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<ul><li>1.Peripheral Vascular Disease(PVD) Narrowing of blood vessels outside of heart &amp; brain Arterial or venous (or both) Often thought of as arterial problems</li></ul> <p>2. Thromboangiitis Obliterans Buergers Disease Peripheral artery inflammatory disease Young men who smoke cigarettes 3. Buergers DiseasePathophysiology S&amp;S med &amp; sm artery Paininflammation Diminished, absent hands &amp; feet pulses emboli Cyanosis (supine) vasospasm Reddish blue (sitting) ischemia -- &gt; pain --&gt; Skin shinynecrosis Diminished hair growth 4. Raynauds Disease &amp; Raynauds Phenomenon Young women Etiology Idiopathic Secondary to systemic diseases SLE scleroderma serum sickness Vasospasms in small arteries &amp; arterioles fingers, sometimes toes 5. Raynauds Disease &amp; Raynauds Phenomenon S&amp;S Pallor Numbness Sensation of colddigits Bilateral Cyanosis Rubor Throbbing 6. Aneurysm Types Localized outpouching of vessel wall orcardiac chamber True all 3 layers False clot within adventitial layer Dissecting blood within adventitial layer 7. Acute Arterial Occlusion S &amp; S Usually from thrombus or emboli originating in LEFT heartExtremitiesBrain Acute pain Cover in neuro Tingling loss of sensation loss of reflexes Weakness loss of function Pallor /cold loss of pulse </p>


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