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Peter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management



A career expanding over 25 years in the Manufacturing and Construction industry of Utility Boilers, Power Boilers, HRSGs, Pressure Vessels, Power Piping (ASME), Power Piping (ANSI) and auxiliary equipment related to Boiler Islands and Refinery Construction Installations.

A in-depth background in Construction, Manufacturing and Quality Management with major Global OEMs Worldwide that includes a successful career with companies such as Monenco, Foster Wheeler, Combustion Engineering, ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB), Zurn Industries, Babcock International, Mitsui Babcock, General Dynamics, JDS Uniphase and Saipem ENI.My career covers the Construction and Quality Management in the Manufacturing Environment for products such a Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) Package Boilers, Recovery Boilers, Utility Boilers, Pressure Vessels and related equipment and pressure piping. I have held many positions related to manufacturing Quality Assurance and Quality Control from, QC Mechanical Inspector to Supervisor and Quality Management Positions (QA, QC and QE). My Experience covers the referenced companies and have been involved with many Utility Boiler, Power Boiler and HRSG Manufacturing and Construction installation Projects around the world (Project Reference on the back Page of this Resume)

CONSTRUCTION AND QUALITY MANAGEMENTI have been involved with many International, Domestic Canadian and USA Manufacturing and Construction activities related to developing Quality Programs in accordance with, ASME, CSA, British Standards and China Commodities Bureau. All related Quality initiatives established Programs that were registered and certified by Lloyds, ASME, National Board, Hartford Steam Boiler and Government Bodies in Thailand, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.Also development of Quality Assurance Plans (AQP) covering all aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for manufacturing and construction of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, HRSG, Pressure Piping, Civil, Structural, Mechanical Equipment, I&C and related axillary components covering Boiler Islands and Refinery Installations.


Ross MacDonald COO GasTop Industries Steve Saiget Staff VP General Dynamics

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Peter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management


Top performing multinational manager with a verifiable track record of achieving quality assurance and quality control compliance on numerous domestic and international EPC Turnkey construction projects worldwide. An inspirational change leader and gifted communicator with an authentic ability to engage teams and achieve dramatic results for customer satisfaction, code compliance and regulatory compliance. Offers leadership qualities in all construction environments from Power Generation Stations to Onshore Pipeline Systems, Mining, Refineries, Gas Plants to Pulp and Paper facilities. Over 25 years experience in managing on site Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs including staff Training and Development. Established Company Quality Programs to ISO-9001, AS9000, American Society Mechanical Engineers (ASME), British Standards and Provincial Governments requirements obtaining program Certifications and Registrations. SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTSCommitted to Continual Improvement Development, Creating Efficiencies in Performance, Building Teams and Relation Management to enhance Quality and Excellence in the work environment, Creating Customer Satisfaction. Established Quality Programs in accordance with ISO 9001 and ASME in 4 Major companies in the Canada, USA and United Kingdom Established Quality Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certifications with all Provincial Governments across Canada Established Quality Control methods and instruction manuals for all commodity types, Vessels, Piping, Mechanical, Structural and Components Established Construction Inspection and Test Plans for Quality Control inspection verification and installation controls for Power Generation Plants and Piping Systems to comply with ASME Section1, ASME Section VIII, ANSI B31 and ANSI B31.3 requirements Established Field Pressure Welding and Inspection programs that includes all Non-destructive Testing, Heat Treating and Welder Qualification Rules and Regulations Developed Staff Quality Training Programs and Facilitated Training with all Quality Control Inspection Staff on all major construction sites in Canada, USA, China, United Kingdom and South Saba. Established Quality Control Representative Offices for Major Corporations in China, India and Thailand for offshore supplier development and strategic purchase programs Created Approved Suppliers List and decreased supplier base from 13,000 suppliers down to 450 Suppliers using performance metrics and quality data Established Construction Non-conformance and Corrective Action Program and Processes to control all risks to the contract and client

25 years delivering sustainable results for global multinational companies

Saipem CanadaQuality Manager and Mechanical PipingFort McMurray Alberta

General DynamicsManager Supply Chain and Supplier ManagementOttawa Canada and Scottsdale AZ USA

