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The art of Hula Dancing


  • 1. PAST & PRESENT HULA Janell Baquering Art 160 Community College of Southern Nevada Fred Sigman

2. HULA THE DANCE OF LIFE No meaning in the 1200 because of language barriers. 3. HULA IN THE PAST Told stories about the gods and goddess of the land. Represents the kings and queens in honor of them. 4. HULA IN THE PAST Praised the gods as well to bring peace and give offerings of sacrifice. 5. BASIC HULA MOVEMENTS 6. KIM TAYLOR REECE 7. PRESENT Still represents the meaning from the past but now is more for the beauty in the art. 8. PRESENT The woman are more slender and much more exotic. 9. PRESENT The power in the movements still represent the land and all the nature surrounding the islands. 10. PRESENT 11. Praising the land and showing the beauty of the home lands. 12. CONCLUSION In the past the meanings of the dancing still represent what they are now but many changes have occurred with the art of hula dancing photos. The woman are more exotic and slender. In the past it was not about making a profit from the hula dancing but showing the love of the land, life, and nature as one.