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A guide for family doctors who are looking for the perfect place to practice. Published by the Victoria Division of Family Practice.


perfect day,every day.CHOOSING VICTORIA FOR YOUR FAMILY PRACTICECHOOSING THE PLACE TO SET UP YOUR PRACTICE, OR TO JOIN AN EXISTING ONE, CAN BE ONE OF THE TOUGHEST DECISIONS YOULL EVER MAKE.2 YOUR PRACTICE CAN SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE4 PRIORITIZING YOUR WORK-LIFE BALANCE6 OUTDOOR LIVING IN THE WARM WEST8 THE BEST PLACE TO RAISE YOUR FAMILY 10 YOUR VICTORIA DIVISION OF FAMILY PRACTICE12 WELCOME & TRANSITIONS MENTORING 14 MAKING PRACTICE COVERAGE A PRIORITY16 CARING FOR OUR PHYSICIANS WELLBEINGTHE BEST decisionOF YOUR LIFE.WE ASKED DOCTORS LIKE YOU WHY THEY CHOSE TO PRACTICE IN VICTORIA. THEIR ANSWERS MAY HELP YOU TO MAKE...10 YOUR VICTORIA DIVISION OF FAMILY PRACTICE12 WELCOME & TRANSITIONS MENTORING 14 MAKING PRACTICE COVERAGE A PRIORITY16 CARING FOR OUR PHYSICIANS WELLBEING18 ACCESS TO CME20 STRONG CONNECTIONS WITH SPECIALISTS22 MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO TUTOR & TEACH24 BIG CITY OFFERINGS, SMALL TOWN VIBE26 AFTER HOURS FUN28 FACT FILE30 RESOURCES31 BOOK A TOURSO MANY REASONS TO FLIP OVER VICTORIA. ?WHY PRACTICE FAMILY MEDICINE IN VICTORIA? 1? Everyone knows Victoria is a stunning city that boasts one of the warmest climates in Canada, and that offers recreational opportunities to excite outdoor enthusiasts year round. As a family doctor, you want a practice that best serves your community, while engaging your interests and vision. Here, you have the flexibility to create the practice that you desire, and that matches your lifestyle. Perhaps you like the idea of testing the waters as a locum physician, to give you a strong introduction before either launching your own practice, or joining an established clinic. Maybe you see yourself as a hospitalist or ER doctor at Victoria General Hospital (VGH) or the Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH), or as supporting one of our many busy walk-in clinics. There are also plenty of opportunities for a more specialized practice, whether that means developing your niche, working with teens at the Victoria Youth Clinic, working as a military physician with CFB Esquimalt, or joining the oncologists at the B.C. Cancer Agency. Whatever your professional goal, youll find it here, on the warm and temperate west coast in British Columbias vibrant capital city.The Victoria Division of Family Practice, the thriving professional association that represents our GP community, organizes a full roster of professional development opportunities to build your knowledge base. We enjoy strong ties between GPs and specialists. We have an excellent medical school, with opportunities to teach medical students and residents. Our growing locum matching system can give you a job, or a much needed break. in a nutshell, we want you here, and your services are needed. We will support you in settling in Victoria, and in caring for your overall wellbeing. 2Your practice can suit your lifestyle.To pick a place to setup a practice, I think you really have to look at your lifestyle and your personality. Ask yourself what kinds of things you want to do and to get at, both outside the office and within the office itself. I think you have to be able to reconcile your interests and your hobbies with the environment. Certainly around here, theres a variety of opportunities, from a big city feel in an urban environment, to a country feel in a rural environment, all within very short order of downtown Victoria. Dr. Steve Martin, Course Director, Clinical Skills, Island Medical Program at the University of VictoriaThere are many options here to tailor your work to create a practice that reflects what you really want. If you want to be solely community-based, you can do that. If you prefer hospitalist work, there are ways to do that. Theres an abundance of walk-in clinics, so you can add hours on evenings and on weekends if you need to. Its very flexible. Im mostly based out of the clinic during the week. Im also doing some shifts at a walk-in clinic on weekends, as I feel I have the energy to do so. Ive joined a large call group where Im only on call six days a year. That allows my patients to have after-hours coverage, but I dont have too much burden in the evenings and on weekends. It allows me the freedom to enjoy other things in my life. I have an infant at home, so I appreciate having as much time as I can with her, with my husband, to explore the island, to spend time outdoors, and to enjoy our new home. Theres a lot to do. Dr. Celeste Just, GP, Tuscany Medical ClinicFlexibility to Mix + Match Your Own Practice StyleOPTIONS TO WORK AS A: Full-Service Doctor Hospitalist Doctor with a Specialty Locum