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This is my slide presentation during the 3rd International Conference of Nurses. It is a 10-minute presentation on our phenomenological inquiry about the lived experience of emergency room nurses on patient death. Author: Santos, V., et al Co-author: Dr. Grace C. Arcamo


  • 1. Patient DemiseLeast chance of cure Risk outweighs benefits Patient comfort is a priority

2. Photo credits: Photo credits: Photo credits: 3. How about the nurses? Frontline of Care Coping Problems 4. and Patient Demise The Lived Experiences of Emergency Room Nurses Authors: Santos, Vizmarc, et al. ; Co- author: Dr. Grace C. Arcamo Photo credits: Cardiac Standstill 5. Conceptual Framework Patie nt Demis e Cognit ive Apprai sal Problem- Based Coping Mechanisms Emotion- Focused Physiologic- Physical Self-Concept Role Function Interdependence Gravity of Impact Ability to Resolve 6. The Problem What were the lived experiences of emergency room nurses on patient demise? 7. Design: Interpretive Phenomenology Locale: Emergency Room of Hospital (A)Informants: ER nurses of Hospital (A) Method of Data Gathering: Focus Group Discussion Sampling Technique: Purposive Sampling Data Analysis: Diekelmann and Colleagues Method Methodolog y 8. Result s Code of Chances Call of Duty Reminiscing Relations Compensating Performances Customary Practice Through the Fire Curtailed Gratification Photo courtesy: 9. Customary Practice Reminiscing Relations Compensating Performances Curtailed Gratification Through the Fire Call of Duty Code of Chances Results Journeying through Experiential Photo courtesy: 10. Proposed Output Compassion Threshold Enrichment Program 11. Descripti on A six- month program aiming to(1) empower, (2) educate, and (3) enhance the coping skills of ER nurses, leading to the provision of quality, holistic nursing care to patients in the ER despite the existence of stress. Rationa le A need to augment the compassion threshold of ER nurses has been identified 12. # Matrix Assessme nt Orientat ion Implementati onEvaluation Compassion Fatigue Prioritization Six Sessions Activities 13. Conclusio n If the ER nurses have coped effectively with the odd effects of patient demise, then they would be able to manage themselves similarly in future encounters involving the related phenomenon. 14. Recommendatio ns Replication Study Grounded Theory Prevalence of Compassion Fatigue Adaptation of the Proposed Output Research Findings 15. Photo credits: junstein ( Adelante!