Arctic Oil and Gas Manager Camp and Catering ServicesInuvik NWT Canada

Inuvialuit Development CorporationInternal Operations ConsultantInuvik NWT Canada

JDS UniphaseSenior Manager Quality and China Outsourcing/Product TransferOttawa Canada ,Fuzhou China

Mitsui BabcockSenior Quality Manager for Manufacturing, Construction and Supplier ManagementLondon and Glasgow United Kingdom

Zurn IndustriesSenior Quality Manager for Manufacturing, Construction and Supplier ManagementErie PA USA

Asea Brown BoveriQuality Manager Construction and NDE ServicesOttawa Canada

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Peter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management



Saipem International| 2014 - Saipem is a large, international and one of the best balanced turnkey contractors in the oil & gas industry. Saipem has a strong bias towards oil and gas related activities in remote areas and deep-water and is a leader in the provision of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services with distinctive capabilities in the design and the execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects, and technological competencies such as gas monetization and heavy oil exploitation

Manager Construction Quality Assurance and Quality ControlEstablish on site Quality Programs for Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Husky Oil Operations at the Sunrise Oil Sands Project in Fort McMurray ((Alberta Canada) Managing an onsite staff of 85 Employees all disciplines

Establish all Strategies and Policies for onsite Quality Programs meeting the Clients specification and contract requirements Hiring, Training and Development of all staff in the QA and QC environment covering the multi trade disciplines and equipment within the construction environment Prime contact with the Customer and Government Jurisdictional Authority on all related AQ and QC activities Management of all site Non-destructive Testing and Post Weld Heat Treat Processes Responsible for all Test Pack Documentation and History Documentation for Commissioning and Plant Handover Responsible for all site Corrective Action and Non-conformances processes and preventive action close out Responsible for all Materials Management on site including warehouse Quality Control Ensuring all Codes and Specifications are implemented through Inspection and Test Plans Establishing specific programs for all equipment installations, Pumps, Turbines, Piping, Instrumentation, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical. Liaison between Construction, Pre Commissioning and Customer Handover Teams for all related quality activities Completion and signing of all Government Jurisdictional Data Reports for Unit completions and Registration General Dynamics | 2007- 2014 . Provider of technology-based electronic systems, systems integration, and inservice support to defence organizations and public security markets in Canada and abroadManager Supply Chain and Supplier ManagementEstablished Global Supply Chain Management and Supplier Quality Management infrastructure, policies, systems and processes including establishing Commodity Management Teams and Supplier Engineering Teams. As part of the company Quality Program requirements managed the quality requirements for ISO9001, AS9000 and CMMI Level 5. Managed a direct staff of 11 people and contract material and indirect spend of $85 Million Annually. Responsibilities also included;

Establishing companywide Supply Chain and Quality Measurement in accordance with the TQRDC Industry Model Creation of International and Global Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Establishing International Contract Manufacturers in India and USA Establishing Global Approved Suppliers List reducing the company supply base from 13,000 suppliers to 450 Strategic Suppliers Established Supplier Development Program and Supplier Qualification Program Instituted annual Supplier Forum inviting our top 100 Suppliers to a 2 day workout event that included in sharing the company strategic direction and business plan Supporting the Proposal and bidding process Development of Supply Chain Policies, Processes and Instructions Established Supply Chain and Quality Training and Development for staff and supervision Process Compliance Audits

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PETER MAKINConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management