Doctor Part-time Family PractitionerOPTIONS TO WORK IN: The Military Walk-in Clinics Emergency Rooms The Victoria Youth Clinic Island Sexual Health Obstetrics & Maternity Care Palliative Care Long-term Residential Care Hospice Care The B.C. Cancer Agency THE 12 BEST THINGS ABOUT VICTORIA NATURAL ENVIRONMENT CLIMATEAIR QUALITY FRIENDS & FAMILY FEELING OF SAFETYWALKABILITY PARKS RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES ACCESS TO LOCALLY GROWN FOOD ARTS & CULTUREFESTIVALS & EVENTS SENSE OF COMMUNITYDESIGN YOUR DREAMLIFE.88 per cent of locals would describe themselves as happyThe Galloping Goose is a 60km bike trail that spans Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, View Royal, Saanich, Sidney, and Victoria. It attracts 1.7-million users each year.FIND THAT SWEET SPOT.Snow + Surf Escapes:Victoria to Sombrio Beach 1h:47mVictoria to Mount Washington 3h:8mVictoria to Tofino 4h:16m 5Prioritizing your work-life balance.I think here in Victoria, we have a different idea of what our lives should look like. Between family responsibilities, work, and play, we need to strike a balanced equation. The Victoria physicians I know do it brilliantly. There are so many doctors who are working a few days in their family practice or in a group practice, doing youth clinic shifts, doing Island Sexual Health shifts, sometimes working in the hospital, plus trying to have balance for their personal and family commitments. I myself really honour the variety of work that I have.The location of Victoria and Vancouver Island is one that just inspires work-life balance, because there is so much beauty and so much recreational opportunity here. Dr. Mark Sherman, Integrative Family Medicine Physician, James Bay Community Project; Executive Director, B.C. Association for Living Mindfully (BCalm)The best thing about being in Victoria is having access to fresh air, ocean breeze, and waves that crash down...they lead your mind to a peaceful state. I also really enjoy the sense of balance people have in their lives between family, work, and the outdoors. The general attitude is a mix of productivity and relaxation. In some cities, people walk straight ahead as though nobody else exists. In Victoria, people will talk to you in coffee shops and acknowledge each other on the street. It gives the city a real feeling of community. Dr. Jody Young, GP MOST ADULTS WORK LESSTHAN 50 HOURS PER WEEKJ B 6Outdoor living in the warm west.I grew up in Montreal, and loved the big city environment. When I came to B.C., I fell in love with the outdoors: the mountains, the ocean, the outdoor opportunities, surfing on the west coast, rainforest walks. I had the world of choice of where to practice, and once I had visited a few times, it seemed like the perfect place for my wife and I to practice medicine, and to live, play, and raise our kids. I really love surfing, and spending time in the forests and on the beaches with my kids. I love exposing them to that raw natural beauty of the West Coast. We love skiing, and Mount Washington is just three hours up the island near Courtenay. We also love visiting the special subcultures of the Gulf Islands. Dr. Mark ShermanYou can do whatever you want to do, outside, all year round. Thats probably the one thing that allows everyone to stay active, and to keep our really healthy 90-year-olds around. Dr. Jody YoungIts January and the flowers are out. Dr. Janet MakI feel like this is paradise everyday. Its such nice mild weather...because Im used to such cold and ice, I dont even wear a jacket most days. Its nice not having to worry about winter boots or mitts. I think the coldest its been since I got here was in December, when it was minus one degree. So for me, its just wonderful. Dr. Celeste JustJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC2520151050Average Annual Temperatures CEXPLORE WEST COAST RAW+RUGGED NATURE. more than 27,000 hectares (11% of the land base ) under park or protected area status33 regional parks & trails788 km bikeway network (the PIC, or Primary Inter-Community Network) more than 25% completedmildest winters in Canadatemperatures rarely below 0C or above 30C lowest rainfall on British Columbias west coastSpringtime marked by blooming of the cherry blossoms, normally in mid-February71 per cent of locals spend their leisure time being activeKID-FRIENDLY. Beach Life! Downtown to:Dallas Road, Gonzales Bay: 10 minWillows Beach: 12 minCadboro-Gyro Beach Park: 16 minWhittys Lagoon: 41 min 9The best place to raise your family.There arent many places in Canada where kids can play outside without their snowsuit all year long. We walk to school, walk to parks, and were a block away from the beach. I can get off of work, pick up my kids within 15 minutes, and get them to their lessons in another 15 minutes. The commute, compared to many