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  • Personalized Genetic Testing

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    Personalized Genetic Testing

    to prevent premature aging

    has arrived at Ocean Clinic

  • Personalized Genetic Testing to prevent premature aging has arrived at Ocean Clinic.

    COLLAGEN is the principal protein structure in our skin,

    when made during the early years of life this protein is

    produced rapidly, maintaining the texture and appear-

    ance of healthy skin. After 40 the loss of collagen is

    accelerated, affecting the health and appearance of our


    Genetic testing at Ocean Clinic can help to identify if we

    carry key genetic variations associated with the accel-

    erated loss of collagen before the symptoms begin to

    show visibly. Its also important to know if our genetic

    predisposition is working against us using a faster rate

    of degradation of collagen. With this test we can show

    whether our genetic predisposition to collagen produc-

    tion/destruction is normal and balanced, and if not, and

    as a consequence, the appearance of premature aging/

    wrinkling/ collagen damage occurs as a result.

    The test can also reveal if our skin holds a natural genet-

    ic protection factor against Ultraviolet Radiation ( UV )

    in the knowledge that UV exposure represents 90% of

    the symptoms of premature aging of the skin. We should

    keep in mind that the accumulative effect of sun expo-

    sure causes damage to our DNA that will negatively af-

    fect our health and skin appearance.


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