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<ul><li><p>PET FOODPACKAGINGSOLUTIONS</p></li><li><p>Discover COVERIS2</p><p>Regardless of whether its for wet, dry, semi-moist food or snacks we have the perfect packaging solution to suit every need. When it comes to product presen-tation, you can choose between diff erent packaging types, shapes and the various decoration and fi nishing options we have in </p><p>the Group, depending on the food require-ments. As a complete service provider, we take responsibility for managing the entire process from design to printing to the fi nishing touches. This means we can guar-antee optimum impact for your display.</p><p>TOUCHINGEVERYDAY</p><p>Our packaging solutions guarantee the best possible protection of your products. Whether it is dry pet food, ...</p><p>moist and semi-moist pet food... ... or your pets snacks.</p></li><li><p>Discover COVERIS 3</p><p>ASIA</p><p>MIDDLE</p><p>EAST</p><p>EUROPENO</p><p>RTH</p><p> AMERICA</p><p>CENTRAL</p><p>AMERICA</p><p>AU</p><p>STRALASIA</p><p>SERVING PETS AROUND THE WORLDWE ARE MULTILOCAL</p><p>As a leading innovator in the world of wet and dry pet </p><p>food packaging, we off er safe, robust solutions for the </p><p>discerning pet food market. Our products stand out, </p><p>with their high quality standards, practical handling </p><p>and long storage life. With its wide product range, </p><p>Coveris can meet virtually all pet food packaging </p><p>requirements. This means that we not only off er you </p><p>the familiar benefi ts of one-stop shopping, but also </p><p>ensure a consistent image for your brand at POS at </p><p>all times. In addition to this, thanks to state-of-the-</p><p>art printing techniques, our designs are eye-catching </p><p>and appealing on store shelves all around the world. </p><p>COVERIS</p><p>With our high-end tech-</p><p>nology, our innovative </p><p>products and our global </p><p>reach, we can work together </p><p>to fi nd the perfect solution </p><p>for you and for your clients.</p><p>MULTIPLE TOUCH-POINTS IN-STORE</p><p>We are available to help our clients </p><p>in all important fi elds and segments </p><p>related to the protection, quality and </p><p>practical use of pet nutrition. Our </p><p>products can be used to present </p><p>brands in a consistent, confi dent and </p><p>eye-catching manner.</p><p>WET FOODSNACKS &amp; </p><p>TREATSSECONDARY </p><p>TERTIARYDRY FOOD</p><p>FSB / PRE-MADE</p><p>RIGIDCONTAINER</p><p>PALLETCOVERS</p><p>RETORTPOUCH</p><p>PAPER BAGS T-IML</p><p>FFS</p><p>DUOSMART LABELS</p><p>NON-RETORTPOUCH SHRINK FILM</p><p>FFS</p><p>FFB (fl at bottom)</p><p>MULTIWALL</p><p>WPP</p><p>COMPOSITE</p><p>RIGIDCONTAINER</p><p>FFS</p><p> OUR STRENGTHS</p><p> Variety of environmentally-friendly </p><p> and sustainable packaging solutions </p><p> Complete service provider for entire process</p><p> Broad range of printing options for </p><p> high-quality presentation</p><p> Guaranteed product safety throughout </p><p> the entire supply chain</p><p> Full functionality for user-friendly application</p><p> Optimised production processes</p></li><li><p>Discover COVERIS4</p><p>We off er a wide range of plastic and </p><p>paper-based packaging solution for </p><p>dry pet food. All options come with </p><p>user-friendly opening and closing </p><p>systems, guaranteeing safe protec-</p><p>tion of the product throughout the </p><p>supply chain. Of course, all dry food </p><p>packages are available in individual </p><p>sizes and dimensions.