payer id payer name eligibility 270/271 claim status 276/ .payer id payer name eligibility 270/271

Download Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/ .Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271

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  • Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/277

    10431 AARP Yes Yes

    11009 ACS Benefit Services Yes Yes

    10619 Administrative Services Inc Yes N/A

    10561 Advantage by Bridgeway Health Solutions Yes Yes

    10562 Advantage by Buckeye Community Health Plan Yes Yes

    10563 Advantage by Managed Health Services Yes Yes

    10564 Advantage by Superior HealthPlan Yes Yes

    10004 Aetna Yes Yes

    11224 Aetna Better Health (CA) Yes Yes

    11099 Aetna Better Health (FL) Yes Yes

    10892 Aetna Better Health (IL) Yes Yes

    11119 Aetna Better Health (KY) Yes N/A

    11008 Aetna Better Health (LA) Yes Yes

    11207 Aetna Better Health (MD) Yes Yes

    11026 Aetna Better Health (MI) Yes Yes

    11064 Aetna Better Health (MO) Yes Yes

    10994 Aetna Better Health (NJ) Yes Yes

    10894 Aetna Better Health (PA) Yes Yes

    10895 Aetna Better Health (TX) Yes N/A

    10896 Aetna Better Health (TX) CHIP Yes N/A

    10217 Aetna Better Health (VA) Yes Yes

    11154 Aetna Better Health (WV) Yes Yes

    10397 Aetna Long Term Care Yes Yes

    10891 Aetna Retiree Medical Plan - Administrator Yes N/A

    10897 Aetna Senior Supplemental Yes N/A

    11115 Affinity Essentials Yes Yes

    10594 Affinity Health Plan Yes Yes

    10661 Affinity Health Plan Medicare Yes Yes

    10955 Aflac Yes Yes

    10398 AFLAC - Dental Yes N/A

    10663 AFLAC - Medicare Supplemental Yes Yes

    11225 AgeWell NewYork * Yes N/A

    11149 AGIA. Inc. Yes Yes

    10007 Alabama Medicaid Yes Yes

    10639 Alameda Alliance Health Plan * Yes N/A

    10798 Alan Sturm and Associates - Dental Yes N/A

    11016 Alaska Medicaid Yes N/A11027 All Savers Life Insurance Yes N/A10654 Allegiance Benefit Plan Management Yes Yes

  • Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/277

    11109 Alliant Health Plans Yes N/A10898 Allied Benefit Systems Yes N/A11017 AlohaCare Yes N/A11002 Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc Yes Yes10786 Altus Dental Yes N/A11057 Ambetter of Arkansas * Yes N/A11082 Ambetter Superior Health Plan (TX) Yes N/A10985 Ameriben Yes Yes10664 American Health Medicare Yes N/A10986 American Income Life Ins.Co. Yes N/A10829 American Medical Security (AMS) Yes N/A10595 American National Insurance Yes Yes10596 American National Life Ins Texas Yes Yes10899 American Network Ins. Medicare Supplement Yes Yes10016 American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Yes Yes10538 American Retirement Life Ins Co. Medicare Supp Yes Yes10018 AmeriChoice of New Jersey (Commercial) Yes N/A11085 Americo Financial Life & Annuity Yes N/A10019 AMERIGROUP Yes Yes10974 AmeriHealth Yes Yes10416 AmeriHealth Administrators Yes N/A11193 AmeriHealth Caritas DC Yes N/A11142 AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa Yes N/A10640 AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana (LaCare) Yes Yes10340 AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania Yes Yes11151 AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care Plus Yes N/A11189 AmeriHealth Northeast Pennsylvania Yes N/A11152 AmeriHealth VIP Care Yes N/A10020 Ameritas Group - Ameritas Life Insurance Co. Yes Yes10232 Ameritas Group - First Ameritas of New York Yes Yes10233 Ameritas Group - First Reliance Standard Life Yes Yes10234 Ameritas Group - Reliance Standard Life Yes Yes10236 Ameritas Group - Standard Insurance Yes Yes10237 Ameritas Group - Standard Insurance of New York Yes Yes10993 Anthem Vivity Yes N/A10708 Apex Benefits Services N/A Yes11181 Arise Health Care Yes Yes10868 Arise Health Plan Medicare Select Policy Yes Yes10021 Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS) Yes N/A

  • Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/277

    10022 Arizona Physicians IPA (APIPA) Yes Yes10023 Arkansas Medicaid Yes Yes10957 Associacion De Maestros Puerto Rico Yes N/A10529 Asuris Northwest Health Yes Yes10472 AultCare Yes Yes10890 Automated Benefit Services Yes Yes10900 Auxiant Yes N/A11145 Avalon Administrative Services N/A Yes10869 Avera Health Plans Yes N/A10024 AvMed Health Plans Yes N/A10813 Bankers Life & Casualty Yes Yes10707 Banner Health Plans Yes Yes11209 Banner University Family Care Yes Yes10025 BCBS of Alabama Yes Yes10609 BCBS of Alabama [Institutional] Yes Yes10027 BCBS of Arizona Yes Yes10028 BCBS of Arkansas Yes Yes10461 BCBS of Central New York Yes N/A10029 BCBS of Colorado (Anthem) Yes Yes10030 BCBS of Connecticut (Anthem) Yes Yes10831 BCBS of Delaware Yes N/A10031 BCBS of Florida Yes Yes10032 BCBS of Georgia (Anthem) Yes Yes10530 BCBS of Hawaii Yes N/A10033 BCBS of Illinois Yes Yes10258 BCBS of Indiana (Anthem) Yes Yes10396 BCBS of Iowa Yes Yes10034 BCBS of Kansas Yes Yes10473 BCBS of Kansas City Yes Yes10259 BCBS of Kentucky (Anthem) Yes Yes10035 BCBS of Louisiana Yes Yes10036 BCBS of Maine (Anthem) Yes Yes10037 BCBS of Massachusetts Yes Yes10519 BCBS of Michigan (Institutional) Yes Yes10038 BCBS of Michigan (Professional) Yes Yes10039 BCBS of Minnesota Yes Yes10040 BCBS of Mississippi Yes Yes10322 BCBS of Missouri (Anthem) Yes Yes10516 BCBS of Montana Yes N/A

  • Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/277

    10384 BCBS of Nebraska Yes Yes10260 BCBS of Nevada (Anthem) Yes Yes10261 BCBS of New Hampshire (Anthem) Yes Yes10041 BCBS of New Jersey (Horizon) Yes Yes10042 BCBS of New Mexico Yes Yes10043 BCBS of New York (Empire) Yes Yes10323 BCBS of New York (Excellus) Yes Yes10383 BCBS of North Carolina Yes Yes10478 BCBS of North Dakota Yes N/A10044 BCBS of Ohio (Anthem) Yes Yes10582 BCBS of Oklahoma Yes Yes10045 BCBS of Oregon (Regence) Yes Yes10524 BCBS of Pennsylvania (Highmark) [Institutional] Yes N/A10046 BCBS of Pennsylvania (Highmark) [Professional] Yes N/A10304 BCBS of Rhode Island Yes N/A10047 BCBS of South Carolina Yes Yes10395 BCBS of South Dakota (Wellmark) Yes Yes10430 BCBS of Tennessee Yes Yes10048 BCBS of Texas Yes Yes10469 BCBS of the Rochester Area (NY) Yes N/A10470 BCBS of Utica-Watertown (NY) Yes N/A10624 BCBS of Vermont Yes Yes10049 BCBS of Virginia (Anthem) Yes Yes10462 BCBS of West Virginia Yes N/A10498 BCBS of Western New York Yes N/A10299 BCBS of Wisconsin (Anthem) Yes Yes10480 BCBS of Wyoming Yes N/A11196 BCBS Texas Medicaid STAR CHIP Yes Yes11058 Beacon Health Strategies * Yes N/A11227 Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. Yes N/A10665 Benefit Management Inc Yes Yes10256 Best Choice Health Plan Yes N/A10050 Best Life and Health Yes Yes10187 Better Health Plans (Unison Health Plans) Yes Yes10999 Better Health Plans of Florida Yes N/A10803 Blue Benefit Administrators of Mass Yes N/A11183 Blue Cross Community Options Yes N/A10262 Blue Cross Independence (Pennsylvania) Yes N/A10264 Blue Cross Northeastern Pennsylvania Yes N/A

  • Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/277

    10051 Blue Cross of California (Anthem) Yes Yes10638 Blue Cross of Idaho Yes N/A10618 Blue Cross of Utah (Regence) Yes Yes10326 Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska (Premera) Yes Yes10325 Blue Cross Pennsylvania (Capital) Yes Yes10053 Blue Shield of California Yes Yes10052 Blue Shield of Idaho (Regence) Yes Yes10499 Blue Shield of North Eastern New York Yes N/A10054 Blue Shield of Washington (Regence) Yes Yes10504 BlueChoice HealthPlan South Carolina Medicaid Yes N/A11174 BlueCross Medicare Advantage Yes Yes10429 Bluegrass Family Health Yes N/A10556 BMC HealthNet Plan Yes N/A10821 Boon Group Yes Yes10414 Boon-Chapman Benefit Admin Yes N/A10399 Bravo Health, Inc. Yes Yes10827 Bridgespan Yes Yes10783 Brokers National - Dental Yes N/A10997 C and O Employees Hospital Association Plan N/A Yes11070 Cal-Viva Yes N/A11059 California Children Services * Yes N/A10055 California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) Yes N/A10972 CalOptima Yes N/A10458 Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP) Yes N/A10903 Capitol Administrators Yes N/A10660 CAPROCK Yes N/A10806 Care Improvement Plus Yes Yes10981 Care1st Health Plan Arizona Yes Yes10973 Care1st of California * Yes N/A11102 Carefirst BCBS - DC Yes N/A10270 Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield - MD Yes Yes11080 CareMore Yes N/A10056 CarePlus Health Plan Yes Yes10822 CarePoint Medicare Advantage Yes Yes10057 CareSource Health Yes Yes10762 Carolina Care Plan, Inc. (CCP) Yes Yes11161 Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust Fund of St Louis Yes N/A10667 CDS Group Health Yes Yes10668 Celtic Insurance Yes N/A

  • Payer ID Payer Name Eligibility 270/271 Claim Status 276/277

    11106 CenCal Yes N/A10567 Cenpatico - Arizona Yes Yes10568 Cenpatico - Florida Yes Yes10569 Cenpatico - Georgia Yes Yes10631 Cenpatico - Illinois Yes Yes10570 Cenpatico - Indiana Yes Yes10571 Cenpatico - Kansas Yes Yes10632 Cenpatico - Kentucky Yes Yes10588 Cenpatico - Massachusetts Yes Yes10769 Cenpatico - Mississippi Yes Yes10768 Cenpatico - Missouri Yes Yes10770 Cenpatico - New Hampshire Yes Yes10572 Cenpatico - Ohio Yes Yes10573 Cenpatico - South Carolina Yes Yes10633 Cenpatico - Texas Yes Yes10634 Cenpatico - Wisconsin Yes Yes10766 Cenpatico Behavioral Health Yes Yes10767 Cenpatico Behavioral Health Texas Yes Yes10560 Centene - Absolute Total Care Yes Yes10763 Centene - Advantage by Peach State Yes Yes10764 Centene - Advantage by Sunshine State Yes Yes11126 Centene - Ambetter Sunshine Health Yes N/A10565 Centene - Bridgeway Arizona Yes Yes10566 Centene - Buckeye Community Health Yes Yes10759 Centene - California Health & Wellness Yes Yes10589 Centene - Celticare Yes Yes10761 Centene - Coordinated Care Yes Yes10765 Centene - Granite State Health Plan Yes Yes10760 Centene - Home State Health Plan Yes Yes10620 Centene - Kentucky Spirit Health Plan Yes Yes10704 Centene - Magnolia Health Plan Yes Yes10586 Centene - Managed Health Services Indiana Yes Yes10587 Centene - Managed Health Services Wisconsin Yes Yes11034 Centene - Michigan Fidelis Secure Care Yes Yes10865 Centene - New Hampshire Healthy Families Yes Yes10590 Centene - Peach State Health Plan Yes Yes10451 Centene - Sunshine State Health Plan Yes Yes10592 Centene - Superior Health Plan TX Yes Yes10866 Centene - Total Care Carolina Yes Yes

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