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A presentation to review and practice action verbs in Past Continuous & Simple Past.


  • 1. I was sleeping on my bedwhen the alarm clock went off.

2. He was cooking pastawhen the phone rang. 3. He was watching TVwhen someone knocked on the door. 4. He was taking a showerwhen the lights went off. 5. He was typing on a laptopwhen he spilled a cup of coffee. 6. He was going down the stairswhen he fell. 7. He was walking on the streetwhen it started raining. 8. He was having lunchwhen he received a text message. 9. He was working outwhen he got thirsty. 10. He was sleepingwhen someone broke into the house. 11. He was buying grocerieswhen he ran into an old friend. 12. I was reading a bookwhen the dog jumped onto my lap. 13. drive to school get dressed play videogames 14. I was listening to musicwhen I fell asleep. 15. Complete the sentences. Victor was taking a nap... Dan and Jules were playing chess... Helen was putting on make up... My dog was chasing a cat... Jerry and I were talking... Laura was having a meeting... 16. Complete the sentences. ...when the food we ordered arrived. ...when he heard a noise. when the guests started leaving. when she asked for the check. when the class started. when we realized it was Sunday.