cities, is incredible. Quality private education is affordable, which means, rather than being exclusive, there are a lot of professional parents in the mix. Dr. Janet MakIn terms of childcare, there are a lot of licensed family daycares and other options. Ive also noticed a wide variety of schools for children of different age groups, from Montessori, to very good public schools, to lots of private options. Dr. Celeste JustPARTIAL SCHOOL LIST91 per cent of youth spend their leisure time being activeI dont think theres any better place for families than Victoria. Dr. Janet Mak, GP,Doctors Medical Clinic 27 PUBLIC ELEMENTARY 10 PUBLIC MIDDLE 7 PUBLIC SECONDARY 14 MONTESSORI GLENLYON NORFOLK SCHOOL ST. MICHAELS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL ST. MARGARETS SCHOOL ARTSCALIBRE ACADEMY OAK AND ORCA BIOREGIONAL SCHOOL ST. PATRICKS ELEMENTARY ST. ANDREWS REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ST. JOSEPHS ELEMENTARY ELIZABETH BUCKLEY SCHOOL PEARSON COLLEGE Fun Stuff for Kids Exploring nature trails, rainforests & beaches Beacon Hill Childrens Farm IMAX Victoria & the Royal B.C. Royal Museum Dolphin & Whale Watching Miniature World Bug Zoo AdrenaLine Zipline Adventures Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse Maritime Museum of B.C. Harbour Ferry Tours Blenkinsop Valley Adventure Golf Centre Western Speedway All Fun Recreation Park Wittys Lagoon Tide Pools & Skimboarding Butterfly World Butchart Gardens Childrens Pavilion & Rose Carousel Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Annual Lego Exhibit Victoria Royals Hockey Games Victoria Shamrocks Lacrosse Games Victoria HarbourCats Baseball Games Fishermans Wharf Ghostly Walks 10Your Victoria Division of Family Practice.The Division is filling the void of socialization, peer support, and practice improvement. Since its inception, our community of family doctors has become more united through a variety of projects, such as securing locums and practice coverage, working on senior support in nursing homes, and increasing communication between patients, caregivers, hospitals, and GPs. They offer many CME events, and mentoring for new and transitioning physicians to make it easier to settle here, or to transition into a different style of practice.The Divisions work has allowed community physicians to come together and say, This is whats really important to me, Im going to get involved. We have almost 400 member physicians in Victoria, and those who are getting involved are really seeing the positive outcome and change they can have. That has a huge influence on creating change, and allows physicians to feel they are contributing to society. Dr. Jody YoungStrength in numbers.Benefit from the member-driven work of your professional association for local GPs in Victoria, the Victoria Division of Family Practice. Our members are empowered to identify areas for change within the local medical system, and are funded to join working groups that reflect their passions. Together, we devise and enable strategies for real improvement. SOME DIVISION INITIATIVES: A GP for Me Welcome & Transitions Mentorship Monthly Dine & Learn Series Locum & Practice Coverage Matching Transitions in Care & e-Notification TORCH: Toward Optimal Residential Care Health Emergency Response Planning Mental Health & Substance Use Frail Seniors in the Community Community Building & Engagement Physician Resource Guide MOA Network Mindfulness Meditation for GPsI feel this group here is very forward-thinking, so there are lots of opportunities to get involved and to push forward initiatives that you believe in. Dr. Celeste JustSUPPORTED BY AN awesomePROFESSIONALASSOCIATION.warm WELCOME.GPs Dr. Jessica Fry and Dr. Caitlin Harmon have had great experiences with mentoring medical students and new doctors in Victoria. 13Welcome & Transitions Mentoring Program.Being the new kid on the block can be tough. Thats why the Victoria Division pairs welcoming physician mentors with doctors who are new to the area, or who are shifting their practice style. Matches are made with the aim of connecting people whose interests and availability align. Mentors sometimes meet their partners for a casual coffee or dinner, or accompany them to Division engagement events. They can make introductions and offer important local or insider knowledge, supporting a physicians smooth transition to Victoria, or to a new type of practice. There are all sorts of reasons you might wish for a mentor throughout your career. The Welcome & Transitions Mentoring program supports physicians in all stages of their professional lives, whether you are a first year student, a resident, a doctor new to the area, or a GP practicing in Victoria. The program also matches mentors to those transitioning into a new area of practice, returning to work after