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  • theFutureShaping

  • 2014 sales

    1.3 bn





    As a concrete manufacturer, we design and provide complete precast solutions, helping to build the society of tomorrow.

    We provide sustainable solutions for urban and rural planning, water treatment and distribution, transportation infrastructure (roads, railways, airports, bridges and tunnels) and energy management hubs.

    The environmental challenges of tomorrow are foremost in mind when designing our products and solutions.

    Indeed, concrete is one of the most sustainable construction materials available. As such its at the heart of the construction industry, and we strive daily to improve this through constant innovation and by optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership for clients to deliver best-in-class industrial quality.

    We build trust with our clients through a keen interest in challenging projects and truly innovative solutions and services. Our multi-disciplinary R&D teams are part of ambitious research and development programs that focus on digital modelling for product and system development, operational performance and process improvement for our industry.

    Our offer is organized into market segments: Building, Rail, Infrastructure and Urban Planning. This enables us to consistently deliver smart, reliable solutions to each market. Behind our wide range of products and services lies the will to respond to the varied needs of a global market while safeguarding the environment.

    Not only do we provide solutions that fi t the needs of a rapidly evolving global marketplace, but we also anticipate the markets future requirements. Our focus on innovation and on exceeding our customers expectations are what make us a key player in the building, infrastructure and rail markets, and we are proud to play a central role in Shaping the Future.

    Wherever people live, work, play and travel, our products are present.



    CONSOLIS is a European leader in construction, public works and rail infrastructure, specialized in designing and manufacturing high-performance concrete solutions.With around 10,000 employees in 30 countries throughout the world mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean region the Group generated 1.3 billion in sales in 2014.


    Pierre Brousse, President and CEO

  • Third Prize was awarded to Sara Noui from ENSA-V (National School of Architecture of Versailles) for her project proposal SHELTER-WORK that encompasses a smart-connected resting or work area.

    A special prize was awarded to Axelle Decante from LISAA (College of Applied Arts, Rennes) for the PASIS project that included both seat and table elements for working or eating. The user can charge a smartphone or tablet using energy generated from integrated solar panels.

    The CONSOLIS Group invests in developing Construction, Maintenance and Service solutions to offer customers around the globe the most appropriate answer to their needs. Mastering the complete value chain, our portfolio includes feasibility studies, engineering, manufacturing, on-site assembly, maintenance and services.We focus on: Creating a library of standardized concrete elements that can be deployed in all countries Simplifying design through digital modelling Designing additional features on existing products, such as data collection with smart sleepers.

    Beyond our technical know-how, we are engaged in a process of Continuous Improvement to better satisfy our customers. CODE, the Consolis Operational Design and Excellence programme aims to fulfi l this objective and enable us to get the best out of our expertise, by manufacturing more simply and more effi ciently. Across our organisation, every individual in every sector contributes to this goal, favouring teamwork and sharing best practices.

    The CONSOLIS Awards programme seeks to promote the interest of architecture and urban design students in innovation in the precast concrete sector, by recognizing and rewarding the best innovative ideas and research achievements in this fi eld. In line with the Group's objectives to develop sustainable urban solutions that will serve communities today and tomorrow, the CONSOLIS Awards 2015 programme chose Urban Furniture as its central theme, with the following categories: Lunch area, Workspace, Smart terminal and Souvenir photo furniture. More than 125 projects were submitted from over 30 design schools. Judging criteria included innovativeness of the idea, added value (functional, ergonomic, aesthetic) and industrial feasibility.

    First Prize was awarded to Edouard Ladune and Alix Sutre from the ENSAB (Brittany National College of Architecture) for their URBEND project for an outside seat and table at which to work or eat, based on the Mbius strip.

    Second Prizewent to Maria Semmler from LISAA (College of Applied Arts, Rennes) for her LEVIGO project, a circular-shaped resting place.

    long-stanDing relationships

    Consolis awarDs


    Achieving our sustainability ambitions is an integral part of how we do businessOur goals are to provide sustainable construction solutions, build enduring relationships with our customers and suppliers, help the development of our employees and minimize our footprint.

    We are convinced that our growth and competitiveness are inextricably linked to the quality of living conditions in the places where we operate and that there can be no sustainable economic development without considering the environment.

    Our business ethics are based on five axes:

    peopleNurturing, encouraging and valuing the talents of our highly-skilled workforce.

    praCtiCesConducting all aspects of our business in an ethically sound manner.

    solutionsDeveloping innovative, quality products and services that are sustainable.

    environment Producing, transporting and installing our solutionsin a manner that respects the environment.

    relationshipsBuilding honest and enduring relationships with our customers, suppliers and communities.

    Consolis | Solutions for tomorrow's communities Solutions for tomorrow's communities | Consolis 4 5


  • CONSOLIS has launched several energy-saving initia-tives on its manufacturing sites. The Group's Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) site at Lunel, in the south of France has been equipped with photovoltaic solar panels on the roof since 2012, giving rise to an annual production of 260 MW of energy (equivalent to the yearly consumption of electricity of 104 households) and a reduction of 23 tonnes of CO2.

    CONSOLIS is constantly seeking to enhance the strength, ductility and environmental sustainability of its concrete solutions - our R&D programmes are intrinsically linked to our sustainability initiatives.

    CONSOLIS dedicates a lot of research into enhancing the thermal mass and acoustic performance of con-crete. CONSOLIS's Building activity teams collaborate on multiple projects involving BREEAM rating or LEED accreditation such as the Pyramid project in Sweden, a modern office complex for which Strangbetong, CONSOLIS' Swedish subsidiary has been commissioned to design, manufacture and assembly the concrete framework. With a reduced impact on the environment during the construction phase and operating as an envi-ronmentally sensitive building during its lifetime with a high environmental profile, the Pyramid offices will hold the second highest BREEAM ranking - Excellent.

    Thanks to its experience and technical mastery of concrete and its different properties, CONSOLIS is able to develop materials and products that are adapted to specific structural and architectural constraints. Selecting the right concrete for the right structure leads to greater efficiency in construction, energy use and cost. Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) are two examples of high-performance materials CONSOLIS

    CONSOLIS R&D teams are currently studying various forms of nano technologies to assess their capacity for absorbing mono-nitrogen oxides from the atmosphere. This research is a closer step towards the integration of these specific technologies into concrete products used in infrastructure and building construction, to absorb atmospheric pollution.

    Our teams take their research closer to our markets by developing solutions in partnership with customers in the countries where we operate. Our production site labs go far beyond routine quality control: they provide expertise in developing complex engineered concrete products. Moreover, they can complete prototyping case studies based on the appropriate qualification tests on request. Our technical expertise is crucial to the success of technically complex and ambitious projects.

    The longitudinal voids in our prestressed hol-lowcore slabs mean that 50% less concrete is needed to manufacture these types of slab, compared to a traditional one. In addition, the low weight of a hollowcore floor enables us to reduce the amount of pre-stressing steel used by 30%. Less concrete means less CO2 emissions and a leaner design.

    Using precast concrete already helps to reduce energy and raw material consumption during construction, but the key to making concrete a greener material is reducing the CO2 emissions generated to produce it. CONSOLIS does this by using local and recycled aggre-gates, which lowers both emissions related to the trans-port of materials and the manufacture of the concrete

    Combining high performanCe with sustainability

    pushing ConCrete's potential

    Making Concrete More Sustainably

    Energy-efficient Construction Elements

    Depolluting Concrete

    Customer Partnerships Throu