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  • People celebrating independence South SudanSouth Sudan situation

  • Republic of South Sudan

    National Foundation9th July ,2011gained independence from Sudan through over 40years civil war

    Area619,745 K

    Population 10.3 million

    Ethnic groupDinka, Nuer, Murle, others

    religionChristianity, Others traditional Sudan is Arabic

    languageEnglish(official)others local language Sudan is Arabic

    Youngest contry,4years from foundation and 54th independent state in Africa.Border between Sudan and South Sudan is some in English and Arabic border.*Indirect cause between Sudan ans South Sudan Capital JubaSudanSouth SudanChristianEnglishIslamArabicKhartoumOutline

  • South Sudan needs to transport crude oil via pipeline to the Red Sea through Sudan. Road condition is terrible and under many restrictions during rainy season.White NileSudan DRC KENYA ETHIOPIAUGANDAJubaMountaniousSudd wetlandGeo and climatic characteristics

    ClimaticFrom north to south, steppe,savannah,tropical zoneJuba is savannah, rainy season from Apl to Oct and dry season from Nov to Mar

    GeographicalLandlocked country bordered by six countriesBorder with Uganda, 2,000m class mountanious clubWhite Nile flows from south to north.From Juba to northern border, Sudd wetland covers.

  • *Dinka2.4millionShiluk320,000Nuer1.4millionMurle110,000Bari460,000Azande610,000Ethnic groups

  • JubaKapoetaYambioWauRumbekPiborNasserMalakalBentiuRenkBor(ReliefWeb)Roads in rainy season

  • JubaKapoetaYambioWauRumbekPiborNasserMalakalBentiuRenk(ReliefWeb)BorRoads in dry season

  • Oil revenueSouth Sudan:98%Oil accounts for almost of government revenuesSudan:54%Oil-related facilitiesInfrastructure in undeveloped by a civil war*Economic On 27 Mar, Government sought the support of international partners to extend loans to ease the financial pressures stemming from the significant decline in national oil production and international oil prices.But international donors rejected,citing the lack of a peace agreement.

    Economic indexMain productionOil,Agriculture,Forestry,FisheryGDP$11.79 billion (comparison to the world:144 in 2012)GDP per capita:$1,100(2012)GDP real growth rate-47.5 2012

    Crude oil Economy is now highly oil-dependent.

    TradeMain trading partnerExportChina, UAE, Japan, Saudi Arabia,IndiaImportChina, india, India, UAE, Saudi ArabiaMain productsExportCrude oilImportMachinery,Industrial products























  • SPLA becomes the Government of South Sudans national military *Army Commander3rd DIVNorthern Bahr El Ghazal4th DIVUnity8thDIVJonglei5th DIVWesternBahr El Ghazal1st DIVUpper Nile6th DIVWestern Equatoria2nd DIVCentralEquatoria7th DIVUpper NileSec#2 MalakalSec#1 WauSec#3 Torit Military structure

    TotalArmyAir ForceAround 200,000UNK

    categolyProduction countrytypenumberLandMBTUNKT-72T-55(*1)UNKArtirellyRUSSIABM-21122mm D-30UNKAA missileRUSSIA, USSRSA-7(MANPADS)(*2)23mm ZU-23-2UNKSmall ArmsUNKAK-47, 12.7mm DshK, RPG-7UNKAirComuterUSBeach craft1900C1Transport HeliRUSSIAMi-17V-5Mi-17210

  • VSVSVSBehind the Civil War

  • legendGovernmentAnti-GovernmentDinkaNuerMurleWauMalakalDistribution map with ethnic and political groupBorRumbekWARRAPUPPER NILELAKESJONGLEIUNITY

  • A ceasefire agreement on 9 may 2014PresidentKiirFormer vice-president MacharClashes reported since the agreement signedNow, Both sides seeking to maximize their negotiating position,There is no room for compromise.*Peace talks

  • *Peace talks Could not reached on 1 power sharing ratios in the Council of Ministers2 transitional security arrangements SPLM/A in OPs proposals for two separate armies during the transition

    The crucial issues1 The reinstatement of Machar into the second most powerful position in the government, the potential for Machar to succeed Kiir as President2 Whether SPLA and SPLA in Op will remain separated during the transitional period. Vice-president statusProposing creation of two vice presidents with equal status (Government)Request first vice-president(SPLM-IO)

