spam message cant be applied naively to phishing messages.
  • 4. 1) Detect and block the phishing Web sites in time2) Enhance the security of the web sites3) Block the phishing e-mails by various spam filters4) Install online anti-phishing software in users computers
  • 5. i)Classification of the hyperlinks in the phishing e-mailsii) Link guard algorithmIii)Link guard implemented clientIv) Feasibility study
  • 6. DONT CLICK THE LINK Type the site name in your browser (such as Never send sensitive account information by e-mail Account numbers, SSN, passwords Never give any password out to anyone Verify any person who contacts you (phone or email). If someone calls you on a sensitive topic, thank them, hang up and call them back using a number that you know is correct, like from your credit card or statement.
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  • 8. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:Operating System : Windows XP/2000Language : Java (J2sdk1.6.0)Database : Oracle 10gTECHNOLOGIES USED : JSP Servlets Apache Tomcat 5.5
  • 9. Hard disk : 20 GB and above RAM : 256 MB and above Processor speed : 1.6 GHz and above