Pathema Burkholderia Annotation Jamboree: Introduction to Annotation Jamboree

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Conference: Sept 24 - 26, 2008 at the JCVI Rockville, MD Campus Presenters: Ramana Madupu, Lauren Brinkac, Derek Harkins



2. What is Pathema? Pathema ( A NIAID Bioinformatics Resource Center designed to support bio-defense and infectious disease research. Pathema provides detailed curation of six target pathogens: Category A priority pathogens:Bacillus anthracis, Clostridium botulinum Category B priority pathogens:Burkholderia mallei, Burkholderia pseudomallei,Clostridium perfringens, Entamoeba histolytica 3. What is Pathema? An extensive library of literature and manually curated data A customized suite of sophisticated bioinformatics software Comparative analysis tools customized to retrieve, display, and compute results relevant to ongoing bio-defense research Overarching Goal: to provide core resources that will accelerate scientific progress on understanding, detecting, diagnosing and treating Category A-C pathogens and other pathogens involved in new and re-emerging infectious diseases. 4. All Entamoeba (3) E. histolytica E. dispar E. invadensAll Clostridium (25) All Burkholderia (28) All Bacillus (24) B. mallei (11) B. anthracis (17)C. perfringens (9) B. cereus (3) B. pseudomallei (10)C. botulinum (9) B. thuringiensis (2)B. thailandensisC. difficile B. cenocepacia B. subtilisC. thermocellum B. sp. B. pumilus C. acetobutylicum B. phages (4)C. tetani P. aeruginosaC. butyricum R. solanacearumC. novyiC. phytofermentans 5. What is the future of Pathema? We are relying on your feedback! Data exchange & integration Genome sequence analysis Custom data analysis Custom tool development New Genome Sequences & Annotation Data Clade-specific Pathema Workshops ! Clade-specific Annotation Jamborees ! Incorporate expert annotation & experimental references 6. Acknowledgements P.I.:Granger Sutton Funding:NIAID Subcontract: University of Maryland Baltimore, IGS Informatics Engineers Informatics Analysts Tanja Davidsen (manager)Scott Durkin (manager) Erin Beck Ramana Madupu Alex RichterSusmita Shrivastava Kevin GalinskyBob Dodson Jay Sundarm Derek Harkins Seth SchobelLis CalerOwen White (University of Maryland Baltimore)Anu GanapathyYongMei ZhaoJosh Orvis Aaron GussmanKevin Galens Jonathon Crabtree 7. Jamboree Overview Day 1: Prokaryotic Annotation Methodologies Gene Model & Functional Curation Introduction to Manatee Day 2: Participant Presentations Burkholderia Training Exercises Burkholderia Annotation Day 3: Burkholderia Annotation 8. Introductions Bioinformatics Project ManagerLauren Burkholderia InvestigatorBill Bioinformatics AnalystRamana Madupu Bioinformatics AnalystDerek Harkins Pathema-Burkholderia