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  • Journal of Pediatric Health Care People, Places, and Events 229

    PEOPLE, PLACES, AND EVENTS (Send items of interest to Assistant Editor, Ruth G. Mullins; allow a-month lead time for meeting announcement.)

    n EVENTS NAPNAP Chapter Activities*


    October 19, 1992, Child Abuse and Neglect, Anna- Marie Church, MD, speaker, Kellogg Center, Lansing, Michigan.

    Contact: Rebecca Brown, Michigan Chapter of NAPNAP, 1410 Grebe Road, Highland, MI 48357.

    Other Programs* August 3-7,1992,5th Annual School Nurse Institute Pro-

    gram, Maryland. State Department of Education, Mary- land. Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and Maryland State School Health Council, varied speakers, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland

    August 16-21, 1992, Cancer Nursing-Changing Fron- tiers, 7th International Conference on Cancer Nursing, The Royal Marsden Hospital and Nursing Standard for The International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care, The Austria Center, Vienna, Austria.

    Contact: Karen Waterman, Conference &Exhibition Man- ager, Nursing Standard, Viking House 17-19 Peter- borough Road, Harrow, Middlesex HAIl2AX, UK.

    August 19-22, 1992, 13th National Nurse Practitioner Symposium varied speakers, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland.

    Contact: University of Maryland, School of Nursing, Of- fice,of Continuing Education &Outreach, 622 W. Lom- bard St., Baltimore, MD 21201-1545.

    drens Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincin- nati and the Section of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, The Westin Ho- tel, Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Contact: Reginald C. Tsang, MD, Executive Director, or Ms. Renee McKenzie, The Perinatal Research Institute, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, 231 Be- thesda Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45267-0541; telephone (513) 558-1771, FAX (513) 558-7770.

    October l-2, 1992, Third Annual Interdisciplinary Con- ference, Advocating for Children: Perspective on Chronic Conditions in Children, Yale University School of Nursing, Cromwell, Connecticut.

    Contact: Sarah Zaine, Yale University School of Nursing, 25 Park St., P.O. Box 9740, New Haven, CT 06536- 0740.

    November 9-10, 1992, Twelfth Annual Distinguished Nurse Symposium, Nursing: The Essential Link in Quality Patient Care and Health Care Reform, Doris Carnevali and other noted speakers, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, Washington.

    Contact: Virginia Mason Hospital, Department of Nurs- ing Education, H&NEH, PO Box 1930, Seattle, WA 98111.

    January 26-30, 1993, On Responding to Child Mahxeat- ment, varied speakers, Center for Child Protection, Childrens Hospital of San Diego, Hyatt-Regency Ho- tel, San Diego, California.

    Contact: Robbie Webb, Center for Child Protection, Chil- drens Hosptial of San Diego, 8001 Frost St., San Diego, CA 92123.

    August 27-29, 1992, Nursing Strategies for the 90s: Thinking Ahead, Acting Now, Lucille Joel, EdD, key- note speaker, Harvard Community Health Plan, Beth- Israel Hospital, Boston College School of Nursing, Brigham and Womens Hospital, and Northeastern Uni- versity College of Nursing, the Back Bay Hilton, Boston, Massachusetts.

    Contact: Harvard Community Health Plan, Teaching Cen- ter, Two Fenway Plaza, Boston, MA 02215.

    September 10-11, 1992, Growth Factors in Peri- natal Development, Twelfth Annual Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead Johnson Nutrition Research Symposium, co-hosted by The Perinatal Research Institute, Chil-

    n PLACES New Program

    The WI& Kids Edm&&md Packqe illustrates the effect of alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse from the per- spective of the unborn child. The program is designed for low income, minority populations and may be used in both classroom and clinic settings. Cost: $55.00 per kit.

    Contact: Chrysalis Products, Inc., 1325 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 290, Fort Worth, TX 76104.

    *All Chapter programs have been approved for NAPNAP contact hours, which are also given for all PREP-approved AAP and NAACOG programs. Unless otherwise indicated, the reader should write to the contact person or the national office of NAPNAP to verify whether NAPNAP contact hours will be granted in the program.


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