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Philippine Sea Battle June 19-20, 1944. Kaitlyn OToole and Elexa Sherman. DESCRIPTION. Ozawa and Admiral Koga Mineichi led Japanese attack on the United States - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Kaitlyn OToole and Elexa Sherman

  • DESCRIPTIONOzawa and Admiral Koga Mineichi led Japanese attack on the United States

    Admiral Raymond Spruance was brought in for U.S to keep sea protection by setting up forces 180 degrees west of Tinian to wait for Japanese to come to them.

    American submarine Cavalla spotted Japanese 780 miles west of Saipan

    The American planes intercepted the Japanese between 45 and 60 miles from the American fleet which led to a strong start and they won the battle.

    Japanese were also inexperienced pilots and had poor planes which contributed to United States victory

  • In mid June United States planned to take over parts of Marianas (Saipan and Guam)

    Japanese had a larger army with 71,000 troops in their northern force and 56,000 in their southern force

    Admiral Toyoda was the Japanese leader that planned to set up 1,700 planes along the Singapore shoreline to attack the United States

    Douglas MacArthur was U.S leader that used navy to gain air control over Japanese in Saipan and Tinian

    500 Jananese planes were destroyed so more ships ordered to support their 2nd leader Ozawa for the 2nd attack

  • United States: get close to Japan then launch massive air attacks and then invade

    Japanese: retaliation for when the United States attacked them

  • Japanese: In the first Japanese strike, 42 out of 69 plans were lost. In 2nd strike, 30 out of 128 planes returned.

    The Shokaku submarine was sunk by the USS Cavalla. Many of their navy was not fully trained.

    United States: navy wasnt trained to get the carriers back in the dark so 80 planes either crashed or went over the side. A massive rescue operation was sent out and only 16 out of 33 pilots remained missing.

  • Much larger than the Battle of the Midway and Battle of Coral Sea combined

    5th and last major carrier vs. carrier battle of the Pacific War

    Battle was nicknamed Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

  • What was one reason Japan lost this battle?

    What triggered this battle?


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