Arctic Oil and Gas | Provider of Camp Services in the Arctic during the seasonal Oil and Gas Drilling for all major Oil and Gas companies. This included Stationary Camps (Swimming Point) and Mobile Sleigh CampsManager Camp and Catering ServicesArctic Oil and Gas Services Ltd (AOGS) is an Inuvialuit company providing catering support services to Oil, Gas and Mining Industries in the Mackenzie Delta and Beaufort Sea Regions. AOGS, one of the largest Aboriginal Employers in the Western Arctic, makes a concentrated effort to employ and train Inuvialuit beneficiaries and other northern residents. Currently 85% of AOGS employees are Inuvialuit beneficiaries. The majority of our operational needs (food, equipment, warehouse space, etc) are also obtained through local Inuvialuit listed businesses. Responsibilities included; Managing the day-to-day operations during the oil and gas-drilling season (7x24) that provided accommodation in stationary camps on the Beaufort Sea and accommodated Mobile Sleigh Camps to remote locations. Services included providing full catering services and hotel accommodations that required guest house services, cooks, security services, Air and Road Medical services and logistic transportation Establishing Joint Venture Partners in the Western and Eastern Arctic Established annual business plan and Profit and Loss statements Negotiated annual service contracts with service providers and subcontractors Provided training and indoctrination to all Arctic Oil and Gas seasonal staff Interfacing with all customers on expectations and contract requirements Maintained inventory and warehouse control for all products and consumables Managed approximately 40 seasonal staff and 3 full time staff

Inuvialuit Development Corporation Group of Companies | 2003 Canadas largest and most successful Aboriginal Business, managing significant natural resources in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT.Internal Operations ConsultantSupported the President of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation on Business Development and Operational Projects in support of the company direction and strategic direction. Responsibilities included; Establishing company strategic alliance program between subsidiaries Developed the Human Resources strategy and direction Developed the Corporate Measurements and reporting focus Developed the Corporation Customer Satisfaction feedback program and process Established business improvements and Lean opportunities with internal processes Developed uniform Business Planning process for all IDC subsidiary companies Provided mentorship on ISO9001 Quality Program requirements and Business Excellence Programs Business Continuity Auditing of Operations

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Peter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management


JDS Uniphase | 1999 2003 Leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industrySenior Manager Quality and China Production TransferCharged with managing the quality performance of the Optical Component Product Division and the subsidiary in Fuzhou, China. Held oversight responsibility of 12 Quality employees and all outsourcing initiatives between Canada and China. Responsibilities Included

Assumed role as development manager of the JDSU Asia Operations plan that included 80% outsourcing of components and WDM devices. Led post acquisition integration, production, and technology transfer. Transferred capital, processes, raw material, training, and demand planning to China, which led to a 30-50% reduction in product costs. Achieved overall revenue of $42M for the division with operating income of 25%. Development of all in-house product quality training and development in Canada and China Development of all Product Inspection and Test Plans, Quality Inspection Methods and all Test Criteria Managed all Root Cause analysis of product returns and production non-conformances Established Quality Function Deployment on all New Product Introduction Establish Design of Experiments (DoE) and Design for Manufacturability (DoM) concept and approach in manufacturing environment Quality Program Compliance Auditing Interfaced with China Commodity Bureau on incoming and outgoing product transfer requirements and regulations Established 6 Sigma Black Belts in all manufacturing operation Established Cost of Quality Program and Management Reporting Process

Mitsui Babcock| 1995 1999 (Mitsui Babcock Purchased by Doosan 2006)Engineer, Manufacture and Construction of Commercial Utility Power Plant and Nuclear Generation worldwideSenior Quality Manger for Manufacturing, Construction and Supplier ManagementProvided strategic quality direction to all areas of the company in India, China, Europe and North America including management and maintenance of all Quality Program Registrations (ISO9001, ASME, and British Standards) and regulatory certification. Responsibilities Included; Management of all Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities at all major construction sites worldwide including quality program deployment, inspection and test plans, special process compliance, training and customer interface. Ensured all quality compliance met global codes and standards for each country Project managed contract manufacturing of pressure vessel and boiler components in China at Shanghai Boiler Works and Wuhan Boiler Works Established Quality Control representative offices in New Delhi India, Pudong China and Beijing China Project managed product and knowledge transfers to India and China contract manufacturers Established Global Strategic Supplier Program (Top 50 Suppliers)

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Peter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management



Managed a quality organization of 18 staff in the United Kingdom and 10 internationally Business process re-engineering projects to reduce EPC total cycle time Implemented the European Business Excellence Model as part of a customer focus strategy Established Balanced Score Card Quality Measurements for all operations Established Welding Inspection and Non-destructive Testing training programs including train the train requirements Established centralized Quality Document Management controls for all manufacturing and construction sites world wide Established company quality auditing program for all global operations including corrective action process Created Customer Contract compliance quality document and process to ensure compliance

