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The Newsletter of Peace Lutheran Church, Scranton, PA


  • Apostolic Mission Congregation of the LCMS Pastor Kristian Bjornstad 2506 N. Main Ave. 343-9828

    Jeremiah 33:14-16 (ESV) Behold, the days are coming... declares the Lord, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and the house of Judah. 15In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous Branch to spring up for David, and he shall execute justice and righteousness in the land. 16In those days Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will dwell securely. And this is the name by which it will be called: 'The Lord is our righteousness.'


    OK, I admit it. I am tired even THINKING about Christmas again! It was just yesterday, wasnt it, that we did this Christmas thing?

    It is just hitting me really hard this year how FAST life is flying by. Jesus isnt kidding when he says that he will be coming back soon!

    And, believe me, I am understanding better and better how much more I am going to enjoy the thrill of heaven and eternity. No more fighting for good. No more giving in to evil. No more putting up with the devil in me and without me. No more struggling to live a Christian life in the midst of a world that is almost completely at odds with it. These are not easy things to be doing!

    But thankfully we can say with full confidence: The Lord is our righteousness. Yes, God HAS fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament in Jesus, the righteous Branch of the line of King David. His Crown of thorns is my crown of glory.

    Yes... and we do believe God will fulfill his New Testament promise to come again. But often our hearts are crying as we celebrate Christmas ONE MORE TIME... and sing the refrain of our lives: Savior of the Nations, Come! (for Heavens sake, Jesus, come NOW!! I have the rest of this newsletter to do and it is Saturday night!)

    In Jesus, Pastor Bjornstad



    Do you know a neighbor child who is not churched? Invite them to participate in the Pageant!

    Peace Talk - December 2009

  • YES, WE REALLY DO NEED YOU FOR THE CHRISTMAS BELL AND VOICE CHOIR! Please contact Pastor Bjornstad if you would be excited to serve God by playing the bells and singing!


    PLAN AHEAD:+ Sunday School Baptismal Remembrance Day will be Sunday, January 10th. All baptismal sponsors are to be invited to attend!+ to attend the Saturday, January 16 for the Aligning with Gods Will, a day long workshop led by Mike Mirarchi+ to go with Pastor down to the March for Life in Washington DC on Friday, January 22nd! THERE IS A NEW INITIATIVE TO START A LUTHERANS FOR LIFE CHAPTER here in NEPA. Look for details soon! + The NEPA Mission Festival weekend will be April 25-26! If you would like to be on the planning committee, please speak with Pastor Bode at Grace Lutheran, Hop Bottom!

    +++++++++++++++++++++The local Thrivent Chapter COOK BOOK is available for $12! All proceeds go to buy Christmas presents for the kids at Friendship House!


    Christian History Notes:Ambrose of Milan, Pastor and HymnwriterCommemorated Monday, Dec 7.Born in Trier in A.D. 340, Ambrose was one of the four great Latin Doctors of the Church (with Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory the Great). He was a prolific author of hymns, the most common of which is Veni, Redemptor gentium (Savior of the Nations, Come). His name is also associated with Ambrosian Chant, the style of chanting the ancient liturgy that took hold in the province of Milan. While serving as a civil governor, Ambrose sought to bring peace among Christians in Milan who were divided into quarreling factions. When a new bishop was to be elected in 374, Ambrose addressed the crowd, and someone cried out, Ambrose, bishop! The entire gathering gave their support. This acclaim of Ambrose, a 34-year-old catechumen, led to his baptism on December 7, after which he was consecrated bishop of Milan. A strong defender of the faith, Ambrose convinced the Roman emperor Gratian in 379 to forbid the Arian heresy in the West. At Ambrose's urging, Gratian's successor, Theodosius, also publicly opposed Arianism. Ambrose died on Good Friday, April 4, 397. As a courageous doctor and musician he upheld the truth of God's Word.


    SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES ARE NOW BROADCAST OVER THE INTERNET!Just go to during our 10:30 worship hour and join in our worship! Thank you to Chris Jones who is helping keep it all running! This service is not only a way in which we can serve those members who cannot attend, but we are also sharing Gods Word with individuals who drop in as they are cruising the net.


