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This presentation introduces variable-content digital printing. This form of printing cost-effectively delivers a targeted message to specific individuals rather than using a conventional “shotgun” approach to direct marketing.



2. You can now make eachprinted piece as colorfuland unique as the personyoure sending it to.PERSONALIZE 3. > PERSONALIZE With todays smart marketing, you can strategically allocate your marketing budgets to reach your best (or most profitable) customers. Variable-content digital printing makes it more cost-effective to deliver a targeted message to specific individuals rather than using a conventional shotgun approach to direct marketing. 4. > PERSONALIZE What is variable content? PhotoText Logo Signature Customer Data 5. > PERSONALIZE And personalization really does work. You can print direct mail campaigns, coupon programs, posters, invitations, labels and more to a unique individual or groups of people from the salutation clear through the customized offer. 6. > PERSONALIZE Improved Response Rates with Digital Printing (compared with a static, black-and-white mailing with a response of 0.46%) Add Name OnlyAdd Full Color Add Name Only Plus Full Color Apply Database Info to the Offer0% 100%200% 300%400% 500%Source: White Paper: Direct Mail Responses Based on Color, Personalization, Database and Other Factors by DavidBroudy and Frank Romano, published by the Digital Printing Council of Printing Industries of America, Inc. 7. Customize colors, text, and images within yourdocument to produce different versions for differentindustries, demographics, or geographic zones. CUSTOMIZE 8. > CUSTOMIZEWhen you print your document usingVariable Data Printing, you can: Change images Change colors Change text 9. > CUSTOMIZE For example, in one press run of 5,000 quantity, you can - print 225 using this image and textWe serve the growing needsof Health Care - print 1,675 using this image and textWe serve the growing needsof Manufacturing - and print 3,100 using this image and textWe serve the growing needsof the Financial Industry 10. > CUSTOMIZE 11. Economizeyour budget byprinting only whatyou needeven if its onlya small quantity.ECONOMIZE 12. Digital Printing isa Powerful Toolfor One-to-OneMarketing Relationship marketing Higher response rates Print less, benefit more ECONOMIZE 13. > ECONOMIZE Eliminate the need to print and storelarge quantities Reduce waste of unused, outdatedmaterials Print small or large quantitieson demand Over 25% of printed materials will be wasted due toobsolescence. Print only what you need. We save yourfile and print more when you need it. 14. > ECONOMIZE Improved response rates No need to trash costly, out-of-datemarketing or sales pieces Inventory savings Shorter printing timelines Digital transmission of files Reduced mail-handling costs Work remains in digital format 15. > ECONOMIZEThe power of variable dataYou do the math:Without variable data $0.50 x 5,000 = $2,500 5,000 x 2% = 100 $2,500 / 100 = $25/customerWith variable data $1.00 x 5,000 = $5,000 5,000 x 8% = 400 $5,000 / 400 = $12.50/customer 16. > ECONOMIZE VDP allows you to address mail-marketing material during the press-run. Eliminates cost/time requirements with additional labeling/addressing operations. 17. Visualize printed pieces that showeach of (Company ABCs)customers just how important they areVISUALIZE 18. > VISUALIZEConnect with your customers through:DIRECT MAILNEWSLETTERSBROCHURESINVITATIONSSEMINAR LITERATUREFOLLOW-UP MAILERSRELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTWEB SITE FULFILLMENTLABELSPOINT-OF-SALE 19. > VISUALIZEVariable Data Printing can also be done onmaterials other than paper:Clear acetateStatic cling materialPoly plasticsSelf-adhesive stock 20. Get to know thecapabilities of Digital Printingand simplify eventhe most complex marketing strategieswith the latest inVariable Data printing technology.FAMILIARIZE 21.


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