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Download Christmas Book Lists for Teachers and parents -   for Teachers and parents ... The Squirrel Family's Christmas ... Children's Study Living and Giving The Christmas Story By Ian Beck

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  • Christmas Book Bin Labels and Book Lists - 2012 Clever Classroom TpT

    Christmas ook B

    Lists for Teachers and


    Childrens Books

  • Christmas Book Bin Labels and Book Lists - 2012 Clever Classroom TpT

    Christmas ook B

    Lists for Teachers and parents Statement of Purpose: This resource has been designed to aide teachers and parents find Christmas themed books for young children ages 2-9 years. When I am organizing a unit, I often begin with books for shared, guided and independent reading. I have collated this resource to help you save time and find all of those fantastic Christmas books before you implement your unit. This classroom library resource should save you time and help students access a large range of Christmas literature.

    How to use this Resource: To help you find your books quickly, I have made a master list of books (text only) that you can easily print off. You may like to make a short list (see template pg. 11) of books on YouTube (there are so many). Your librarian may like to use your printed list to purchase books. Print your book lists 2 or 4 to one page, using your printers settings. You may even want to print them back to back. Use the check boxes next to each book title to tick off once you have found it. If you have any questions, please contact me via our TpT store.

    Clip art by: Scrappin Doodles

    Similar resources: Christmas Book Bin Labels, Logs and Posters Classroom Library Set or Christmas Vocabulary Cards with Record Sheet or you may like our color version of this list as a visual reference when collecting your Christmas themed books: Christmas Book List (visual): 540 Christmas Books Teacher's Resource

  • Christmas Book Bin Labels and Book Lists - 2012 Clever Classroom TpT

    Christmas Book List Master and Checklist Christmas Classics How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    By Dr. Seuss The Story of the Nutcracker By

    E. T. A. Hoffmann Christmas Books By Charles

    Dickens The Christmas Story By Jane

    Werner Watson Letters from Father Christmas

    By J. R. R. Tolkien The Elves and the Shoemaker

    Author unknown A Christmas Carol

    By Charles Dickens 'Twas the Night Before

    Christmas By Clement Clarke Moor

    A Christmas Carol With 'A Christmas Tree' By

    Charles Dickens The Little Drummer Boy By Ezra

    Jack Keats The Jolly Christmas Postman The Jolly Postman

    By Janet Ahlberg The Best Christmas Present in

    the World By Michael Morpurgo

    Christmas Tales Gramps Christmas Tales By

    Lloyd Wright The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Eve By Pam Shearer Room for Little One: A

    Christmas Tale By Martin Waddell, Jason Cockcroft

    A Christmas Tale By Geronimo Stilton

    They Came to the Manger Heart-Warming Christmas Tales of Creatures Great & Small Editors of Guideposts Magazine

    If you love a Christmas Tale By Susanna Lockheart

    A Woodland Christmas Tale By Hannah Whitty

    Christmas with Miss Read Christmas at Fairacre, A

    Country ChristmasBy Miss Read

    Christmas Stories Heart-warming Tales of

    Angels, a Manger, and the Birth of Hope

    Christmas Tales (Storyworld) By John Matthews, Caitlin Matthews

    Charles Dickens' A "Christmas Carol" A Young Reader's Edition of the Classic Holiday Tale By Charles Dickens, Christian Birmingham (Illustrated by)

    Santa Santa Claus

    By Rod Green Stories of Santa

    By Russell Punter Santa's Hat

    By Linda Bleck Santa's Midnight Sleighride By

    Elena Pasquali Dear Santa

    By Rod Campbell Santa's on His Way

    By Ruth Martin Hello Santa

    By Jenny Broom Santa Is Coming to My House

    By Steve Smallman How Santa Really Works By

    Alan Snow A Message for Santa

    By Hiawyn Oram Santa's Suit

    By Davide Cali Santa's Sleigh By Kathryn

    Smith Letters to Santa By Andrew


    Elves - Santa's Elves ABC

    By Sue DiCicco A Wish for Elves By Mark

    Gonyea The Little Christmas Elf

    By Nikki Shannon Smith and Susan Mitchell

    The Advent Elf By Paivi Stalder, Barbara Korthues

    Elf Elementary A Christmas Story By Edward Millar

    Jolly the Elf By Jo Shepherd Ripley

    Baby Elf's Christmas By Jane Cowen-Fletcher

    The Little Red Elf By Barbara Barbieri McGrath

    Elf on the Shelf - A Christmas Tradition By Carol V. Aebersold

    Tom the Christmas Elf By Pirkko Vainio

    The Littlest Elf By Brandi Dougherty

    The Happy Elf By Jr., Harry Connick

    Snowmen Jolly Snowman By

    Books Templar The Very Smiley Snowman By

    Jack Tickle Snowman Magic

    By Katherine Brown Tegen The Snowman

    By Raymond Briggs Frosty the Snowman

    By Warner McGee Sammy the Snowman!