</p><p>INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONSFOR DRY FOOD PACKAGING</p><p> RIGID CONTAINER Easy dosage</p><p> Available as a 400 and </p><p> 800 gram pack</p><p> PAPER BAGS Environmentally friendly</p><p> Up to 8 colours with photo </p><p> printing and up to 10 colours </p><p> with fl exo printing</p><p> FSB / Pre-made Robust option with </p><p> carrying handles</p><p> Filling capacity </p><p> 7.5kg to 25kg</p><p> WPP Very robust and tear-proof</p><p> Perfect for very large sizes</p><p> Up to 10 colours with fl exo </p><p> printing process (reverse </p><p> print lamination)s</p><p> COMPOSITE Strength in tear resistance through the </p><p> combination of multiwall and DARTEK fi lm</p><p> Comparable durability to WPP</p><p> Infestation resistance</p><p> Available with easy to open and close </p><p> devices like slider or zipper</p><p> Reverse print lamination up to 10c fl exo</p><p>FFS FILMAll of our products are also </p><p>available as an FFS solution.</p><p> FFB (fl at bottom) Full Flat Bottom for</p><p> superior standability</p><p> High-quality print image </p><p> also on the bottom panel</p><p> HYBRID BAGS PET and Nylon laminated bags</p><p> Robust and durable packaging</p><p> Resistant to contamination </p><p> and infestation</p><p> Reverse print up to 10 colours</p><p> OUR SOLUTIONS, YOUR BENEFITS</p><p> Flexible but robust materials for easy </p><p> transportation, storage and shelf presentations</p><p> Environmentally friendly solutions made from </p><p> renewable raw materials, water-based inks </p><p> and biodegradable resins</p><p> Variety of convenience and ergonomic features </p><p> are available (e.g. top zip, front zip, w-zip) </p><p> Wide variety of printing, texture and visual </p><p> eff ects available to help you highlight the </p><p> benefi ts of your organic and natural pet foods </p><p> (off set, fl exo or photo print)</p><p> Huge range of sizes available</p></li><li><p>Discover COVERIS 5</p><p>When it comes to wet pet food, the most </p><p>important factors are freshness and hygiene. </p><p>Smaller, more manageable portions that are </p><p>simple and easy to use are very much in de-</p><p>mand here. And of course, they must also </p><p>stand out in terms of quality and presenta-</p><p>tion to both the owner and their pet.</p><p>BARRIER SOLUTIONSFOR WET AND FRESH FOOD PACKAGING</p><p>RETORT FFS FILMAll of our products are also </p><p>available as FFS solution.</p><p>RETORT All of our products are also All of our products are also </p><p>available as FFS solution.available as FFS solution.</p><p> T-IML Thermoformed containers with</p><p> high-quality in-mold label decoration</p><p> Sustainable lightweight packaging</p><p> Very cost-effi cient product</p><p> Retortable sealing fi lm as lid option</p><p> OUR SOLUTIONS, YOUR BENEFITS Sophisticated barrier and resistant </p><p>properties for guaranteed product safety</p><p> Wide variety of surface coating and </p><p>decoration options (fl exo or roto </p><p>print and in-mold label decoration)</p><p> Huge range of sizes available</p><p> Retort resistance</p><p> RETORT POUCH Robust, fl exible foils with </p><p> sophisticated barrier properties</p><p> Airtight options </p><p> Available sterilised </p><p> Available in matt and glossy fi nish</p><p> Customizable sizes </p><p> from 40g-100g</p><p> Variety of easy-</p><p> opening systems </p><p> (e.g. top zip or laser) </p></li><li><p>Discover COVERIS6</p><p>User-friendly packaging is an abso-</p><p>lute must when it comes to handy pet </p><p>snacks and treats on the go. We of-</p><p>fer solutions that are easy to handle </p><p>and reclosable. And whats more, our </p><p>products allow for all kinds of diff erent </p><p>branding options to create a custom-</p><p>ised design. Perfect for targeted com-</p><p>munication and optimum shelf visibility.