Zurn Industries | 1991-1995Zurn Industries was purchased by ALLBOURG Industries in 1997Leading manufacturer for HRSGs, Package and Industrial Boilers for Bio Mass, Refineries, Utility Power PlantsSenior Quality Manager for Manufacturing, Construction and Supplier ManagementCharged with establishing Quality Management Programs within the Zurn Industries Division that was a traditional ASME Code Manufacturer and Construction organization. A company strategy was instituted to obtain ISO9001 over a 24 month period and to upgrade Quality Policies, Systems and Processes to meet customer expectations and requirements. Responsibilities Included; Strategic Project Planning and scheduling to train and indoctrinate all employees and meeting the program compliance requirements of ISO9001 and over a 24 month period re-engineer all Policies, Systems and Process to meet the documentation requirements for the Certification Process (Completed on schedule with ISO 9001 Certification obtained) Established Approved Supplier Program for all product commodities and also established Global Contract Manufacturers to reduce cost base. Established Manufacturing and Construction Quality Control Programs with documented processes and instructions Established Welding Engineering Group as part of the quality organization to develop and ensure all welding and special processes were under constant controls at manufacturing facilities and all construction sites Established Work Simplification developments to improve Lean events Developed Project Management Certification training for key supervisors Established contract and managed all Authorized Inspections through insurance agencies

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Peter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management



ASEA BROWN BOVERI | 1981 1991 Engineer, Manufacture and Construction of Utility and Combined Cycle Boiler for the power Industry and Recovery Boilers for the Pulp and Paper Industry GloballyQuality Manager International and Domestic Construction and NDE ServicesHired to reconstruct and lead the quality change management requirements in the ABB Construction Environment. This required a major step change to promote quality within the new construction build programs and a new discipline to conform to Quality Programs such as CSA Z299 (Now ISO9001), Provincial Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulation to CSA B51 and related ANSI, ASME and CSA W47 requirements. This reconstruction effort also included compliance with quality codes and standards where ABB was performing work in the International Marketplace. Responsibilities Included; Project Managing the development and implementation of Construction Quality Program requirements on all major New Construction sites in Canada and International. Establish Quality Program requirements meeting CSA Z299.1 and development of the required processes, systems procedures and quality instruction to provide compliance Established ABB Company training and indoctrination program covering all elements of CSA Z299 and executed with all required parties including Construction Superintendants, Trade Supervisors and Foremen, Construction Engineers, Planners, Material Receivers and new appointed Quality Supervisors Quality Supervisors and Quality Control Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, NDE Technicians were provided with extensive training on Quality Programs and how to implement such programs on construction sites Managed and Controlled Quality Control Supervisors and QC inspectors including NDE technicians including performance management.(Total of 20 unionized staff manning construction sites across Canada in most provinces) Established a Non-destructive Testing Inspection Group qualified to CGSB and SNT-TC-1A to manage all non-destructive testing to ASME and ANSI on construction and maintenance repair sites worldwide Established Quality Leads at four main company offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Halifax to be responsible for liaison with Provincial Boiler and Pressure vessel inspectors, schedule NDE activities within their geographical areas and also to provide estimating and proposal support. Each representative was also responsible for conducting quality training from programs, welding, NDE Code and Standards Established ASME Code Certification for S:, U, A PP stamps and R Stamp for National Board Boiler Repair and Alterations Customer contact on all related quality issues or concernsFORMAL EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENTWelding Engineering and Metallurgy | Birkenhead College. United KingdomLeadership Agility | The Power of Personal Accountability | Speed of Trust | ISO Quality Management |Motorola Lean 6 Sigma | Design-to-Cost | Effective Negotiations| CGSB Non Destructive Testing |Project Management | QFD-Design of Experiments-Design for Manufacturability | Public Speaking| Lean Manufacturing | ASME Code and Standards | Industrial Safety| Risk Management |Disaster Recovery | Problem Solving | Welding Inspection | Quality Auditing | Effective Presentations Performance Management | ASME and National Board Training | Industrial and Construction Safety | Project Management |Work Simplification | Microsoft Tools | Human Rsources | Conflict Minerals | Matrix Management |

