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Resources for teachers, CCDs, DREs, and homeschooling adults to educated children and enrich their faith lives.


  • Catholic School Teacher Resources

    Special EditionNCEA 2011

  • Music



    The Advent-Christmas BookLiving and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and TraditionsJoan Marie ArbogastTeachers and parents will love this big colorful book bursti ng with craft , gift , and recipe projects that celebrate the

    Catholic traditi ons of this joyous season. Includes read-together stories, family take-home pages, step-by-step directi ons, illustrati ons and reproducibles.Spiral bound 144pp. #07745 $14.95 U.S.

    The Lent-Easter BookLiving and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and TraditionsJoan Marie ArbogastA complete guide to the Lent-Easter season for teachers and parents, lled with projects, stories, prayers, and acti viti es for children in grades K8.

    Create meaningful family traditi ons, and celebrate the Lent and Easter season at home and in the classroom. Includes reproducibles.

    Spiral bound 184pp. #45159 $19.95 U.S.

    Look It Up! Over 600 Definitions for Catholic Kids and Their Parents and TeachersJanet L. AlampiLook It Up! is a kid-friend-ly dictionary of important Catholic terms. An indis-pensable resource, Look It Up! incorporates clip art and pronunciation aids to

    promote learning, and is perfect for kids ages 1014 and their parents and teachers. Paperback 96 pp. #4523X $12.95

    Spotlight on Saints!A Year of Funny Readers Theater for Todays Catholic KidsDiana R. Jenkins; illustrat-ed by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP, and D. Thomas Halpin, FSPEach monthly play features a contemporary kid with a

    problemand a saint who helps them solve it. Engage and entertain students in grades 48!

    Paperback 184pp. #71192 $14.95 U.S.

    Our Media WorldTeaching Kids K-8 about Faith and MediaGretchen Hailer, RSHM, and Rose Pacatte, FSPWhether youre a catechist, teacher, or parent, this book will allow you to introduce your students to the principles of media mindfulness. Our Media World teaches criti cal thinking

    skills, anchored within the Catholic worldview, so that children can e ecti vely engage in all forms of media within our modern world.Spiralbound 160pp. #54417 $19.95 U.S.International Distribution Restrictions

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    I Will Remember You My Catholic Guide Through Grief By Kimberly B. Schuler; illustrated by Mary Joseph Peterson, FSP

    A childs guide through grief that is formed by the truths of our Catholic faith and by what bereavement professionals have found helpful. This book helps children ages 712 understand death, funeral rituals, the grieving process, and what to expect during the rst year aft er the loss of a loved one. Schuler gives reassuring voice to a childs feelings of loss, and provides a safe space where hopes can be expressed and memories can be treasured. Lay- at paperback, 144 pages. #37040 $10.95 ($13.95 Can.)

    Kimberly B. Schuler, LPC, NCC, is a certi ed school counselor. She has worked at the elementary school level in Catholic schools in the Philadelphia area for more than 10 years. Kimberly holds a BS in Elementary Educati on from Saint Josephs University and a MS in Counseling Psychology from Holy Family University.

    for grieving children

    These enhanced CDs include upbeat and easy-to-learn lyrics, sheet music, hand moti ons, coloring pages, and more. Reproducible acti viti es make them a valuable resource for the classroom.

    God, Butt er ies, and Miracles ICool Songs and Awesome Acti viti es for Kids Daughters of St. PaulSongs include: Gods Happy Place Hes Got the Whole World Its a Miracle Jesus Is Here Love Comes First My Good Shepherd Simon Peter Talking to God The Butter y Song Together Walking with the Lord.#31042 $14.95 U.S.

    God, Butt er ies, and Miracles IICool Songs and Awesome Acti viti es for Kids Daughters of St. PaulSongs include: All Creation Tells Us: God Is So Good Love Hug A Friend of Mine The Reaching Song The Smart Song Listen to Me, Dear Jesus In the Bread of Life The Beatitudes My Rosary Getting Gods Work Done This Little Light of Mine. #31077 $14.95 U.S.

    Stepping StonesGreat Songs for Kids Based on Gospel Values Sung by niknakSong include: Hey, Thats Something Friends Should Do Youre My Best Friend Planet Earth We Must George You and I Stepping Stones Sorry Trust A Place to Go Shining a Light in Our World Everyone Has Bad Days.#7096X $16.95 U.S.

  • Coloring &

    Activity Book



    The First ChristmasRetail price: $2.25 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10

    #26774 $22.50 U.S.

    Gods Rules for MeRetail price: $2.50 U.S.32pp. Packages of 6#3100X $15.00 U.S.

    My Guardian AngelRetail price: $2.25 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#48255 $22.50 U.S.

    We Thank GodRetail price: $2.25 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#83034 $22.50 U.S.

    PrimaryFun with SaintsIncludes 64 coloring and activity pages featuring favorite saints and blesseds. Sold individually.64pp.#26847 $4.95 U.S.

    The Holy EucharistRetail price: $2.25 U.S.32pp. Packages of 10#33878 $22.50 U.S.

    The Holy MassRetail price: $2.25 U.S.32pp. Packages of 10#33800 $22.50 U.S.

