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<ul><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>MARCH, 2016</p><p>VINCE THE HOLISTIC VET ON ARTHRITIS IN DOGS</p><p>ACTRESS ARUNA SHIELDS </p><p>&amp; PHILIP </p><p>TV VET PETE </p><p>WEDDERBURN ON HOUSE </p><p>CATS</p><p>AND MUCH MORE </p><p>INSIDE...</p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>Dr Pete Wedderburn qualified as a vet from Edinburgh thirty years ago in 1985. He has worked in his own four-veterinarian companion animal practice in County Wicklow, Ireland, since 1991, and he has his own menagerie of dogs, cats, ducks, hens and others including a pet rabbit in his kitchen. Pete is well known as a media veterinarian in Ireland and the UK, with a weekly breakfast television slot on national television for the past fourteen years. He is a prolific writer on animal topics, with weekly columns in the Ireland's Herald newspaper and the UK's Daily Telegraph. Pete is known as "Pete the Vet" on his busy Facebook and Twitter pages, regularly posting information on topical subjects and real-life cases from his clinic. He also writes a regular blog at</p><p>Traditionally, cats in the UK have been kept as free-ranging pets, coming and going </p><p>outdoors and indoors as they please via windows, doors or cat flaps. </p><p>In recent years, there has been a growing swell of discontent directed at outdoor cats. Bird lovers get upset when they see cats hunting garden birds. Gardeners complain about cats pooping in their seed beds. And </p><p>fellow cat owners are understandably annoyed when their own pets are pounced on by cat bullies. At the same time, it's been shown that indoor cats live longer, healthier lives than free ranging animals. </p><p>The argument in favour of an indoor life for pet cats has one </p><p>PETE THE VETThis Month: How To Raise A Healthy Indoor Cat</p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>flaw: if cats are kept indoors all the time, they suffer from a higher level of stress-related disease, such as urinary tract disease and behavioural disorders. So, are there steps that cat owners can take to ensure that their indoor pets have contented, stress-free lives?</p><p>Choose a kitten from a friendly genetic background</p><p>There are two major factors that play a role in a cat's sociability: genetics and early </p><p>upbringing. Many people end up with cats that are frightened of strangers, anxious if humans get too close and fearful of other animals. Around 15% of cats have a genetic make up that is resistant to socialisation: such animals will not make good indoor pets, and so should be avoided. Choose a kitten from a source where both the father and mother are known to be good-natured, friendly animals, and the chances are that the kitten will inherit the same disposition.</p><p>It took a while, but Sharon (a client at my practice) eventually found the kittens she was </p><p>looking for. A pedigree cat breeder allowed a cross-breed to take place, between a Devon Rex male and a Maine Coon female cat. Sharon was able to meet both father and mother of her two chosen kittens (and both parents were gentle and friendly).</p><p>Choose a kitten that has been well socialised from an early age</p><p>Studies have shown that the second and third months of a </p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>kitten's life are life-changing: this is when the kitten learns to interact socially with humans, other cats and other animals. If kittens only have limited exposure to such experiences at this age, they often end up for life as fearful, timid adults, avoiding close contact with their human companions, and hiding whenever there are visitors. </p><p>Sharon's chosen kittens had been handled by humans since birth, and had encountered other cats and the family dog from a young age. As a result, she knew that the kittens would grow up to be relaxed with people, cats and even dogs.</p><p>Choose an appropriate companion (or not)</p><p>Cats can live happily as solitary animals in a human household, and forced relationships, where new cat is brought into a home that is already inhabited by an established cat often end up with constant stress and fighting. That said, there are benefits from the ongoing company and socialisation if cats are able to share a home as friends. The best way to guarantee such compatibility is to introduce two cats to each other while they are still young (or to take two litter mates). And it goes without saying that </p><p>neutering/spaying removes the tensions and conflict associated with sexual behaviour.</p><p>Sharon took one male and one female kitten from her chosen litter: they had already been seen to spend time together so she knew that </p><p>they'd get on well. She had them both neutered/spayed at the age of five months.</p><p>Design your home to be cat friendly</p><p>Many stress-related problems in cats happen because they are expected to live in a home designed for human living. It's worth taking time to see your cats' habitat through feline eyes: make sure there are high-up perches to clamber up onto, to survey the world, and low-down hidey holes for cats to sneak into when they want time out. If you have more than one cat, offer them privacy, giving each their own eating/drinking </p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>area and plenty of litter trays (one per cat plus one extra).