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    Overview About just festival How just festival fits into the Edinburgh Festival What makes just festival unique What we are looking for?

    Services Venues and fees Box office Festival publicity, marketing, and PR Programme entry only

    Managing your show Registering with The Fringe Society Insurance Performance License Performer publicity, marketing, and PR Overseas Performers Budgeting

    Application process Application form Key dates

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  • Overview

    About just festival

    just festival is a curated programme of around 300 events, across 25 venues

    taking place each year in August. We aim to celebrate diversity of cultures, faiths,

    gender-identities, sexualities, philosophies and ideas, challenge inequality and

    injustice and create a space for communities to engage with each other in

    productive dialogue.

    Now in our fourteen year, just festival features top-quality speakers,

    conversations, performances, film, food, exhibitions, family activities, workshops,

    art and much more.

    Past contributors include Arun Gandhi, Margaret Atwood, Mustafa Ceri the

    Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Harriet Lamb Executive Director of

    Fairtrade Foundation, and Simon Callow.

    just festival is based at St Johns Church, a prime location at the west end of

    Princes Street, Edinburghs principal street. It has an established reputation a

    fringe venue that delivers high quality events from all genres.

    Due to its professional and dedicated staff just festival has a community

    atmosphere and great relations with performers both in Edinburgh and across

    the world.


  • How just festival fits into the Edinburgh Festival

    There is no one Edinburgh Festival; it is a collective name for a number of

    individual festivals going on throughout August in Edinburgh.

    By all taking place at the same time they draw huge numbers of people into

    Edinburgh, all going to a variety of shows in different festivals.

    Princes Street, where just festival is based, was the busiest spot in Edinburgh city

    centre with 1,343,456 people counted during August 2013 according to Essential


    What makes just festival unique

    just festival is unique because it creates a real festival atmosphere between

    performers, audience, staff, and volunteers. As a not-for-profit charity our priority

    is to encourage dialogue, community and personal growth. We want everyone

    who comes into contact with just festival, not only enjoy an hours entertainment

    but also, take something with them to share throughout the year.

    What makes just festival stand out is the sense of community built by having over

    40 volunteers, many international, helping at the festival. Each one has a personal

    commitment to diversity, equality, and justice. Over the festival we aim to give

    them skills that they can use in their professional and personal life. Together we

    build a united multi-national, multi-belief community using the festival as a catalyst

    for conversation and cultural exchange.


  • What are we looking for?

    We are looking for performances that showcase cultures from around the world,

    explore injustice, or pose ethical questions. We include all genres music,

    theatre, dance, children's shows, poetry, and storytelling. Since 2001, we have

    hosted outstanding performances from Scotland and around the world including:

    Liz Lochhead Scots Makar, the National Poet for Scotland

    Tokara groundbreaking Taiko drumming from Japan

    Africa Entsha a capella singers and dancers from South Africa

    Lockerbie: Unfinished Business solo drama by David Benson

    Ragamala Bharatanatyam dancing originating from India

    Tashi Lhunpo Monks monastic music and chanting from Tibet

    Tejas Verdes drama remembering the Chilean disappeared

    Soweto Melodic Voices forty strong youth choir from South Africa

    Rendition Monologues drama about Guantanamo Bay renditions

    Khantara musicians capturing the Colombian Soundscapes

    Magham Ensemble showcasing musical traditions from Iran

    Dirty Paki Laundry American Pakistani explores sex and politics

    Trio Akvani chants from Caucasus Republic of Georgia

    A Curious Detour drama about paralyzed stroke survivor

    Last Tango in Edinburgh music and dance from Argentina 5

  • Venues and fees

    Church at St Johns The Church was built between 1816 and 1818 and seats up to 350 people. It hosts some of the finest stain glass windows in the UK. There is a comprehensive sound system and simple stage lighting will be rigged for the Festival period. The Vestry and Chapel attached to the raised stage can be used as wings and for short-term storage.

    The Church is best suited to traditional and classical music although sound technicians can accommodate every kind of music. Performers always relish performing in the Church due to its beautiful natural acoustics. The acoustics also make the Church suitable for drama, dance, and spoken word events.

    Raised stage dimensions: 7.16m x 4.73m

    Hall at St Johns The Hall seats 70 100 people, depending or seating arrangements, and has modern airy feel. It is wonderfully adaptable to suit daytime workshops to nighttime, intimate concerts. It has a raised stage and sound and lighting system. The seating can be set up cabaret style, tradition theatre style or even completely removed and stored to the side. There is a kitchen attached which can be used for refreshments if desired.

    Raised stage dimensions: 8m x 2m

    It is important to note that the St Johns site is a functioning worship space and certain compensations must be made to respect that.



  • Ghillie-Dhu Awarded the Best Small Venue at the Scottish Event Awards two years running, the Ghillie-Dhu is a stunning venue at the West End of Princes Street. It seats 80 300 people. Seating and staging is extremely flexible and can accommodate anything from cabaret to ceilidhs and dance to drumming. There is a bar that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments. Auditorium dimensions: 230 sqm, ceiling height 6.8m

    Scheduling We traditionally cater for events slots of 60 minutes starting at set times: 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm. If your show runs longer than 60 minutes then we can negotiate time slots.

    Hire fees In order for just Festival to continue into the future, we have to charge a programme entry fee and hire fee, which is in line with the majority of venues in Edinburgh during August.

    Venue Programme Entry Fee (one off)

    Venue Hire Fee (per performance)

    Church 100 350

    Ghillie-Dhu 100 300

    Hall 50 50


  • Staging 30 minutes set up and take down are included in the venue hire fee, as are standard staging, sound and lighting equipment as well as technical staff. Our sites have very limited to no storage space, so any set or props must be minimal.

    Partner venues across Edinburgh just festival takes place in over 25 venues across Edinburgh. We will be producing a guide to our other venues shortly. So, if you would like to perform at just festival but dont feel the venues mentioned in this pack are are right for you we have more partner venues for you to chose from.

    Deposit We ask the programme entry fee and 20% of the venue hire fee are paid as a deposit by 21st March 2014. We understand that finances are tight before performances so you will not be asked to pay more that 500 deposit in the Hall and 1000 in the Church and Ghillie-Dhu.

    Box Office

    We provide and manage ticketing for all events: free and paid. Audiences can buy or reserve tickets online, by phone, or in person, all year round. During August we have our own computerized on-site Box Office with dedicated Box Office and Front of House staff for audience members to buy tickets on the door. We deduct 10% of ticket sales to cover our Box Office costs.

    Charity Donation just festival is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting those with a practical vision for peace. Each year we raise money and awareness for selected humanitarian causes through a 50p ticket surcharge.


  • Ticket Sales Payout We coordinate ticket sales income from our Box Office and the Fringe, if you choose to register with them. We then deduct the appropriate service fees, charity donation, PRS and Fringe Box Office commission from overall ticket sales and provide you with a sales invoice and payout by 17th October 2014.

    Festival publicity, marketing, and PR just festival has a dedicated member of staff working to promote the festival to the Press and potential audience members. Programme Entry entitles each performance to:

    - Entry in our printed programme we print and distribute circa 20,000 copies - Programme entry on - Social media posts - Promotion to our mailing lists and in our newsletters - We will list your event on popular list websites with web sales links (e.g. The List) - Promotional opportunities such as street performance - Dedicated Festival PR manager coordinating reviewers and press releases - Opportunity to take part in just festival launch, opening and closing events

    We will also issue guidelines for performance publicity material, such as posters and fliers, that will ensu