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.هتعرف يعنى ايه Personal Branding, و ازاى و امتى و ازاى تعملوا


  • 1. The way to Personal BrandingShereen Badr

2. Create your Brand, butwhats the Brand ? 3. Personal Branding ..Why .. ?Who .. ?When .. ?How .. ? 4. Who are you ? 5. YourReputation onGoogle results 6. What do you want to achieve ? 7. YYoouurr ttaarrggeett a udienceaudience 8. Know your competitors:D 9. What makes you different ?What makes youdifferent ? 10. Set your positioning 11. Create Your Ecosystem Create Your Ecosystem 12. Your blog is thecenter of youronlinecommunication 13. Create Your Social NetworkCreate Your SocialNetworking 14. Your storytelling 15. Your image 16. Change your tone of voiceaccording to the platform 17. Influencers 18. Communities in your fieldCommunities in your field 19. Offline Your Field EventsSocial MediaDay 20. Add Value ..Create Helpful 21. CCrreeaatete Original ContentOriginalContent 22. Social Mediaenjoy and shareentertainmentcontent 23. Focus on how to be social ,not on how to do socialFocus on how to be social , not onhow to do social mediamedia 24. Be Organic ..Be Yourself..Be Human.. 25. To win some you haveto lose others 26. Don't Speak About 3 27. If Your Presencedoesnt make anImpact , yourabsence wontmake difference 28. Thanks for AttendShereen