personal tutoring, employability and the e- portfolio liz holford, janet woolnough and paul mcveigh

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PERSONAL TUTORING, EMPLOYABILITY AND THE E- PORTFOLIO Liz Holford, Janet Woolnough and Paul McVeigh Slide 2 Fees and HE market Labour market RAS 2012 The context Slide 3 Context End of CRM unit RAS requirements related to employability, PDP and career management skills Importance of graduate destinations with DLHE and KIS data FHSS - 55% Employability and personal development embedded into all 3 years of study - developmental approach Employability/PDP/career management skills need to be visible and transparent to students Introduction of ePortfolio in level 4 Slide 4 Personal Tutoring and Student Support Guidance Core to being an academic Core to our success in NSS Core to our continued success in a competitive marketplace PT support is valued and goes a long way We need a consistent experience for students Visibility, transparency Slide 5 What is the PT role? Affective support: confidence building, communication of course requirements, explanation of study culture Learning support: engagement on general and subject issues, PDP Organisational support: orientation to the course, department, University and guidance about option choices Slide 6 Full document available at: postingtokeypoliciesanddocuments/downloadsforras20 12/filetodownload,112970,en.pdf What the curriculum framework says Slide 7 The Curriculum Framework and Personal Tutoring The Personal Tutor system is a cornerstone of student support and personal and academic development at Portsmouth. Every student will be allocated a named Personal Tutor within one week of entering the course Slide 8 PDP, Employability, Career Management There is a structured opportunity for students to take responsibility for and personalise their learning through Personal Development Planning activities. Generic graduate academic and employability skills development opportunities are integrated into the curriculum. Career Management skills development opportunities are integrated into the undergraduate curriculum Slide 9 Embedding... Curriculum design should promote personalised learning with a framework that supports students in taking responsibility for, and exercising choice in planning their academic and personal development and documenting and reflecting on their skills and attributes. Thus Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes will provide students with the opportunity to undertake Personal Development Planning (PDP) activities Slide 10 PT: The expectation 2.3 The following sets out the minimum expectations regarding formal Personal Tutor/Tutee interactions per academic year: Level 4 - eight group and two individual meetings. Level 5 - four group and two individual meetings. Level 6 - two group and two individual meetings. Levels 7 and 8 - two group and two individual meetings. Slide 11 Joining up PT role with PDP and online resources The e-portfolio What we will do in Humanities Slide 12 Level 4 Induction Skills+ units incorporating some career management and PDP activity 2 Personal tutorials, one each teaching block, reviewing academic and PDP progress (E-portfolio) CAP period: week 26 careers activities Slide 13 Level 5 Re-induction Student independent activities during the year, signposted / supported in the curriculum 2 personal tutorials during the academic year, reviewing academic and PDP progress CAP/post-Easter workshops: dissertation/RM activity in week 25, careers activity in week 26 Slide 14 Level 6 Re-induction Access to materials from earlier stages / levels 2 personal tutorials during the year, again relating to PDP activity CAP period: focus careers / graduate issues Slide 15 The ePortfolio within FHSS Levels 4 & 7 Slide 16 Slide 17 Accessing the portfolio - September onwards Link to ePortfolio Slide 18 Academic Career Personal Slide 19 Set goals Review goals Revisit at the end of the academic year Slide 20 Slide 21 Example pages Page for a tutorial half way through Level 4Page for a tutorial half way through Level 4 Page demonstrating Work goals and plansPage demonstrating Work goals and plans Slide 22 Feedback Slide 23 Other features Accepts many kinds of media eg video, music, photos, RSS feeds Easy to customise Can store copies of CVs and other applications within the portfolio Groups can be set up by tutors and students great for sharing ideas and work Slide 24 Portable exporting your ePortfolio Slide 25 Student buy in what are the benefits Students become independent learners Students are able to reflect on work, academic and personal experiences and identify the skills gained through these Students understand how to use these skills and experiences to access opportunities for their futures ePortfolio content can influence references! Slide 26 Student buy in what are the benefits Allows for demonstration of progression Students become familiar with a process that they will use throughout their professional lives Support career analyses and job applications Showcases personal qualities and achievements Sets agenda for discussion with personal tuto r Slide 27 Login Username: hums_eportfolio Password: password1 Slide 28 More information ePortfolio and employability materials demo IT area Park Basement during lunch Purple Door training sessions go to Moodle training calendar Faculty training available in September or 6221 or 2687