    By Rebecca Finn All You Need for a Snowman

    By Alice Schertle The Smiley Snowman

    By Christina M. Butler The Snowman Storybook By

    Raymond Briggs The Biggest Snowman Ever By

    Steven Kroll The Best Snowman

    By Margaret Nash Snowman

    By G Caviezel

    Christmas Trees A Christmas Tree for Ruby Max

    and Ruby By Unknown I Spy a Christmas Tree

    By Jean Marzollo The Biggest Christmas Tree

    Ever By Steven Kroll A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

    By Colleen Monroe The Little Christmas Tree By

    Loek Koopmans The Finest Christmas Tree By

    Ann Hassett The Christmas Tree Ship By

    Carol Crane Little Bunny's Christmas Tree

    By Jeanne Modesitt Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

    By Robert Barry Old Dog Cora and the

    Christmas Tree By Consie Powell

    The Christmas Tree Tangle By Margaret Mahy

    Who Would Like a Christmas Tree?

    A Tree for All Seasons By Ellen Bryan Obed

    Teachers: This list is another version of the colored book list with images. Use this printable master lists to help you locate your Christmas themed books in your school library or on line. Use the tick box bullets to highlight or tick the books that you have found. Tip: Print 2 slides to a page, using your printers settings.

  • Christmas Book Bin Labels and Book Lists - 2012 Clever Classroom TpT

    Reindeers Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer

    and the Boston Christmas Tree Adventure By Bruce Nunn

    Reindeer's Christmas Party By Ruth Martin

    Santa's Reindeer By Rod Green

    The Wild Christmas Reindeer By Jan Brett

    Rudolph's Bright Christmas (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) By Golden Books

    Christmas Sparkly Lights Little Reindeer Saves Christmas By Unknown

    Reindeer Christmas By Mark Kimball Moulton

    The Little Reindeer By Michael Foreman

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Adapted By Kristen L Depken

    Santa and the Reindeer By Maria Farrer Rudolph,the Red-Nosed

    Reindeer By Golden Books

    Can Reindeer Fly?The Science of Christmas By Roger Highfield

    Christmas Decorations The Star of Christmas By Maria

    T DiVencenzo Tinsel the Christmas Tree By

    Angelina Goertzen Light the Lights! a Story about

    Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas By Margaret Moorman

    Tallie's Christmas Lights Surprise! By Elaine Pease

    Planet Christmas Extravagant Yuletide Decorations from Around the World By Chuck Smith

    A Very Special Visitor A Lift-The-Flap Book with

    Christmas Tree Decorations! Illustrated By Karen Sapp Let's Decorate the Christmas

    Tree By Gretchen E Claybrook The Legend of the Christmas

    Stocking An Inspirational Story of a Wish

    Come True By Rick Osborne There Was an Old Lady Who

    Swallowed a Star By P. Crumble The Christmas Tree By Carol

    Clark The Laughing Elephant's Book

    of Christmas By Welleran Poltarnees

    A Christmas Star By Yakiri Rookstoo

    Family The Twenty-Four Days Before

    Christmas An Austin Family Story By Madeleine L'Engle

    The Everything Family Christmas Book Stories, Songs, Recipes, Crafts, Traditions, and More! By Yvonne Jeffrey

    A Very, Very Pasta Family Christmas! By Michael Ciccolini

    Our Family's Christmas Elf By Carol Sbordon Bannon

    One Family's Christmas By Mary Jean Kelso

    The Squirrel Family's Christmas Surprise By Pearl Giordano

    Merry Christmas Mom and Dad By Mercer Mayer

    Diego's Family Christmas By Rafael Fernandez

    Home for Christmas Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat

    By Tish Rabe Home for Christmas

    By Sally Grindley

    The Christmas Story No Tree for Christmas

    The Story of Jesus' Birth (Me Too!) By Marilyn Lashbrook

    A Waldorf Doll Nativity By Petra Rosenberg

    The Story of the Nativity By MR Tracy Harrast

    The Mothers at the Manger By Mary Alice Merryman

    Lift the Flap Nativity By Juliet David

    The Story of Christmas By Juliet David

    The Story of the Nativity By Anna Milbourne

    The True Gift A Christmas Story By Patricia

    MacLachlan The Christmas Story By Ian

    Beck The Christmas Story Book By

    Ineke Verschuren Children's Nativity The

    Christmas Story Through a Child's Eyes By Richard Surman

    The Nativity By Julie Vivas

    Religious The First Christma


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