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    CATHEDRAL OF THE ASSUMPTIONThe Church was established by FatherGarnault along Church Street. It moved toits present site in 1861. In 1955, it wasawarded the status of a Cathedral.

    This community hall is a popular venuefor local and international art exhibitions,orchestras, expositions and festivals.



    These exquisite 19th century buildingswere formerly the Police Court and arenow the venue for State Assemblies.




    The mosque wasfounded by TengkuSyed Hussain binA b d u l R a h m a nAideed in 1808 for theearly Hadhrami Arabsettlers. To this day,the descendants ofthose families live inthe 19th centurybu n g a l ow s t h a tsurround the mosque.

    Penang Ferry began operations in 1920,making it the oldest ferry service inMalaysia. These iconic ferries ply betweenthe Seberang Perai mainland and PenangIsland, carrying both passengers andvehicles.


    TANJONG CITY MARINAMalaysias first inner city marina is opento the public. Spanning 1.6 ha, the marina,formerly known as the Church Street Pier,is adjacent to the Penang ferry terminal.

    Located along the Weld Quay are Penangshistorical clan jetties, home to families oftraders, fishermen and dock workers. Builtduring the 19th century, these traditionalhouses are built over the sea on stilts andare connected by wooden walkways.


    UPPER PENANG ROADA bustling lifestyle enclave comprisingbistros, cafes, local coffee shops, clubsand pubs, restaurants, handicraft andcultural stores, clothing shops, hotels andmuch more!

    CHEONG FATT TZE MANSIONThe Blue Mansion, former home of tycoonCheong Fatt Tze, is a famous location to filmmovies and television series. Guided toursare available daily at 11am and 3pm.

    GURNEY DRIVENamed after Sir Henry Gurney, a HighCommissioner of Malaya, this seafrontpromenade is famous for its open airhawker court and Gurney Plaza, an upscalemall with international boutiques.

    MAHAMARIAMMAN TEMPLEBuilt in 1883, it is theoldest Hindu templein George Town. Itbegan as a humbleH i n d u s h r i n ededicated to SriMuthu Mariamman.A distinctive featureof the temple is itsgopuram with 38exquisitely carvedHindu deities.

    KAPITAN KELING MOSQUEFounded in 1801, it is the largest historicmosque in George Town. Designed inMoghul architecture, it features beautifulminarets and domes.

    The temple, founded in 1866, is dedicatedto the patron saint of seafarers, the goddessMar Chor. The present building was builtin 1895, restored in 1995. Visiting hoursare from 8am - 8pm daily.


    PENANG STATE MUSEUMAlmost destroyed in World War II bombing,this building houses a plethora of Penanghistoric artefacts.

    KOMTARBui l t i n 1978 ,Ko m p l e k s Tu nA b d u l R a z a k( K O M TA R ) i sPenangs tallestbuilding, rising 65storeys. Namedafter the late PrimeMinister Tun AbdulRazak bin Hussein,the complex is ashopping mal l ,business hub andthe home to thePenangs StateGovernment.

    CAMPBELL STREETCampbell Street is well known for itstraditional Chinese medicinal shops, Indianboutiques and other stores sellingmerchandise. The famous Campbell StreetMarket, built in 1900, is where you couldprocure fresh fruits, seafood and meats.

    The 60-foot clock tower, commissionedby the wealthy Cheah Chen Eok, wasbuilt in 1897 to commemorate QueenVictorias Diamond Jubilee. Each footrepresents a year in the Queens reign.


    FORT CORNWALLISBuilt when Captain Francis Light firstlanded on Penang, this ancient sentinelof George Town stands guard over theislands cape. Visiting hours are 9am -6pm daily and closed on Sundays.

    ESPLANADEThe Esplanade is a seafront promenadebordering an open field where festivals andevents are often held. Located along thiswinding stretch are a War Memorial to fallensoldiers, a hawker food court and theancient Fort Cornwallis.

    The Penang Art Gallery was officiallyopened in 1964. The gallery showcasesoutstanding works by local andinternational artists including those fromJapan and Thailand.Address: Tingkat Bawah, Dewan SriPinang, Lebuh Light, 10200 PulauPinang. Opening hours: 9.00am - 5.00pmClosed on Sunday and Public HolidaysTel: 04 261 3144 Fax: 04 261 4544Email:

    CITY HALLBuilt in 1903, this is the headquarters ofthe Penang Island Municipal Council. AWorld War I monument for fallen soldiersis also located here.

    TOWN HALLThis was the previous social venue forPenangs elite back in the 1880s. Its classiccolonial elegance was the backdrop for ascene in the movie, Anna and the King.Located nearby is an ornate fountain whichwas presented to the public of Penang byKoh Seang Tat in 1883.


    The mosque was founded in 1803. It wasbuilt on land granted by the East IndiaCompany.

    GODDESS OF MERCY TEMPLEThis popular temple is dedicated to KuanYin, the Goddess of Mercy. The firstfoundation was laid in 1728 by Chinesesettlers and completed in 1800.

