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  • 1. PC Tool Tips
    To Make Your
    Computer Run Faster

2. Scan and Remove Malicious
Software From Your PC
1st Tip:
And Run
3. Scan and Remove Malicious
Software From Your PC
1st Tip:
Free Anti Virus Remover
and a Free Spyware Remover
Both of these PC tools will make
getting rid of all the harmful things
from your PC very easy
4. Regularly Install Software
Patch Updates
2nd Tip:
Always make sure that you have all the
latest and up-to-date software patches
5. Always Back-up Important
Files, Folders and Applications
3rd Tip:
Make sure you back-up all your
important files, folders and applications
from your computer
6. Analyze and Delete Old E-mails
Files and Folders
4th Tip:
Identify the files and folders that you can
delete permanently and also any e-mails that you
have already read or
archived them off of your computer
7. Get Rid Of All Old Operating
System Temporary Files
5th Tip:
Delete all the files in the Temp directory
Over time
if it isn't regularly cleaned out,
this directory can be filled up with an
enormous amount of temporary files
8. Furthermore
Any PC Tool will definitely fill your hard disk drives
and registry with junk files and redundant entries
The more clutter you have in those drives
the longer it takes for your system to
defragment drives, do file indexing, virus scans,
check for malware and more
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on how to fix a PC error
and the most innovative PC tool out there
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