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Breakout Session at the November 2012 Atlanta Area Technology Educators Meeting


<ul><li>1.Personalized Professional DevelopmentAATE November 13, 2012</li></ul> <p>2. 4 Best WaysJoin Twitter - #1 tool for professional learning - Twitteris 24/7 learning, collaborating, sharing, growing, andconnecting to great educators across the country.Watch WebinarsAttend EdCamp - edcamp is defined as: an unconferenceprofessional development. Edcamps center aroundgroup discussion and attendee participation.Collaborate with those in your building 3. Media &amp; Tools 4. Lucy Grays 5 Favorites 5. Social NetworksClassroom 2.0Independent School Educators NetworkEdTech TalkThe Global Education Conference Network 6. K-12 Online Conference 7. Life-long Learning 8. Professional Learning Plan I already knowWhat I need to learnHow I plan to learnWhat I learnedDid I achieve my goals? Why or why not?Next steps 9. Personal LearningEnvironmentsVideos:Welcome to my PLE!Personal Learning Networks for Educators 10. What needs to happen to make Personalized Professional Learning a reality?Buy in from teachers and administratorsLeadership has to get itGo visit other schoolsShare articlesGetting admin to model lifelong learningProviding support and mentoring with technologyiTried Something New Basket </p>