</p><p>VERSATILE SOLUTIONSFOR SNACKS &amp; TREATS</p><p> DUOSMART Environmentally friendly, lightweight </p><p> cups that use 50% less plastic than </p><p> standard plastic packaging</p><p> Increased brand communication </p><p> thanks to high-quality printing options </p><p> on both sides of the paper sleeve and </p><p> underneath the optional paper bottom</p><p> Variety of branding options with hot </p><p> foil embossing or cold foil fi nish</p><p> Suitable for frozen and chilled products</p><p> Stackable packaging for effi cient pro-</p><p> cessing by transport and logistics</p><p> Printed fl at or domed lids for </p><p> perfect transport of goods</p><p>SHAKER DUOSMART Patented shake concept</p><p> 100% airtight for liquids too</p><p>SOLID CONTAINER Easy dosage</p><p> Available as a 400 and </p><p> 800 gram pack</p><p> OUR SOLUTIONS, YOUR BENEFITS Environmentally friendly thermoformed </p><p> solutions from a flat sheet</p><p> High- quality thin-walled rigid packaging with </p><p> individual branding options (cut-outs, braille</p><p> text or zipper)</p><p> Wide variety of surface coating and printing </p><p> options (off set, fl exo or photo print)</p><p> Sophisticated barrier and resistant properties</p><p> for guaranteed product safety</p><p>FFS FILMAll of our products are also </p><p>available as an FFS solution.</p><p> SMALL POUCH (non-retort) Also available in a matt fi nish</p><p> Robust, fl exible foils with </p><p> sophisticated barrier properties</p><p> Airtight options </p><p> Available sterilised </p><p> Customizable sizes </p><p> from 40g-100g</p><p> Variety of easy-</p><p> opening systems </p><p> (e.g. top zip or laser) </p></li><li><p>Discover COVERIS 7</p><p>FFS FILM AND SHEETSSOLUTIONS</p><p> OUR SOLUTIONS, YOUR BENEFITS Top reliability thanks for first-rate quality</p><p> Increased productivity with reduced set-up times</p><p> Customised solutions, tailored to suit individual </p><p> requirements </p><p> Wide range of possible structures (PET, OPP, </p><p> PE, Green PE and aluminium)</p><p>Most of our products are also available as a form, </p><p>fi ll &amp; seal (FFS) solution. We have one of the largest </p><p>production capacity for this technology worldwide. </p><p>Our foils stand out with optimum dimensional stabil-</p><p>ity and tension as well as the option to include inte-</p><p>grated resealable pressure closures. As with all other </p><p>products, for our FFS solutions, we also place a lot of </p><p>emphasis on creating qualitative design for excellent </p><p>product presentation.</p><p> SHRINK FILM Variety of easy opening systems</p><p> Premium-quality high-gloss film</p><p> Down gauge options</p><p> Wide range of high-quality </p><p> printing options </p><p> FORM-FILL-SEAL SHEET Suitable for wet and dry food</p><p> Sophisticated barrier and resistant properties </p><p> for guaranteed product safety</p><p> Variety of easy opening and closure systems</p><p> Different handle options</p><p> PALLET COVERS (SHRINK &amp; STRETCH) Good machine processing</p><p> High levels of product safety</p><p> Can be used with semi-automated </p><p> and fully-automated machines</p><p> LABELS Self-adhesive</p><p> Removable, permanent and</p><p> semipermanent solutions </p><p> Suitable for frozen and chilled products</p><p> Printable with up to 10 colours</p><p> Suitable for digital printing when</p><p> ordering small quantities </p><p> LINED BOARD PACKAGING FOR ORGANIC &amp; NATURAL FOODS Gives rigidity and protection to flexible packs</p><p> Natural paper / cardboard look and texture</p><p> Wide Diversity of decoration options available</p><p> Sustainable (plastic and board sleeve) can be </p><p> separated for recyclability</p><p> FFS FILM AND SHEETS FOR FSB</p><p> RIGID CONTAINER</p><p> COMPOSITE</p><p> PAPER BAGS</p><p> FFB (flat bottom)</p><p> HYBRID BAGS</p><p> WPP</p><p> RETORT POUCH</p><p> SMALL POUCH</p><p> DUOSMART</p><p> SOLID CONTAINER</p><p> T-IML</p></li><li><p>As a leading international manufacturing company, Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every</p><p>day. In partnership with the most respected brands in the world, Coveris develops vital products that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, to the touch </p><p>screen device in our pockets, contributing to the lives of millions every day.</p><p></p><p>ABOUT COVERIS</p><p>ASIA</p><p>C</p><p>M</p><p>Y</p><p>CM</p><p>MY</p><p>CY</p><p>CMY</p><p>K</p></li></ul>


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