    Learning My PrayersRetail price: $2.25 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#45183 $22.50 U.S.

    My RosaryRetail price: $2.25 U.S.32pp. Packages of 10#48239 $22.50 U.S.

    The Seven SacramentsRetail price: $2.25 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#70668 $22.50 U.S.

    The Stations of the CrossRetail price: $2.50 U.S.24pp. Packages of 6#7065X $15.00 U.S.

    IntermediateThe BeatitudesRetail price: $1.95 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#23597 $19.50 U.S.

    Miracles of JesusRetail price: $1.95 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#48360 $19.50 U.S.

    Saints of the AmericasRetail price: $1.95 U.S.24pp. Packages of 10#70862 $19.50 U.S.

    Spiritual and Corporal Works of MercyRetail price: $2.25 U.S.32pp. Packages of 10#15608 $22.50 U.S.

    Ten CommandmentsRetail price: $2.25 U.S.32pp. Packages of 5#74205 $11.25 U.S.

    BilingualFeast Days and Holy DaysColoring and Activity BookDas Festivos de la IglesiaLibro para Colorear con ActividadesRetail price: $1.95 U.S.32pp. Packages of 10#26820 $19.50 U.S.

    I Learn about JesusColoring and Activity BookAprend acerca de JessLibro para Colorear con ActividadesRetail price: $2.25 U.S.32pp. Packages of 10#36974 $22.50 U.S.

    Activity Book


    Saints of the AmericasThe Holy Mass

  • Posters

    Encounter the Saints Posters Volume 2Daughters of St. PaulFeatures St. Juan Diego, St. Thrse of Lisieux, St. Francis, St. Edith Stein, and more. A great way teach children about the saints.

    Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 inches.

    10 Posters#23570 $14.95 U.S.

    The Eight Beatitudes Poster SetVirginia Helen Richards, FSP, and D. Thomas Halpin, FSPWonderful lessons for ages 811. Each of the Eight Beatitudes is pre-sented as posing a choice between two possible behaviors.

    Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 inches. 9 Posters

    #23589 $14.95 U.S.

    Encounter the Saints Posters, Volume 1Daughters of St. PaulFeatures Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Anthony, St. Bernadette, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Joan of Arc, and more! A great way teach children about the saints. Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 inches.

    10 Posters#23554 $14.95 U.S.

    The Stations of the Cross Posters16 Full-Color PostersMaria Grace Dateno, FSP, & Virginia Helen Richards, FSPDepictions of all fourteen stations and the resurrec-tion. Includes reproducible prayers for group partici-pation. Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 inches.#70714 $19.95 U.S.

    Let the Children Come to MeA Reusable Interactive Poster Set on the Life of JesusMaria Da Conceicao Pinto, SSDRecreate 32 different Gospel scenes right in your own home or classroom! Includes background settings and objects you can attach to them. Dimensions: 18 x 20 inches.Includes 80 page guidebook #44969 $24.95 U.S.

    International Distribution Restrictions

  • Encounter

    the Saints


    Saint Anthony of PaduaFire and Light#70196 120pp. International Distribution Restrictions

    Saint Bernadette SoubirousAnd Our Lady of Lourdes#7020X 120pp.

    Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonDaughter of America#70226 136pp.

    Saint Francis of AssisiGentle Revolutionary#70307 120pp. International Distribution Restrictions

    Saint Edith SteinBlessed by the Cross#70366 128pp.

    Blesseds Jacinta & Francisco MartoShepherds of Fatima#11556 104pp. International Distribution Restrictions

    Saint Joan of ArcGods Soldier#70331 128pp.

    Saint Ignatius of LoyolaFor the Greater Glory of God#70439 112pp.

    Journeys with MaryApparitions of Mary#39728 128pp. International Distribution Restrictions

    Saint Maximilian KolbeMarys Knight#70455 120pp.

    Saint John VianneyA Priest for All People#7115X 128pp.

    Saint Isaac JoguesWith Burning Heart#70633 136pp.

    Saint Pio of PietrelcinaRich in Love#70676 120pp.

    Saint Juan DiegoAnd Our Lady of Guadalupe#70641 120pp.

    Saint Katharine DrexelThe Total Gift#70684 144pp.

    Saint Thrse of LisieuxThe Way of Love#70749 132pp.

    Blessed Teresa of CalcuttaMissionary of Charity#11602 136pp.

    Blessed Pier Giorgio FrassatiJourney to the Summit#11653 144pp.

    Saint Martin de PorresHumble Healer#70919 120pp.

    Saint Frances Xavier CabriniCecchinas Dream#70927 120pp.

    Saint Bakhita of SudanForever Free#70943 104pp.

    Saint PaulThe Thirteenth Apostle#71028 128pp.

    Saint Faustina KowalskaMessenger of Mercy#7101X 128pp.

    Saint Teresa of vilaJoyful in the Lord#71168 128pp.

    Saint Damien of MolokaiHero of Hawaii#71265 112pp.

    Saint Clare of AssisiA Light for the World#71222 128pp.

    Saint Andre BessetteMiracles in Montreal#71400 128pp.

    Blessed John Paul IIBe Not Afraid#11785 128pp.

    The Encounter the Saints series offer


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