</p><p>Sharon read up about cat friendly homes on the internet, then she invested several hundred pounds at her local pet shop, buying two cat gyms (with solid, tall scratching posts), and some cat runs (narrow planking for the cats to run up onto high-up furniture). </p><p>Spend time interacting with your cat</p><p>Cats are not ornaments: to establish a successful relationship with your pets, you need to spend time with them. You can do this as part of your normal lifestyle pet a cat on your lap when reading a book, watching TV or working at your computer, give them attention from time to time when cooking a meal, and in general, just remember to include them in what you are doing. Be sure to spend dedicated play time with them too, using cat toys such as feathers-on-wands, laser lights and dash-around mouse-like toys. Time invested like this will pay dividends reducing any stress that your cats may be feeling, and strengthening the relationship between you.</p><p>Sharon talks to her cats when on her own, pets them whenever passing, and if she sits down for any reason, she sits one of them in her lap. The cats love this attention, and Sharon loves sharing her life with her cats like this.</p><p>Sharon's home has turned well: she has two adult cats who are friends, playing together and sleeping curled up around one another. As far as she can tell, they have stress-free, contented lives, and partly due to her chilled-out feline companions, so does Sharon. </p><p>Advertorial</p><p>56th Annual GUVMA Rodeo 2016</p><p>Every year, the Glasgow University Veterinary Medical Association (GUVMA) organises the Annual GUVMA Rodeo, an animal charity fundraising event.</p><p>This year,Students for Animals In Need, Trusty Paws,Guide Dogs for the Blind AssociationandHorse Rescue Scotland, will be the main beneficiaries of the event.</p><p>The proceeds from the raffle will also go to the Riding for the Disabled Glasgow. </p><p>There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained for the whole day: bouncy castles, laser quest, animal interactions and many more! There are also animal-related showcases ranging from guide dog demonstrations to falconry lined up for you. This event is also your chance to cuddle up with dogs, have a go at handling reptiles and small furries and meet alpacas, horses, birds of prey and other animals up close! </p><p>If you need a break from all the animals, the main marquee will have plenty of stalls selling hand-made crafts and maybe even home-made fudge. You can also head on down to the tea tent for some snacks and admire the colourful artworks created by the creative students from Hillhead Primary School for our colouring contest. If you are still hungry, there are street food trucks around so dont worry. </p><p>So bring your family, your friends and even your furkids down for a day of fun!</p><p>The rodeo is on the 16th of April 2016, Saturday from 11am to 5pm at the Garscube Estate.Find out more about the rodeo by following us on Facebook - 56th Annual Rodeo 2016.</p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>The second national Pet Remembrance Day, which is organised by 3D printing specialists Arty Lobster and Pets Magazine, has been confirmed for the summer. On Tuesday July 5th, people across the UK will remember beloved companion animals that have died. </p><p>This year, Pet Remembrance Day is proud to support The Oldies Club, a national charity, which rehomes dogs aged seven and over that are in need of homes.</p><p>Pet lovers will also be able to nominate pets on social media using the hashtag #PetRemembranceDay to be immortalised in 3D by Arty Lobster. One will be chosen to have their likeness fashioned into </p><p>a three-dimensional sculpture.</p><p>A Twitter chat will take place on Tuesday July 5 using the hashtag #PetRemembranceDay for people to show their support and share thoughts and photos of deceased companion animals. </p><p>Lars Andersen, Managing Director of Arty Lobster, said: As a country, we still do not really know how to remember our pets and to deal with their loss. Pet Remembrance Day provides a space for people to remember departed pets and to celebrate their lives.</p><p> A growing part of our customer base is served by people looking for that lasting memento mori of their pet. People want to have a good send off for their pet, which is most usually their dog or cat </p><p>companion. </p><p>They also want ways of remembering their pet and its quirks and character traits and the importance it played in their lives and the life of the family.</p><p>Olive Armstrong, at The Oldies Club, said: "We're delighted that we've been chosen to be the nominated charity for Pet Remembrance Day this year. </p><p>Our pets are members of our families too, and to dedicate a special day to remember them is a great idea.