    Power sharing ratio60% government, 30% SPLM-IO and 10% Others(Government)45-45% government and SPLM-IO and 10% others(SPLM-IO)

    (1st Apr 2015,Sudan tribune )

  • 34,674 IDPs in Juba 52,908 IDPs in Bentiu 21,368 IDPs in Malakal904 IDPs in Melut 2,374 IDPs in Bor 362 IDPs in Wau. Total number of IDPs in UNMISS protection sites was 112,590. IDP as of 26 March

  • YambioJONGLEIBorAyodSecurity Situation : JongleiTensions flared in fighting between SPLA and SPLA in Op in Ayod. UNMISS has observed increased military heli movement at Bor airport. Ayod is an important location as it overlooks both the Bor-Malakal and River Nile resupply routes, and can influence the ability to move materials north. The SPLA reportedly have a strong presence in Ayod.

  • YambioJONGLEIBorFangakSecurity Situation : Jonglei30 March, Fighting took place between SPLA and SPLA-IO in Fangak. According to the Opposition, SPLA attempted to attack their positions to make strategic inroads. 1 April, in Bor, A Nuer county official from Ayod who claimed the recent fighting in Ayod had damaged the Governments military installations. He claimed the Opposition forces involved in fighting in Ayod were White Army soldiers from the Nuer community. He stated that Opposition forces might push SPLA southwards towards Bor, which would trigger the Government to retaliate by launching an attack on the UNMISS protection site.

  • UNITYBentiuSecurity Situation : UnityUnconfirmed reports indicating SPLA in Op advanced in north of Unity Oil Field. Meanwhile, several clashes were reported around Bentiu. The value of taking control of the Unity Oil Field is uncertain, given that key elements of oil infrastructure would take several months to re-invigorate. The area of Rubkona and Bentiu remains well-defended by JEM fighting alongside SPLA.

  • WadekonaMelutUPPER NILEFollowing SPLAs capture of Wadekona from Op forces, An SPLA Commander in Melut informed that Wunyok,located in northern Longochuk County is now under their full control. Security Situation : Upper NileSPLA plans to take both Longochuk and Maiwut counties as part of their end of dry season offensive. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether the recent SPLA advances in Longochuck County are aimed at establishing a stronghold in the area, similar to their position in Nassir, or are part of a deliberate attempt to push further south to the SPLM/A in Op stronghold in Pagak County.

  • MalakalUPPER NILESecurity Situation : Upper Nile1 April, Clashes occurred between armed Shilluk and armed Dinka. The fighting is related to a long-standing land dispute. Fighting also took place between Dinka and Shilluk in Malakal. The incident caused an estimated 2,000 civilians to move to UNMISS protection site. The Government dispatched SPLA troops to calm the situation.

  • NORTHERN BAHR EL GHAZALCENTRAL EQUATORIAAweilIn Northern Bahr El Ghazal, UNMISS observed an Antonov flying over Aweil and allegedly dropping bombs in Aweil.

    On 1 April, pro-Government of Sudan militias have been deployed in Eastern Darfur, near the border with Aweil in preparation for the upcoming elections in Sudan. Security Situation : Northern Bahr El-Ghazal

  • YambioWESTERN EQUATORIASecurity Situation : Western Equatoria31 March, members of the civilian population from Nabiapai Boma, Gangura Payam in Yambio County, who were reportedly abducted by Lords Resistance Army on 3 March, have been released.

  • YambioRajaNORTHERN BAHR EL GHAZALCENTRAL EQUATORIAEASTERN EQUATORIAUNITYWARRAPWauAweilJubaRenkMayomMaridiNasserJONGLEILAKESMalakalToritBentiuKapoetaGumurukTumburaWESTERN EQUATORIAWESTRN BAHR EL GHAZALYirolPiborBorAkoboRumbekYuaiAyodpagakYeiKodokPaloichWang KaiMelutKuacjokPariangKajo KejiTUPPER NILETerekekaBlue NILELeerAbyeiWadekona

  • LAKESSecurity Situation : Lakes31 March, one person from the Dinka Agar clan was killed during a cattle-raiding incident that led to a clash near Korikori payam between Dinka Agar from Rumbek and Dinka Atuat from Yirol. RumbekYirol

  • *