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  • 1. Personalized Retargeting Driving revenue through personalized user engagement
  • 2. GRAVITY R&D`S MAIN FEATURES Recommend the most interesting content to your users Re-engage and convert high-intent prospects with personalized banners on sites you advertise on Unlimited number of custom landing pages generated real time and automatically (PPC and Adwords automatization tool) Personalized Recommendation Send personalized newsletters, transactional emails and email alerts Personalized Retargeting Newsletter Personalization Rank search results based on personal interest, predictive search Smart Search Dynamic Landing Page
  • 3. The Data We Collect
  • 4. RETARGETING SOLUTIONS Banner optimization in cooperation with advertising networks Pre-targeting + re-targeting on 3rd party sites requires onsite integration GDN campaign optimization Gravity is a certified Google partner for GDN campaign optimization for CEE region
  • 5. BANNER OPTIMIZATION Goal: reach higher CTR (higher prized ad campagin; AV based) minimize AV to reach target CT (save display cost) ad network can sell more campaign for the same display purchase Content: ad portfolio of an ad network User identification: ad network cookie Information used: Displayed banner Page content information Clicked banner
  • 6. RECO database Integration with ad networks User behavior tracking w/ ad network cookie ad catalog ad display ad optimization Everything about the integration process:
  • 7. Pre- and retargeting Goal: reach higher CTR with personalized offers on 3rd party sites exploit on-site user behavior on 3rd party personalized banner display increase CTR and conversion acquire new clients Content: products or creatives of site owner User identification: site id + Gravity cookie Information used: Displayed banner Page content information Clicked banner
  • 8. Recosys database User behaviour tracking Design dynamic banners Recosys ad server ad catalog INTEGRATION Everything about the integration process:
  • 9. CTR increase by Gravity 1st week 250% 200% 150% 100% 50% 0% Business objective: Improve the click through rate 30+ million ads served daily Creative targeting in 2 zones of a hub site % - daily moving average KPI CTR Increase of KPI On average 110% Testing method A/B (in-house solution) Results: Hungarian market leader in online marketing technologies. Provides 16 billions of ads on a monthly average. 2nd week 3rd week BANNER OPTIMIZATION
  • 10. ABOUT JOFOGAS.HU One of Hungarys leading general classified site Member of Schibsted Classified Media Group 7.2 million visits per month Launched in 2010
  • 11. PERSONALIZED RETARGETING ON 3RD PARTY WEBSITES 16x better CTR 24x conversion Increase (ad reply) Pilot Scope for A/B Test
  • 12. Increased Click-Through Rate Gravity - personalized (%) Gravity (average) (%) Gravity - not personalized (%) Jofogas (%) 7X 16.5X 2X
  • 13. Increased CTR and Conversion (Ad Replies) CTR and conversion (Ad Reply) results on ads (displayed on a third-party site) Scenarios Jfogs All Gravity Average Personalized Non-personalized 14/31 Ad Reply increase (%) (conversion) BASELINE 8.5x 24x 1.7x CTR increase (%) BASELINE 710 % 1650 % 190%
  • 14. About Nr.1 real estate site in Hungary Top of mind real estate site in Hungary 4 million visits per month 17% daily increase in the number of unique visitors
  • 15. GDN CAMPAIGN PERSONALIZATION 1.8% 1.6% 1.4% 1.2% 1.0% 0.8% 0.6% 0.4% 0.2% 0.0% Personalized offers for known visitors Popular ads for unknown visitors 3/29/2014 5/2/2014 Non-personalized (%) Personalized (%) Baseline CEEs largest online real estate advertising company Results: KPI CTR Increase of KPI (known) Up to 26x Increase of KPI (unknown) Up to 4x Testing method A/B (in-house solution) Baseline
  • 16. Results in Google Display Network Media buying: much cheaper, easier, flexible CTR: 3x higher Re-targeting: 8-10x higher Pre-targeting: 30-50% higher Conversion: 4x higher Take advantage of all GDN features
  • 17. RETARGETING IN DIFFERENT FIELDS Increase on CTR (%, Click-Through-Rate) compared to Advertisements without recommendation (weekly average) 1000% 800% 600% 400% 200% 0% 875% 637% 340% 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
  • 18. EXAMPLE OF PERSONALIZATION Simple banner (no event) Personalized banner
  • 19. FULL CONTROLL: MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD Combining algorithms and manual rules Campaigns for user segments Immediate feedback Sophisticated target group specification for user and item segments or context A/B testing of different rules Metadata, context and behavioral rules
  • 20. DIFFERENTIATING FEATURES Our solution delivers directly attributable, immediate and tangible results The heart of our solution are the advanced recommendation algorithms that provide significant KPI improvements We have outstanding experience in various industries The unique nature of our solution automatically provides access to huge amount of user behaviour data that can be retrieved for a multitude of other marketing purposes
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