having a baby or raising children, or preparing for retirement. These personal connections can offer a softer, smoother transition to the next chapter of your life.I think it is important to support new doctors, whether they are new graduates, or have recently moved here from somewhere else. I think it definitely helps them to be more successful, and makes them more likely to want to stay in Victoria. I myself did my residency in Victoria, and my main preceptor was Dr. Darcy Nielsen. She was my mentor for all things medicine and medicine-related. She taught me what I should look for in setting up a practice, and gave me good information about things like accounting and incorporation. I have worked with a couple of new doctors, including one doctor who shadowed me for a few shifts at Island Sexual Health. I taught her how to insert IUDs, but also got her thinking about things like how to set up locums, finances, accounting, and what to incorporate into her practice long-term. Experiences like this give me the satisfaction of helping new doctors, just like others helped me, and remind me of all the things I really like about practicing medicine in Victoria. Dr. Caitlin Harmon, Dr. Caitlin Harmon Family Practice/Grow HealthMENTORS ARE AVAILABLE TO SUPPORT: Medical students from Year 1 onward Residents GPs new to Victoria GPs wanting to locum GPs planning to work or volunteer abroad GPs transitioning to a new specialization GPs planning a family GPs returning from maternity leave GPs returning after raising children GPs retiring and more! To find your mentor, contact Helen Welch: hwelch@divisionsbc.caThe Division was very helpful for me to learn how to work in Victoria, what job opportunities there are, and what opportunities there are for continuing medical education. Dr. Celeste Just 14Making practice coverage a priority.We know great doctors stay that way by scheduling their well-earned breaks. We also know that locums are often more free-spirited and adventurous, and are looking for freedom and options in their schedules. The Divisions innovative, one-stop locum matching service makes that possible by supporting member locums looking for jobs, and family physicians who need practice coverage. As a locum, youll have access to the best jobs in Victoria, competitive remuneration rates, mentoring, and administrative support for details like logistics, contracts, and billing. As a member seeking coverage, youll learn how to prepare and make your practice more attractive to locums. Youll also receive support and advice on crafting effective job postings.Finding the perfect match means combining technology with networking and personal, individual support. Our locum matching service asks physicians exactly what they are looking for in a locum or practice coverage job to ensure the most suitable arrangements can be found. I see a lot of need for locums. My wife and I have each completed at least 20 locum positions. Dr. Bruce RebnerTheres something to be said about the locum lifestyle. We dont have kids yet, and we enjoy travelling, so being locums gives my wife and I some freedom. The longer-term idea is to establish a practice, but there are definitely periods of your life when locuming makes sense. I think its an attractive option at both ends of the career... when youre young, and after youve worked for 20 or 30 years and have given up your practice. Division events like the Dine & Learns are great platforms to meet fellow doctors. And, the locum coordinator has been really easily accessible. Ive emailed a couple of times for a specific ten days and she has worked very hard to find a match. Dr. Bruce Rebner often locums in Victoria, elsewhere in BC, NWT, and New ZealandUnique options like cross-coverage, long-term locums, part-time associates, and transition-to-retirement practice coverage are FOR MIND OVER MATTER.I believe we serve ourselves by practicing what we preach, and by walking our talk. Dr. Mark Sherman, Executive Director, B.C. Association for Living Mindfully (BCalm) 17The Victoria Division of Family Practice has teamed up with the B.C. Association for Living Mindfully (BCalm) to offer eight-week courses for family physicians in mindfulness-based meditation.Caring for our physicians wellbeing. When it comes to physician stress, the CMA did a study in 2003 on physician burnout, and estimated that 47 per cent of us across the board in Canada are in the advanced stages of burnout. There is a stress epidemic, for a variety of reasons. As physicianspeople who are in the healthcare and wellness professionI think were prone to stress because of our sincere will to help others, which is often what brings us into medicine in the first place. Physicians have a tendency toward perfectionism and other traits that make stress very common. For that reason, tools like