passwords aim: to create a strong and safe password

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PasswordsAim: To create a strong and safe passwordMaking A Password

Click on the tv above to watch a video clip on creating a password.Different Kinds of PasswordsSimple PasswordsStrong PasswordsGo to DinoPass to find the difference between these 2 types of passwords.Write an sentence or two describing each one. Create 2 and type them in the appropriate box as well (hint: Must exit Slideshow Mode to type).We will be creating a Strong Password!Tips for Creating a Strong Password Do NOT use real words.Do NOT use your name.Do NOT use the name of the website or software.Do NOT use your birthday.Do NOT share your password with anyone.Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and characters (atleast 8).

You decideWhich password is strong, not simple?

wildzebra11b@dWalrus84shineypuma17emptynoise28Pick the letter and type it here with your reason

You decideWhich password is the best

Rickard398PS134RoxDeCeMbEr9T3KT3@ch204Pick the letter and type it here with your reason

Time to Make Your Own STRONG PasswordWant to revisit the tips? Click here.

Now type your password below. (Remember to get out of slideshow mode.)

UsernamesA username is different than a password because this is the name you share with others to identify you. You can use real words and it doesnt need to be cryptic, butUsername TipsUsernames should be gender neutral.Should not give out any personal information about you.You should not even use words that describe how you look or hobbies that you have. It should be something that is easy for you to remember. You decideWhich is the best username?

GirlzRule!Hannah914ZombieChaserBlueEyes19Type the letter you chose and then type your reason. Its Your Turn!Create your own username and type it below.


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