382 Hinton Avenue South, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y1A8 | H: 613-729-3138 | M: | www.linkedin.comPeter MakinConstruction Quality Assurance, Quality Control Management, Project Management

MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP | QUALITY PERFORMANCE | RESULTS AND COMPLIANCE DRIVENPROFESSIONAL & VOLUNTEER AFFILIATIONSMember: American Society of QualityVolunteer: Ottawa Rowing Club 1867 Special Events OrganizerBUSINESS COMMITTEE & FORUM LEADERSHIPAnnual Supplier Forum (Top 50 High Impact Suppliers) | General DynamicsGlobal Outsourcing Strategy and Execution | JDS UniphaseSupply Chain Council (Core Member) | General Dynamics CorporateLean Beyond the Shop Floor, Continuous Improvement (Committee) | General DynamicsSPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS & PUBLICATIONS

Speaker: Canadian Electrical Association-Quality in Construction-History and ProgressionSpeaker: Canadian Welding Institute Annual Conference Edmonton-Quality Codes and RegulationsSpeaker: Keynote Speaker Government of Canada Empowerment in the WorkplaceSpeaker: Indian Government Delhi- Quality Management Global PerspectiveSpeaker: Wuhan Design Institute China- North American Codes and StandardsSpeaker: Malaysian Government British Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes and StandardsSpeaker: Commodities Bureau China- British Quality StandardsSpeaker: Alberta Government Safety Division Quality Program ComplianceSpeaker: Technical Association Pulp and Paper Institute World Conference Recovery Boiler Explosion Domtar Windsor MillsAuthor: Quality in Construction History and Progression - CAEAuthor: Recovery Boiler Explosion Domtar Windsor Mills Quebec-TAPPI


Canadian Federal Security Clearance NATO SECRETEnergetic leader who creates an inclusive environment and a transformational inspiring vision for the team - driving performance to the next level of success. Moves forward relentlessly, redirecting as necessary and keeping teams current and flexible. - Excerpt from performance feedback

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SELECTION OF GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT EXPIERIENCEThe listing below establishes the domestic and international projects I have quality managed and supervised over my 25 years Global Experience Path. All projects were new construction Utility Power Boilers, Pulp and Paper Recovery Boilers or MU Package Units for the Refineries. All or most installation included High Pressure Piping to ANSI B31 or ANSI B31.3 and related auxiliary equipment that forms part of the boiler island

PROJECTS LOCATIONHusky Energy Fort McMurray AlbertaLingan Generating Stations Sydney Nova ScotiaDalhousie Generating Station Dalhousie New BrunswickThunder Bay Generating Station Thunder Bay OntarioLakeview Generating Station Port Credit OntarioEB Eddy Recovery Boiler Espanola OntarioREPAP Recovery Boiler Thunder Bay OntarioNanticoke Refinery Power Boilers Nanticoke OntarioPetrosar Refinery Power Boilers Sarnia Ontario Poplar River Generating Station Poplar River Saskatchewan Edmonton Power Generating Station Edmonton AlbertaSheerness Generating Station Sheerness AlbertaBoundary Dam Generating Station Estevan SaskatchewanHolyrood Generating Station Holyrood Newfoundland Mae Moh Generating Station Mae Moh ThailandCannon Barge Power Boiler Seoul South KoreaHuntley Generating Station Huntley New ZealandTalisman Recovery Boiler Talisman New ZealandSabah Forest Boilers South SabaALCOA Power Boiler SurinameDandong Generating Station Dandong ChinaDalian Generating Station Dalian ChinaHaifa Oil Refinery Power Boiler Haifa IsraelNevada Power Authority HRSG Las VegasHawaii Power Authority HRSG Maui HawaiiHong Kong Power Authority HRSG Hong KongFlorida Light and Power HRSG Florida

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