mindfulness, cognitive behaviour strategies, meditation, and positive psychology are particularly useful for us. As physicians, we all know, intellectually, about the burdens of stress and how that can affect our cardiovascular and mental health. Yet, by managing our own stress, by having embodied presence, and by having a meditation practice, when were giving advice to our patients and are speaking from a place of heart as opposed to just from the head, our message comes through more clearly. Weve had quite a few physicians come into the mindfulness program. One of the exciting things that the Division is facilitating is the group specifically for physicians, which focuses on the unique challenges of being a physician in Victoria.Through the Practice Support Program weve also had a group for physicians to use some mindfulness tools in their practice. That was quite popular. Dr. Mark ShermanBCalms referral-based mindfulness meditation courses are MSP-funded for both physicians and their patients. MIND OVER MATTER. 18The physicians with whom we engage, I have to admit, are the cream of the crop, because they are interested in continuing education, and in being on the forefront of how to be more effective in the care of their patients. Esther Stevens, Coordinator, Regional Practice Support Program, Island HealthThe Dine and Learn sessions generally have one or more specialist physicians who come to talk about a particular topic. Theres a presentation portion followed by a Q&A. They tend to be smaller groups, so you can get more clinical questions answered. Dr. Heera BindraAccess to continuingmedical education.Victorias medical community benefits from an abundance of local CME opportunities to keep you on the forefront. Medical Conferences. As the capital city of British Columbia, and the largest city on Vancouver Island, Victoria attracts an impressive variety of annual medical conferences.Dine & Learn Events. The Divisions wildly popular monthly Dine & Learn events connect GPs with specialists to exchange knowledge and to solidify strong relationships in a social setting.Practice Support Program. CME-accredited learningmodules and in-practice coaching help GPs to improve clinical and practice management and patient care delivery.Provincial Academic Detailing. Pharmacists provide objective, evidence-informed drug information to physicians on best prescribing practices. Community Rounds. Hospital-based CME events on a rotating roster of specialized topics. LEARNING WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES.nurturing GPSPECIALIST RELATIONS.Pediatrician Dr. Krystal Cullen delivers a talk at a Dine & Learn event that brought five local pediatricians together with family practitioners for presentations and case discussions. 21In my experience, having worked here before and after implementation of the Divisions, there used to be very little opportunity to get to know the specialists. Now its quite straightforward. Dr. Heera Bindra, Tuscany Medical ClinicMonthly Dine & Learn events take place throughout Victoria and bring specialists together with family physicians to exchange knowledge, network, and strengthen relationships. Strong connections with specialists. Specialists are really an arms length away here. We have all specialties, and even some sub-specialties within those. Theyre all approachable, and you can, at any point, call for help. Given the population of Victoria, its relatively easy to see specialists, even if its non-urgent. They are quite receptive to referrals in a timely manner. What I really appreciate is that theres good interaction between the specialists and the family doctors. The Dine and Learn events that the Division offers allow us to interact with specialists on a personal basis in a small group setting, and to get local input on a given topic. I feel like this relationship is relatively unique, because a lot of places dont have full service specialists. As well, the attitude of our specialists is very open and approachable. Our interactions and communication between family doctors and specialists is very congenial, and thats more rewarding for both the patients and the physicians in practice. Dr. Jody YoungBeyond meeting with specialists, the Dine & Learns and other Division events are great for getting to know our general practice colleagues. I am lucky to work in a group of four doctors, but if I were in a solo practice, without the Division I wouldnt have had so much interaction. Dr. Heera Bindra 22Were always putting out calls for interested tutors to come and participate in the program. Dr. Steve Martin, Year 1&2 Course Director, Clinical Skills, Island Medical Program, University of VictoriaMany opportunities to tutor & teach.The Island Medical Program (IMP) at the University of Victoria is one of four provincial sites of UBCs