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  • 1. Box and Lines are FPOMore Than a HalfMillion BusinessesTrust Paychex.
  • 2. Honored and Respected for Over 40 Years n Top 125 Training Organizations Training magazine n Americas Most Admired Companies Fortune magazine n Worlds Most Ethical Companies Ethisphere Institute n Recognized by the IRS for exceptional Electronic Federal Tax Payment System participation and transmission.2
  • 3. Why Outsource?n Accuracy.n Time savings.n Peace of mind.Why Paychex?n Highly trained employees.n Personalized customer service. Every year more thann Compliance assistance with payroll 8,000,000 penalties and human resource matters. are assessed because of late or incorrectn Preferred payroll and retirement federal and state services provider for the American Institute of Certified Public payroll tax payments. Accountants (AICPA). 3
  • 4. How It Works n Every pay period: You communicate your payroll hours and changes, and Paychex processes your payroll. n Each deposit period: Paychex automatically deposits all payroll tax liabilities on your behalf. n On a quarterly basis: Paychex prepares and files all of your federal, state, and local payroll tax returns. n Once a year: Paychex prepares and files all of your annual payroll tax returns, including your W-2s. n Always available: Labor compliance poster kit and Paychex Online HR Library.4
  • 5. Who Youll Be Working WithThroughout our relationship,clients always have a dedicated contact. Sales New Client Sales Payroll Representative Specialist Representative Specialist Coordinates Assigned specialist Delivers and reviews Dedicated single interaction between responsible for first payroll in person; point of contact the client and client onboarding makes follow-up visits handling all payroll Paychex personnel. and YTD balancing. at 30/90 days. and tax needs. Heres who and what we are: Heres what we are not: A one-to-one relationship. A call center. Service focused. Data processor. Customized to meet your needs. One size fits all. 5
  • 6. Integrated Services Payroll Time and Labor Administration Management Taxpay Time Clock Employee Pay Options Web and Smartphone SUI Service Employee Entry Time-Off Accruals Simple Submission of Hours Garnishments HR Administration Online Services n-Site HR Representative O nline Payroll O anagement Manuals/Seminars M nline Reports O R Policy Audit and Assessment H eneral Ledger Interface G andbook Development/Compliance H mployee Access Online E ackground Check Service B aychex Mobile Solutions P abor Poster Kits L nline HR Library O Employee and Employer Benefits INSURANCE SERVICES* 01(k) Administration 4 orkers Compensation W Profit Sharing usiness Owner Policies B Safe Harbor ealth, Dental, Vision, Life H Flexible Spending Accounts OBRA Administration C Premium Only Plans *nsurance sold and serviced I by Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc., 150 Sawgrass Drive, Rochester, NY 14620. California license #0C28207.6
  • 7. Online HR LibraryThe Paychex Online HR Library provides a resource thatconcentrates and organizes federal and state employeebenefits information and news, human resources content,and in-depth reference materials. Library Topics Employee Benefits Human Resources Termination Recruitment & Hiring Forms & Policies ONline HR Tools Resource Center Safety & WEllness Provided by hr360, Inc. 7
  • 8. Simple, Automated Time TrackingQuick to install, simple to operate.The Paychex time clock system can help: n Save Time. Substantially reduce time spent preparing time sheets, audits, and reports. n Increase Payroll Accuracy. Minimize or eliminate costly human error in time sheet preparation. n Lower Labor Costs. Help increase awareness of critical labor information and allow you to proactively control your most valuable and expensive resource. n Improve Compliance. Comply with federal wage requirements and overtime pay regulations, which can save you money.8
  • 9. Save Time and Stay Connected Free customizable mobile* access forwith Paychex Mobile Paychex clients and their employees.You can access Paychex information 24/7, giving you *iPhone, iPad, AndroidTM,more time to focus on your business. and BlackBerry devices. Employer access to: n Employee data. n Payroll Journal and Cash Requirements report.