    CHEAH KONGSIThis c lan templefe a t u r e s c l a s s i cChinese architecturewith the surprisingaddition of British lionheads on the temple.The lions symbolisethe Straits Chineseloyalty to the Britishcolonial powers. TheCheah Clan is one ofthe oldest Hokkienclans in Penang. Thetemple was completedin the 1870s. Visitinghours are 9am - 5pmdaily.

    KHOO KONGSICompleted around 1906, the templebelongs to the Khoo Kongsi clan. Thetemple features fine Chinese architectureand craftsmanship. Visiting hours are 9am- 5pm daily.

    This old mansion,former home ofKapitan ChungK e n g K w e e ,showcases over1,000 antiquesand collectiblesdepicting the lifeof the Strai tsC h i n e s e , o rPeranakan asthey were locally

    known. Visiting hours are 9.30am - 5pm(Mondays to Fr idays) , 9 .30am -3pm(Saturdays), closed on Sundays andpublic holidays.



    This little quarter of South Indian culture iswhere early Indian immigrants settled downto make Penang their home. It is the islandsepicentre of Indian music, savoury cuisine,exotic spices and authentic goods.


    ST. GEORGES CHURCHBuilt between 1817 and 1818, it is said tobe the oldest Anglican church in SoutheastAsia.

    Built in 1860, thiselegant home wasonce the proud abodeof Syed MohammadAl-Attas, a prominentAchehnese merchantwho was a stalwartsuppor ter of theAchehnese struggleagainst the Dutch.The home has been

    converted into an Islamic Museum toeducate about the heritage of the PenangsMuslim community. Visiting hours are 9am- 5.30pm daily, closed on Tuesday.

    A p r i m eexample ofT e o c h e warchitecture,the templewas built in1 8 5 5 a n dmoved to itspresent sitein 1870. In2 0 0 6 , t h e

    temple received the Award of the MeritUNESCO Asia-Pacific for Culture HeritageConservation. The temple is also known asthe Han Jiang Teochew Ancestral Temple.

    THE HISTORIC CITY OFGEORGE TOWNOn 7th July 2008, George Town was awardedUNESCO World Heritage status. Founded 200 yearsago, the city has an impressive collection of historicbuildings representing the cultural heritage ofPenangs various ethnicities: Chinese, Indians, Arabs,Malays, Achehnese, Siamese, Burmese andEuropeans.


    The Core Zone is being protected by150.04 hectares of Buffer Zone (does notinclude sea buffer), bounded by stretchof sea area around the harbour, JalanPerangin to the south-west corner andJalan Transfer to the north-west corner.

    Route from Jetty to KOMTAR

    Rapid Penang hotline: 04-238 1313Route from KOMTAR to Jetty

    The Historic City of George Town coversan area of 109.38 hectares bounded bythe Straits of Melaka on the north-easterncape of Penang Island, Lorong Love (LoveLane) to the north-west and Gat LebuhMelayu and Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong tothe south-west corner. There are morethan 1700 historic buildings within thisCore Zone align on four main streets ofPengkalan Weld, Lebuh Pantai, Jalan MasjidKapitan Keling and Lorong Love and severalperpendicular streets of Jalan Tun SyedSheh Barakbah, Lebuh Light, Lebuh Bishop,Lebuh Gereja, Lebuh China, Lebuh Pasar,Lebuh Chulia, Lebuh Armenian and LebuhAcheh.


    Fire 999Civil Defence (Voluntary Rescue) 999Tourist Police Station 04-899 3222Customs Department 04-262 2300Ferry Service 04-310 2364General Post Office 04-261 9220Government Information Centre 04-228 6687Immigration Department 04-250 3410Bayan Lepas International Airport 04-643 4411Penang Port Commission 04-263 3211Railway - Penang Booking Office 04-261 0290 - Butterworth (Station) 04-323 7962

    - Penang Hill Railway 04-828 3263

    TOURIST OFFICESTourism Malaysia Hotline 1-300-88-5050Tourism Malaysia Information Centre 04-261 0058 / 04-262 0066Weekdays: 8am 5pmPenang Tourism (Penang Global Tourism Sdn Bhd) 04-634 0111HOMESTAYFor enquiries, call Kopel 04-250 5502(Koperasi Pelancongan Pulau Pinang Bhd)INTERNATIONAL SOCIETIESAlliance Francaise 04-227 6008British Council 04-263 0330Malaysian German Society 04-226 0734The Penang Japanese Association 04-229 3257YMCA 04-228 8211YWCA 04-828 1855

    LIBRARIESAlliance Francaise French Library 04-227 6008Sunday & Monday: CloseMalaysian German Society 04-226 0734Penang Chinese Town Hall Library 04-262 8939Penang Georgetown Library 04-229 3555Wednesday-Sunday: 9.45am 6pm

    FOREIGN MISSIONSAustria 04-656 8525Bangladesh 04-262 1085Britain 04-227 5336Canada 04-389 3300Denmark 04-262 4886Finland 04-229 4300France 04-642 2611Germany 04-647 1288Hungary 04-644 9937Indonesia 04-227 4686Japan 04-226 3030Netherlands 04-647 3310Norway 04-226 3905Russia 04-229 0127Sweden & Norway 04-226 3459Thailand 04-226 8029