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The Characters In The Movie Are?Ram Shankar Nikumbh(Aamir Khan)Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi(Darsheel Safary)Ishaans Father: Nandkishore Awasthi(Vipin Sharma)Ishaans Mother:Maya Awasthi(Tisca Chopra) Ishaans Elder Brother:Yohaan(Sachet Engineer)Ishaans Friend: Rajan(Tanay Chheda)


FATHERBROTHERASSESSMENT TASKS FOR MERIT UNIT1 LO11. Observe a Well Assimilated Personality In The Movie By Giving Examples From The Movie? Definition For ASSIMILATION:- Assimilation Is The Capacity To The Observe Inputs Into Ones Personality, Which Also Means Mixing Up. For Example Sugar When Assimilated Into Coffee Will Make It Sweet. In The Movie We Observed That RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH Was a Well Assimilated Personality.

THe Was The Person Who Had Positive Attitude Throughout.He Was Working In The School Where The Students Are Physically Handicapped And Mentally Retarded.He Was Appointed As Temporary Painting Teacher In The Boarding School and In That School He Meets a Student Who Is Exactly Like Him, his Name Was IshaanAwasthi. Ishaan was The Student Who Cannot Learn And Write Properly But Very Creative At Painting..bIshaan Cannot Read Due To a Problem Name Dyslexia, Which Ram shankar Also Gone Through It.He Showed His Talent By Taking Ishaans Responsibility From the Principle And He Made Him To Study.Ram Shankar Did not Show Sympathy On Ishaan, He Showed Empathy ie., he Tried To Solve Ishaans Problem.ASSESSMENT TASKS FOR MERIT UNIT1 LO22. Talk About A Good Time Manager In The Movie. What Sort Of Time Management Skills Did She have? A:-Time Management Is The capacity To Manage The Time By Setting The Time Table, Remainders, Schedule etc.,The Good Time Manager In The Movie Is Ishaans Mother, By Hook or Crook She Want Her Children And Husband To Be Successful In Life. h

She Gets Up 5oClock Early In The Morning And Cook For Her Husband. When He Went To The Office She Starts Cooking For Yohaan Ishaans Elder Brother.After That She Has To Wake Up The Ishaan And Make Him Ready,Cook For Him And Make Him To Do His Breakfast And Finally She Send Ishaans To School.When Ishaan Return Back In The Evening To Home She Make Him To Read And Write.She Take Care Of The House Like One Man Army.She Does Many Tasks Daily By Managing The Time.She Is As Bisy As Bee,But She Is Active Everytime.So, In This Way I Think She Is The Good Time Manager In The Movie. ASSESSMENT TASK FOR MERIT UNIT 1 LO33.During Your Class Activities Did You Come Across A Leader?What Sort Of Leadership Qualities Did You Observe? Definition For LEADERSHIP: Leadership Is The Influence Exercised In Inter-Personal Situations Directed Through The Communication Process,Towards The Attainment Of Goals.Set Crystal Clear Goals.Select The People Carefully To Attain The Goal.Use Interpersonal Skills Combined With Encouraging Communication To Motivate The Goal Attainers. The Seven Major Qualities Of Leadership Are:LEADINFLUENCEMOTIVATE

ACONTROLSTIMULATEASSERTCOOPERATIVE Yes I Come Across A Leader During My Class Activities Are The Leadership Qualities That I Observed In Me Are: I Propel People To Watch Attaining Goals Either Personally Are Purely In Spirit.I Affect The Team In A Positive Manner And Direct The Teams Behaviour.Excite, Urge, Povoke And Charge The TeamI Want Everyone To Work Together And Complete The Task. ASSESSMENT TASK FOR MERIT UNIT1 LO41.Do An Analysis Of The Johari Window Using Examples From The Movie?A : .Johari Window Consists Of Four Selfes. They Are: OPEN SELF-Ram Shankar Nikumbh BLIND SELF-Ishaan Awasthi HIDDEN SELF-Ishaan awasthi UNKNOWN SELF Ram Shankar Is The Person Knows Ones Own Personality And Is Willing To Share Ideas,Thoughts,Feelings And Values With Others,That Person Is Called An Open Self Personality. Ishaan dont know About Him How Creative Thinking He Has But Nikumbh Knows Him This Is Called Blind Self Personality.

