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Resilient Communities Project: The City of North St. Paul Stormwater Quality Improvement Plan for the Urban Ecology Center Subwatershed. Petros Paulos Bryan Sprang John Hunter Abigail Tomasek Alexandra Miller. Kohlman Lake Subwatersheds. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Resilient Communities Project

Resilient Communities Project:The City of North St. PaulStormwater Quality Improvement Plan for the Urban Ecology Center SubwatershedPetros PaulosBryan SprangJohn HunterAbigail TomasekAlexandra MillerResilient Communities Project

The mission of the Resilient Communities Project is to connectcommunities in Minnesota with the wide-ranging expertise of University of Minnesota faculty and students to address pressing local issues in ways that advance sustainability and resilience.CE5511: Urban Hydrology & Land Development - taught by Dr. John Gulliver, P. E. Kohlman Lake Subwatersheds

Kohlman Lake has been identified for impairment of aquatic recreation (swimming) due to excess nutrients. As a result, it has been placed on Minnesotas list of impaired waters. In-lake concentration goal is 60 ug/ L. 10- year (summer) average was 98 ug/L (through 2006).Study Area

Urban Ecology Center Drainage

Study Area

Urban Ecology Center Drainage


-Assist City of North St. Paul identify specific ways to reduce TP and TSS loading exiting the UEC drainage

-Compare several different load-reduction methods and/ or locations within computer model

-Provide cost analysis for construction and maintenance of added methods


Create Current Condition ModelObtain Current SCMsDelineate into Drainage AreasSoil Type and Land UseCurrent SCM DimensionsCurrent Loading: TP=177 lbs/yr TSS=48,000 lbs/yrCurrent SCM Effectiveness: TP=30 lbs/yr TSS=15,000 lbs/yr

RaingardensUnderground Infiltration Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs)Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs)

SumpsStreet SweepingUEC Subdrainages

SCM typeSub-drainage NumberArea (acres)Volume (acre-ft)Number of PracticesRain Gardens60.30.454*Rain Gardens70.71.059*Rain Gardens80.510.766*Rain Gardens90.841.2410*Rain Gardens110.40.65*Rain Gardens120.630.948*Infiltration Basins90.840.831Infiltration Vaults120.51.51*Based on Rain Gardens being approximately 150 meters cubed

Results/ SCMs

Sub-drainage LocationStormwater Control Measure (SCM)Total Phosphorous removed*Total Suspended Solids removed**[lbs. / yr.][lbs. / yr.]6Rain Gardens3.41,1247Rain Gardens10.93,0038Rain Gardens61,6469Rain Gardens102,88811Rain Gardens1.231412Rain Gardens30.96,8229Infiltration Basin11.53,24612Infiltration Vault32.98,988Results/ SCMs

Sub-drainage SCM PracticeConstruction cost of new SCM[$]Annual O&M[$]*Cost efficiency [$/ per pound of TP removed]*Cost efficiency [$/ per pound of TSS removed]6Rain Gardens199,9259,996.262,940.088.897Rain Gardens382,66319,133.161,755.346.378Rain Gardens216,18810,809.401,801.576.579Rain Gardens434,23321,711.662,171.177.5211Rain Gardens249,27412,463.7110,386.4239.6912Rain Gardens353,97617,698.82572.782.599Infiltration Basin312,08415,604.212,298.53#8.15#12Infiltration Vault1,132,500856 1,737.52#6.36#SUMPs in Parallel

SHSAM (BARR Engineering)Sizing Hydrodynamic Separators and Manholes

InputsNational Urban Runoff Program (NURP) Particle Size Distribution

Air Temperature Data (Golden Valley)

Precipitation Data (St. Paul)

Stormceptor (unknown model #)

Results / Sumps

ModelUnit Cost ($)Installation Costs ($)Annual Cleaning Costs ($)Average Increase in Load Removal Efficiency (%)Average Increase in lbs TSS Removed per yearCost($) Per lbs of TSS RemovedAverage Increase in lbs P Removed per yearCost ($) Per lbs of TP Removed4507,6002,2804003.96241.190.243096.609009,3232,7974004.36761.270.263289.32120011,0933,3284004.67221.340.283465.22180015,0414,5124005.18001.530.313957.70240017,2205,1664005.38361.640.334146.88360023,3917,0174005.89061.950.355056.09480027,3398,20240069402.160.375476.36600031,4249,4274006.19652.370.386030.86720033,55610,0674006.29772.490.386395.65Results / Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping EventsLbs. TP removed/ yrAdditional lbs. TP removed/ yrOperational CostCost/ lb.Current ScheduleApr/ May/ Oct/ Nov61.1 -$3,532.80 $57.82Enhanced ScheduleApr/ May/ 2 X Oct/ 2X Nov81.4 20.3 $5,299.20 $65.10Street Sweeping

Regenerative Air Sweeper (e.g. TYMCO)

Possible partnership with neighboring cities

Cost=$23/Curb Mile

38.4 Curb MilesSummary Costs

SCD PracticeSCD location/ type/ schedule*Cost efficiency [$/ lb. of TP removed]*Cost efficiency [$/ lb. of TSS removed]Rain Gardens62,940.088.89Rain Gardens71,755.346.37Rain Gardens81,801.576.57Rain Gardens92,171.177.52Rain Gardens1110,386.4239.69Rain Gardens12572.782.59Infiltration Basin92,298.53#8.15#Infiltration Vault121,737.52#6.36#SumpModel 4503,096.60#1.19#Street SweepingApr/ May/ Oct/ Nov57.82-Questions?