distributed MD Undergraduate Program. The program accepts 32 medical students each year, allowing many opportunities for family doctors to get involved with tutoring and direct mentorship.Within the Clinical Skills Program, doctors act as tutors to small groups of students for various modules delivered at a hospital clinical site. Students then spend dedicated time within a family practice office for direct mentorship. Depending on the students relationship with the physician, they may see their own patients, or see them with the family practitioner/mentor.Through experience and role modelling about how they work with patients, tutors also offer a wealth of intangible information that doesnt appear in the curriculum. Students often remark on how important it is for them to learn how to be doctors. These tutors and mentors are identified as teaching faculty within the UBC program itself. Its amazing how many tutors come back and say how the experience has renewed their interest in medicine, and has rejuvenated them in ways they didnt anticipate. Our family practice tutors really find it engaging. They like the students questions, and it challenges them. Some come and stay for long periods, others come and go, or take breaks. Ive had some tutors for the last 11 years. Overall, they really enjoy it, and are just very thankful.The students particularly enjoy the variety of young, new tutors, and some of the older, wiser, more experienced tutors. They all bring different elements to it, and students really appreciate both. Dr. Steve Martinshare YOUR WISDOM.THE PERFECT BLEND OF BIG+SMALLPopulation: Victoria 80,000 | Greater Victoria 345,000Home to 18 First Nations + 14,200 Aboriginal people100 km from Vancouver & SeattleFilm & Tech sectors are largest revenue-generating private industriesSecond oldest Chinatown in North AmericaKnown as the Garden City35 minutes by float plane or helicopter from downtown Victoria to downtown Vancouver 2579% of locals say they rarely or never feel uncomfortable or out of place because of religion, skin colour, culture, race, language, accent, ability, or sexual orientation.83 per cent feel a strong or very strong sense of belongingGetting to and from work is very quick. I work with a doctor who lives in Sidney, and hes able to make it here in 15 minutes or less. Theres not much traffic at that time. In Victoria, we dont really have a rush hour. Dr. Heera BindraIts the best of both worlds. Dr. Melina Thibodeau, GP, Tuscany Medical ClinicBig city offerings, small town vibe. We wanted a city that was big enough, and that had all the opportunities for kids, whether sports, music or schooling. Victoria is big enough to offer all of those things and a short commute, without being a huge city with all the pollution and traffic. People probably dont realize how multicultural Victoria is. Diversity is accepted and celebrated here. I have two adopted children from the Congo, and we were expecting some racism, but we havent found any at all. There are a lot of different nationalities at their school and throughout the city. Everybody seems to be very accepting of other people. As far as elite athletes go, Victoria is the centre for a lot of national teams. Im involved in track and field as one of the physicians, and theres also a swimming centre, rugby, rowing, triathlon, biking. There are all kinds of sports here. Dr. Melina Thibodeau 26After hours fun.Youve worked hard all week, now its time for a little fun and relaxation with friends. Thankfully, Victorias fixation on protecting work-life balance means we play as hard as we work. Dining out culture dominates the scene, and long, casual dinners often continue into the night over drinks and dancing. The citys social calendar is packed with colourful festivals that attract locals and visitors alike. And hundreds of restaurants, lounges, patios, live and electronic music venues, and nightclubs means theres something to satisfy every quest for fun. Enjoy affordable local wines (from more than 30 island vineyards) paired with playful tapas plates. Sample a flight (then buy a growler) of local craft beers with friends over gourmet burgers or wings. Menus brim with delicacies from our sea, such as wild Pacific salmon, prawns, and oysters on the half-shell. Healthy foodists will appreciate Victorias penchant for offering up a huge selection of vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free and dairy-free options, including some bistros devoted exclusively to exactly that.For the global palette, youll find an impressive variety of authentic restaurants dedicated to Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Ukrainian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Are you ready for some fun, food, festivals, and dancing in this vibrant seaside city?ANNUAL FESTIVALS & EVENTS Victoria