    LADIES GUILDThere will be a MEETING the first Sunday of the Month, Dec. 6th after worship.

    The Ladies Guild did a great job with organizing the luncheon for the funeral of Catherine Tugend. Thanks to all - even Jim Calpin and Kevin Woolverton!



    PLEASE PRAY for those families who have suffered the deaths of loved ones this past year as they come to the holidays. Send a kind card to the Brown family, the Duffy family, the Tugend and Korban families.


    NEXT YEARS THEME: BLESSING THE FAMILY Pastor Bjornstad is looking for every idea he can get to strengthen and encourage our families. Can you suggest some way our church can bless our families (and all those families we can reach out to) next year!

    THE MENS NETWORK! The Lutheran Hour has formed a nationwide network of Christian men and are challenging churches to join it! Check it out at We are thinking of starting a Mens fellowship/Bible study at a Borders or Paneras an evening a week starting later in January. Look for information to come!


    TAKEOUT PASTA DINNER SUNDAY, DEC. 13 from 11-2 pm AT ST. STEPHENS in support of our Scranton youth (including Peace Lutherans) going to the LCMS Youth Gathering next summer! Please make your order before the 10th!

  • MISSION NEWS/PRAYERS!CARSTEN BJORNSTAD, Missions to China!Hopefully you have been following his story and experiences over the past couple months in the church news channels...After two months of short term mission work in China, Carsten (Pastor Bjornstads father) arrived safely back in MN. He was so pleased with everything that HE IS GOING BACK AGAIN in January! But he will not go back until he comes here to Scranton and share his pictures and inspiring story! Come to worship on Dec. 27th and hear it all!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++NEW ORLEANS MISSION TRIP!PRAISE the Lord that a solid mission team is coming together! We have 9 team members so far and potentially a few more are considering still! We know God is wanting this to happen also because we just received a $3500 check from the Eastern District disaster relief fund! This should finance almost the entire trip! If you would like to come along, we need to know ASAP! THERE IS STILL ROOM FOR YOU!!!

    NEPA MISSION PARTNERSHIP MEETING. If you have a heart for sharing the Gospel, please come to the next Mission Partnership meeting on Saturday, Dec. 5th at 10 am at St. Peters Lutheran Church, WB! We will be planning for New Orleans, Alaska and the Mission Fest!

    A newly composed mission hymn:One Mission, One Message, One People in Christ!

    Tune: Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

    One mission, one message, one people in Christ!Empowred by His Spirit, together we rise.To praise and adore Him who now as of old,Continues to care for us within His fold.

    One mission, one message, one people of God!Together we follow and speak out His Word.Together we tell of His great love abroad.Together we serve Him throughout the whole world.

    One mission, one message, one people: Proclaim!And heed Christs commission to go in His name.Baptizing and teaching His Word far and wide,Through peril and trouble He stays by our side.

    One mission, one message, one people: Rejoice!Sing out Jesus mercy with united voice.Join in celebrationin Christ we are one! Extol God the Father, the Spirit, the Son.

    Ruth and Daniel Mattson, 2007

    At our October 09 Congregational Voters meeting God led the congregation in a new and exciting way! After considering our present financial situation, it was decided that Gods will is not Peace should not use the resources that have been given us. Besides gifts to The Lutheran Academy, the major initiative was to become a financial supporter of our Synodical Ablaze! mission movement through the funding effort called Fan the Flame. The church committed to supporting Ablaze with gifts of $5000/yr for five years! This congregation has been blessed so richly. And YOU are willing to share those blessings. Gods miracles happen day in and day out! Stay tuned

    for more information as we delve more and more into the Ablaze! mission movement. You can find more information about Ablaze at!

    "The reason some folks don't believe in missions is that the brand of religion they have isn't worth propagating." -- unknown

    "We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first." -- Oswald J. Smith

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  • THE LUTHERAN ACADEMY, SCRANTONLast year our Principal Roger Borchin visited the Steamtown Trolley Museum Christmas Tree Display and was struck by the complete lack of Christian witness in all the tre