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This report shows you the analysis of existing market and list out the opportunity and tips for pet food market in 2013. Welcome to contact us if you would like to download the PowerPoint. Created by Logos Packaging Holdings Ltd


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2. Agenda1. Top25 Global Pet Food Companies In 20112. Product Categories For Top Pet Food Companies in 20113. Details of Top 25 Pet Food Companies in 20114. Opportunity in 2013 Pet Food Market5. Way To Win The Pet Food Market In 2013 3. 1. Top 25 Global Pet FoodCompanies in 2011Location Of Top 25 Global Pet Food Companies in 2011No. of Pet FoodCountry Companies USA 11Japan 4 Brazil 3 Germany2Spain 2 Denmark1 Hungary1 Australia1 Remarks: 1. Top 5 Global Pet Food Companies for 2011 are from USA 2. Mars Pet Care domains the pet food market. Its annual sales is far higher than the sum of top 3 to top 25 pet food companies.Source: Pet Food Industry 4. 2. Product Categories For TopPet Food Companies in 2011 Top 5 Product CategoriesPet Food Categories Dry Dog Food 100Dry Cat Food87Dog Treats / Snacks 83 Wet Dog Food 72 Wet Cat Food 69Source: Pet Food Industry 5. 3. Details of Top 25 Pet Food Top1 Top5Source: Pet Food Industry 6. 3. Details of Top 25 Pet Food Top6 Top10Source: Pet Food Industry 7. 3. Details of Top 25 Pet Food Top11 Top15Source: Pet Food Industry 8. 3. Details of Top 25 Pet Food Top16 Top20Source: Pet Food Industry 9. 3. Details of Top 25 Pet Food Top21 Top25Source: Pet Food Industry 10. 4. Opportunity Of Pet Food Market In 2013 Ownership of Small Animals,Fish, Birds areon the rise in US2013 Opportunity Aware of Pet Mexico Pet HumanizationFood Market isIn Eastern Euro,on the rise e.g. RussiaSource: Pet Food Industry 11. 5. Way To Win ThePet Food Market In 2013 Effective packaging, which is to be seen on shelf, engageshoppers and communicate key messages/point of difference,is essential tool for success.Stand Up Pouch Retort PouchGusset Bag FlexiBox PouchNeed assistance in size, materials, filling or quote? please contact us at or 852-2609 5592 12. LOGOS is Ready! Contact Information Be the market leader, ACT NOW ! 5592 CustomersRm A, 8/F, Excelsior Buidling, 68 -76 Shat Tusi Road, TW,


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