</p><p>Date for Your Diary: National Pet Remembrance Day</p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine WWW.ARTYLOBSTER.COM</p><p>3D Pet Sculptures</p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>ARUNA SHIELDS is a critically acclaimed actress, hypnotherapist and meditation teacher with a love of nature. A Google Zeitgeist she is one of the most searched names online with a growing social media following. Enjoying helping others and dedicated to conscious expansion she recently set up the wellbeing channel Aruna Shields TV. Half Indian, half English she now lives in London and LA. We speak to Aruna about her love of dogs, particularly her Pomerian/Sheltie cross Philip. </p><p>WHAT BREED IS PHILIP &amp; WHY DID YOU CHOOSE HIM?</p><p>I think hes a Poshie: half Pomeranian &amp; half Sheltie. Thats what the vet told me after I rescued him from a pet shop anyway. He was the last puppy in the shop and hadnt been </p><p>sold. I think it was because his fur was patchy, short and a bit mangy. He looked more like an unkempt fox than a dog! My friend came in when I first got him and said is that a dog, or a fox?. Its funny because I had no idea how he would turn out, but he almost magically transformed into the most beautiful, silky specimen. Everybody wishes they had hair like Philip, even Nicky Clarke! I used to go there to get my hair cut and he commented on Philips wonderful coat. </p><p>MY Pet </p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD PHILIP?</p><p>Eight years, and each of them has been life changing. </p><p>DOES PHILIP COME TO WORK WITH YOU?</p><p>Yes, he often comes with me to castings when Im in London. Some of the directors call me in and its quite obvious they are more interested in him than me. </p><p>One time I didnt take him, and they said wheres Philip?? He should be my agent. Everybody loves Philip!</p><p>He also works part time at The Bio Agency in London meeting and greeting clients. He stands by the lift and escorts visitors around the meeting rooms. I heard that Cartoon Network will not hold meetings with Bio Agency unless he is present. </p><p>He is well known in SoHo, London. When I take him in my arms and we go up the escalator to exit the tube, people on the other side say hi to him by name. They dont bother saying hi to me, Im just his assistanthaha.</p><p>WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES PHILIP MAKE TO YOUR LIFE?</p><p>He has transformed my life; hes my furry guru. He inspired me to help people through meditation and hypnotherapy. He often makes a special appearance on my </p><p>channel and public Facebook page, and gets lots of likes and comments. I watch him and learn how to be happy and free in the world. He wakes up every morning with such enthusiasm, its like hes on drugs! Sometimes when its cold and miserable outside or Im having a bad day, I wonder why hes so happy. Then I realize it is because he holds onto nothing and lives perpetually in the present moment. </p><p>Everything is interesting. He loves rolling around in the snow even though its cold. He sees a puddle and doesnt worry about getting mud on his paws, but happily bathes in it. Every time we go to the </p><p>park its as if he is seeing it for the first time. </p><p>Philip never judges anyone as good or bad, he just loves them. Sometimes people cry when he looks at them and warms up next to their leg, I can tell they havent felt unconditional love for a long </p><p>time. Humans judge each other by what they wear, the car they drive, where they are from and what they do. This often leads to humans creating identities to fit in or to be </p><p>seen a specific way. Its a lonely place. When a dog comes along it doesnt care about anything other than loving you.</p><p>DO YOU TAKE PHILIP ON HOLIDAY WITH YOU?</p><p>Yes he has a dog passport and has come to the French countryside with me to visit my parents. He is a city dog and is used to London, going on tubes and lots of people around. He seemed a bit freaked out in the wilderness with new smells, which I thought was odd. I think he thought he was going to get eaten! </p><p>When a dog comes along it doesnt care about </p><p>anything other than loving you. Aruna Shields</p></li><li><p>Vet Pets Magazine </p><p>I would like to take him to LA, however he is too big to come in the plane with me and would have to go in the hold, which I think would scare him. </p><p>WHAT ARE THE BEST HOLIDAYS YOUVE TAKEN WITH PHILIP?</p><p>He comes up North to Durham for Christmas and has a blast, especially if its snowing. Sometimes if there is a blizzard he wont come back in the house. Ive even seen him dig a snow hole and stick his head in it! He eats the snow, rolls in it and runs around like a lunatic. I also run around like a lunatic trying to catch him; normally he comes back, but not if there is a storm, then it becomes a game and Mummy gets very annoyed/amused. </p><p>DO YOU TAKE HIM TO PUBS / RESTAURANTS? </p><p>Yes, he loves a good Gastropub! The staff often get him a bone and water. He is also allowed into Home House in London but his favourite dining experience is picnics in the parkthat is, everyone elses. He has many tactics to get food. Sometimes a basic hit and run! Other times pretending he wants to be stroked, then a hit and run! Other times </p><p>pretending he is stationary on his stomach when he is actually moving slowly towards the food, then a hit and run! He is sneaky.</p><p>WHAT ARE PHILIPS FAVOURITE THINGS?All the parks in London, which he knows so well. Going crazy on sandy beaches. Stealing food from people...</p></li></ul>