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  • 1. User Persona Active: The desire to get out there. Valet Job Facebook Work Social networks College: Graphic Design Myspace Snowboarding Youtube Online entertainment, video, Video Myspace pictures, etc. Facebook Play Attending Snowboarding Yahoo competitions/ Concerts Email Offline Online Gmail Hits the pub with friends Shawn's Mindmap (snow reports) Rents with roommates : 540$ Monthly Snowboarding Transworld Snowboarding Family back east in Virginia, two younger brothers and a Youtube sister. TPB Looking to settle in a community that shares Home his passion. Want's to be apart of a niche, a Music iTunes place of belonging. Pandora Close to the slopes, Longmont is just outside of Boulder and many snow resorts. Name: Shawn Renalds Education: Goes to college for graphic design two days a week. Hes chosen this major so that he can work with and inluence the snowboarding /skateboarding scene. Employment: Part-time valet/bell boy job. Shawn only works so that he can play later. Location: Longmont, Colorado. Shares a condo with four other guys, paying around 540$ a month for rent. Hes around other peers that share his interests in snowboarding. Needs: Validation/Acceptance amongst peers, Gratiication, Connecting Wants: Share-iication, Ease of use, Durability, Low price point, Functional/stylish tool. Aspirations: Gain peer cred, Build self-esteem, to re-live the moment, Self-expression. Spare Time: When there is no snow, or he has time at home Shawn is watching snowboard videos, listening podcasts, reading magazines, browsing websites and his social network, and usually the TV is on in the living room. POV on Advertising: What has a brand done for me? He has low expectations on advertising, and he feels like there are no direct beneits. Shawns group of friends need a social link to/with the brand to become loyal. Hes the lagship for his group, so hes always looking for new opportunities, latest gadgets, in order to keep being different and try to infuse a trend among his peers.