Ishaan Was A Good Painter And Artist But He Did not Shown To Anyone, But Ram Shankar Knows About Ishaan, without Hidling It He Will Tell To Everyone.This Is Called Hidden Self PersonalityM NJOHARI WINDOWINFORMATION KNOWN TO SELFINFORMATION NOT KNOWN TO SELFINFORMATIONKNOWN TO OTHERS 1


BLINDINFORMATION NOT KNOWN TO OTHERS 3 HIDDEN 4 UNKNOWNASSESSMENT TASKS FOR MERIT UNIT3 LO11.What Are The Barriers To Effective Communication?How Do You Remove The Same?A.The Barriers To Effective Communication Are:SHYNESSFEARUNCERTAINTY OR LACK OF CONFIDENCEVOCABULARYLACK OF LISTENING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS I keep A Goal In My Mind And I Work Accoding To That In Such A Way I Remove All These And Push My Self Forward To Achieve My GOAL.16 ASSESSMENT TASK FOR MERIT UNIT 3 LO 22. What Moral Values Did You Observe While Doing Your Field Activity?A.The Moral Values I Observed During My Field Activity Are: We Should Not be Irritated For The Customers Questions, Should Posses With Patience.We Should Able To Explain The Same Thing Many Times. NWe Have To Convince The Customers A Lot Until Buying The Car.TRY AND TRY UNTIL YOU SUCCEED.We Have To Treat The Customers As Kings,Now A Days Customer Service Is Professional Job In The Society.Finally The Moral Value Is LOVE ALL SERVE ALL


DISTINCTIONASSESSMENT TASK FOR DISTINCTION UNIT 1 LO12.Which Character Do You Resemble Or Want To Resemble In The Movie.State The Changes You Would Have To Bring Yourself To Be That?

A.The Character That I Want To Resemble In The Movie Is RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH Because Of The Following Example. Nikumbhs Teaching Style Is Different From That Of His Strict Predecessor, And He Quickly Observes That Ishaan Is Unhappy And Countributes Little To Class Activities.He Reviews Ishaans Work And Concludes That His Academic Shortcomings Are Indicative Of DYSLEXIA. 21 In His Free Times He Visits Ishaans Parents And Asks If He Can See More Of Their Sons Work.He Is Stunned Of One Of Ishaans Paintings, And Tells His Parents That Ishaan Is A Bright Child. Who Have Information Differently From Other Children In Class.

ADASSESSMENT TASK FOR DISTINCTION UNIT 1 LO23.What Sort Of Job Do You Want To Option For In The Future?What Time Management Skills Do You Need For That?I Want The Job That Which Well Suits For My Profile And Gives Me A Self Satisfaction. The Time Management Skills That I Follow Are:


I Maximize The Value Of Time By Including The Activities Which Produce Positive Results And Rejecting The Activities Which Either Waste Time Are Produce Negative Results. I Do All The Things On Time,I Respect And Promote Me To The Best Position In Life. I Always Use Time Wisely To Produce Excellent Results In All Areas Of My Lives.

ASSESSMENT TASK FOR DISTINCTION UNIT 1 LO31.Assess And Present Your Leadership Qualities.A.The Leadership Qualities That I Posses Are: I SETS CRYSTAL CLEAR GOALS SELECTS THE PEOPLE CAREFULLY TO ATTAIN THE GOAL I USE INTERPERSONAL SKILLS COMBINED WITH ENCOURAGING COMMUNICATION TO MOTIVATE THE GOAL ATTAINERS. I Always Act As A Role Models In The Team Creates Confidence In The Team.I Posses With Right Decision Making.I Listen More And TalklessI Use Positive Body LanguageI Praise Loudly And Blame Softly.

Success Is Directly Related To The Quality Of Leadership In Both, Personal And Teamspheres

ASSESSMENT TASK FOR DISTINCTION UNIT3 LO12.What Sort Of Help Are You Looking From Your Faculty Regarding Your Communication?What Action Plan Would You Follow?A: It Means Interaction Between The Two Persons, So The Help That Iam Looking From My Faculty To Improve My Communication Are: I Have To Learn Perfect Verbal Communication.Perfect Facial ExpressionsBody Language,Grooming,Posture And conversations.

OThe Action Plan That I Follow Is: I Will Try To Use The Verbal And Non-Verbal CommunicationI Will Increase My Communication By Watching English News And Movies.We Have To Interact With Others By Improving Our Communication.Always Have A Goal For Our Communication.ASSESSMENT TASK FOR DISTINCTION UNIT 3 LO21.What Moral Values Are You Lacking And How Can You Develop The Same?A.The Moral Values I Am Lacking Are:Understanding The Ones Moods, Behaviour.I Improve This By Meeting Different Kinds Of People And Talking With Them.

ASSESSMENT TASK FOR DISTINCTION UNIT 1 LO43.How Will Your Interpersonal Skills Help You In Your Personal And Professional life?A.A positive Personality Tends To Have Positive Interpersonal Relations While Negative Personalities Tend To Have Poor Interpersonal Behaviour And Relationships. To Achieve Success In My Personal Or Professional Life Depends Upon My Interpersonal skills In Order To Set In A Top Position In Todays Compitative Environment. These Interpersonal Skills Help Me A Lot. In My Personal Or Professional Life If I Want To Become A Winner I Should Have Excellent Inter personal Behaviour.