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Learn how to msater pencil working techniques to create your own successful drawings


  • 00.jpg Front Cover01.jpg02.jpg03.jpg04.jpg Contents05.jpg Contents Contd.06.jpg Introduction07.jpg Handling the Pencil08.jpg How To Handle the Pencil09.jpg10.jpg Creating Values11.jpg12.jpg Creating Forms13.jpg14.jpg The Fundamentals of Drawing15.jpg Eye Level: The Foundation of Perspective16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg Practice Exercises20.jpg Drawing Cubic Objects21.jpg22.jpg Using Initial Sketches to Refine Drawings23.jpg Drawing Cylindrical Objects24.jpg25.jpg26.jpg Drawing the Cylinder First27.jpg Drawing Spherical Objects28.jpg29.jpg Drawing Conical Objects30.jpg Composing Objects with Basic Forms31.jpg Drawing Landscapes32.jpg Creating Texture with Lines and Strokes33.jpg34.jpg Seeing the Landscape as Values35.jpg36.jpg Building Your First Drawing37.jpg38.jpg39.jpg40.jpg Creating a Dark Value Pattern41.jpg Smudging the Pencil42.jpg Drawing a Harbour Scene43.jpg44.jpg Drawing Reflections in Water45.jpg46.jpg Simplifying a Busy Scene47.jpg Adding Interest to a Flat Landscape48.jpg Interpreting a Cluttered Scene49.jpg Creating a Center of Interest50.jpg Developing Dark Values51.jpg52.jpg Drawing Portraits53.jpg Drawing the Eye54.jpg55.jpg Drawing a Teenager56.jpg57.jpg58.jpg59.jpg Drawing a Man60.jpg61.jpg62.jpg63.jpg Drawing Animals64.jpg Drawing Dogs65.jpg66.jpg67.jpg68.jpg69.jpg70.jpg Drawing the Big Cats71.jpg72.jpg73.jpg74.jpg75.jpg76.jpg77.jpg78.jpg Drawing Horses79.jpg80.jpg81.jpg82.jpg83.jpg84.jpg Drawing a Cottontail Rabbit85.jpg86.jpg87.jpg88.jpg Drawing Small Animals89.jpg90.jpg Drawing for Watercolors91.jpg Planning Your Composition92.jpg93.jpg Establishing Values94.jpg95.jpg Recording Character in Evaluating Shapes98.jpg99.jpg Drawing Areas of Interest100.jpg101.jpg Handling Colored Pencils102.jpg Using the Colored Pencil103.jpg Selecting Colored Pencils104.jpg Mixing Colors105.jpg106.jpg Changing Value107.jpg Changing Intensity108.jpg Developing a Discerning Eye109.jpg110.jpg Creating Structure with Color111.jpg Tonal Techniques112.jpg113.jpg114.jpg Flower with Tonal Technique115.jpg116.jpg117.jpg118.jpg Flowers on Paper with Gesso Surface119.jpg120.jpg121.jpg122.jpg Burnishing123.jpg124.jpg Effects of Burnishing125.jpg126.jpg127.jpg128.jpg Using Colored Pencils with a Solvent129.jpg130.jpg Achieving a Painterly Effect131.jpg132.jpg133.jpg Using a Colorless Blender134.jpg135.jpg136.jpg Index137.jpg Back Cover