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<ul><li><p>PETS</p><p> MAG</p><p>AZIN</p><p>E M</p><p>EDIA</p><p> PAC</p><p>K 20</p><p>16</p><p>PETS MAGAZINE | @pets_mag </p><p>Facebook:</p><p>Media Pack </p></li><li><p>Pets Magazine is a leading digital lifestyle magazine featuring an active &amp; widely read blog together with an exciting monthly online magazine - with a growing readership of *24,000 per month. </p><p>Pets Magazine features an exciting line up of celebrity pet owner interviews, a brand new monthly Pet Horoscope by renowned astrologist Russell Grant, top product choices, pet-friendly destinations and incisive features. </p><p>Pets Magazine has excellent social media capital and a score of between 60 and 64, putting it into the top 5% of social media influencers world-wide.</p><p>ReadershipPets Magazine has a growing readership of 24,000 per month. The breakdown is as follows:</p><p>Social grouping:AB: 36%ABC1: 66%Average Age: 34Average time spent on site: 5.6 minutes</p><p>* Figures based on web analytics and Pets Magazine reader surveys.</p><p>Advertising &amp; SponsorshipSponsored content opportunities are available both in the magazine and on the Pets Magazine blog, and feature client company branding. This is accompanied by widespread exposure on social media channels.</p><p>Ad Specifications &amp; Contact:The advert should be supplied as a high res (at least 1 mb) jpeg and should be of the following dimensions:</p><p>Full page: 7 inches width x 9.5 inches height (No bleed required.)</p><p>Half Page Horizontal: 4.5 inches height x 6.5 inches width.</p><p>Banner: 700 x 90 px. </p><p>(*All artwork and payment must be received prior to publication.)</p><p>Please contact for more information &amp; to reserve. </p><p>Production schedule Deadline for receipt of all materials, including advertorial, and payment: 20th of each month. </p><p>Pets, People, Places, Products... Pets Magazine celebrates the lifestyles of pet owners</p><p>PETS</p><p> MAG</p><p>AZIN</p><p>E M</p><p>EDIA</p><p> PAC</p><p>K 2</p><p>016</p><p>Pets </p><p>Magazine </p><p>celebrates </p><p>the </p><p>lifestyles </p><p>of pet </p><p>owners</p></li></ul>