International JazzFest Victoria Symphony Splash Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Victoria Pride Week Vancouver Island Blues Bash Victoria International Buskers Fest Rifflandia Rock the Shores Aboriginal Cultural Festival Chinese New Year Celebrations Victoria Film Festival Feast, Food & Film Victoria Beer Week Victoria International Kite Festival Food Truck Festival OUTstages Festival Victoria International Track Classic UrbaCity Challenge Color Vibe 5k YYJ Eats The Art of the Cocktail Ironman Victoria Vintage Cadillac Car Show Sooke River Bluegrass Festival Art & Wine Festival at the Fort Shakespeare by the Sea African Cultural Week & AfriCa Fest Ryder Hesjedals Tour de Victoria Integrate Arts Festival The Saanich Fair Tartan Up! Scotch Single Malt Whisky Fest Strawberries and Wine Car-free YYJ Fernwood Bites Bed Races on Beacon Sidney Days Jubilee Flavour Trail & Wine Fest Victoria Chalk Festival Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown English Car Affair in the Park IFCon Victoria Pet-a-Palooza and much more!Learn more about festivals and events at night would be going out to eat, and I think for the size of the city theres a good selection of restaurants. Dr. Janet MakAfter a fun night out and a lazy start, youll grab a coffee from one of dozens of trendy, hipster roasteries. Then meet friends for a west coast Sunday brunch at a legendary old school diner or trendy hot spot. Play on one of two doctors-only hockey teamsJoin the SpinDoctors physician cycling clubCatch GP musicians playing in Cougar Bait bandJoin the GP Mama and Baby group HOT IN THE CITY.IMAGES COURTESY TOURISM VICTORIAfact FILE. 29A few more facts about Victoria.Caring for the Earth98.7% recycle materials94.8% conserve energy92.5% reduce waste89.8% reuse materials87.6% conserve water80.0% separate waste67.9% carpool or car-share54.0% use alternative transportation22.9% buy locally produced foodEmployment by IndustryIn 2013, Greater Victoria hosted 25 film and television productions, generating $3-million in revenues. In 2014, this industry exceeded $8-million. In April 2015, industry experts predicted it would meet or beat its 2006 record of $18-million.Age of Victorias PopulationFamily physicians per 100,000 people (2012)014152425646574758485+7695per cent perceive their mental health to be very good or excellentmunicipally owned public artworks in Greater Victoria, including First Nations art, gateways, mobile displays, monuments, mosaics, murals, paintings, sculptures, site-integrated artworks, street furniture, and water features.0 50 100 150 200Canada 109British Columbia 122Greater Victoria 16081 per cent of residents are satisfied with the level of access to arts and cultural opportunities0 3 6 9 12 15Trade 14.9%Health Care 14.3%Public Administration 10.7% Construction 6.8%Manufacturing 3.5%$3 million = value of high-tech industryFacts and figures throughout this booklet about Victoria furnished by the Victoria Foundation, the Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission, and Tourism Victoria.56%13% 12%9%6%4% 30ResourcesB.C. Ministry of Health Doctors of B.C. Health Match B.C. Island Health Canadian Medical Protective Association (liability protection) College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (licensure) Medical Services Plan Billing Number Insurance Number cra-arc.gc.caCheck out these resources for help in settling and setting up your practice. Child Care childcarechoices.caCity of Victoria Licence Insurance Estate realtor.caRental Accommodation & Tourism FranciscoLos AngelesCANADAUSAWhistlerWashington D.C.TorontoMontrealNew Yorkcome exploreCurious about Victoria? Plan your next vacation on the west coast of Canada and see for yourself why our family practitioners love it a tourContact Division staff to book a tour of the city, attend a Division event as a guest, meet local physicians, and have your questions answered: Helen Welch make victoria your homeYoull find lots of support for settling here, and for setting up your practice, through your Victoria Division of Family Practice. Use the resources in this guide to get you started!VancouverVICTORIAVICTORIA, BCA GREAT PLACE TO BE A GPVICTORIA AWAITS YOU... make your +1.877.790.8492f. Box 24881745 Cowichan Bay RoadCowichan Bay, B.C.CANADA V0R 1N0I definitely have no regrets about moving here...I plan to stay long term to the point of retirement. I think Ive found the perfect place to live and work.Dr. Celeste JustVICTORIA, BCA GREAT PLACE TO BE A GPDr. Jody Young and her husband Kris, daughter Emma, and dog Tucker, love to spend time along the waterfront at Macaulay Point Park.published Spring 2015 photography Dodds Eye Media Nathan Sorochan Terrance Lam writing & design Crystal Sawyer, Triveni West Communication & Design


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