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  • 1.How to Create Strong Passwords

2. IntroductionO The stronger our password, the harder it is for someoneto guess it and pretend to be usO The stronger our password the more defensible it isagainst mass computer attacks 3. QuestionO Experts have determined that a passwordshould have a minimum of eight characters.Why eight and not seven? Why not 25? What ismagical about the number eight? 4. AnswerO Based on research abouthuman short-term memoryO Can, on average, rememberbetween five and ninecharactersO So eight characters is longenough to make a passwordstrong but short enough thatyou can memorize it 5. QuestionO Which do you think is a stronger password: onewith 20 characters or one that is more complexin its use of seemingly random combinations ofupper and lower case letters, numbers, andsymbols? 6. AnswerO Security experts would answer that passwordlength is more important for security thancomplexityO Most people rely on dictionary words, words spelledbackwards, repeated characters, or famousquotationsO Truly complex passwords, say those made by arandom-password generator, are too difficult formost of us to remember. So we write them down forothers to see and copy!O The length of the password creates more characterswhich creates more possible combinations 7. QuestionO Experts say that passwords using acombination of upper and lower case letters,numbers, and symbols are harder to crack thanthose that are all letters or all numbers. Whydoes this strategy make a password stronger?Lets dissect some examples first and thenconsider what the experts say. 8. Which password is stronger?A1b2c3d4R4c7x3E1fO the top password is an easy pattern, it wouldtake fewer guesses to figure outO the bottom password has no apparentpattern 9. Which password isstronger?Go!jets#1!!Applesauce1212** M^s1ster|$ alw4ysf1ne!O Favorite sports team connection is easy for someoneto guess O Using your name or your birth month or date are also easy for someone to guessO Dictionary words and repeated characters weaken apasswords strengthO The bottom password uses length, randomcapitalization and random simple substitutions, bothmaking the password strong and easy to remember 10. QuestionO Why is a passwordstronger when wecombine upper andlower case letters ANDnumbers ANDsymbols? 11. AnswerO Experts determine the strength of a passwordby the average number of guesses the attackermust make to find the correct password.O Increasingly, they see evidence of sophisticatedcomputer hacking attacks that try to crackopen thousands of passwords each second.O Using letters, both upper and lower case,numbers and any of the symbols on ourcomputer keyboards increases the number ofcharacters that must be guessed 12. Create a Complex, Creative PasswordO How can you create a password that is easyenough for you to remember without writingdown, but complex enough that no one couldeasily guess it? What if you first took the nameof a favorite book, or a favorite movie or part ofa funny joke that you could easily rememberand then wrote it in a creative code? 13. ExampleThe Phantom Tollbooth Ph@n+0m+0!!600+hExperts say the trick is to use a code that is notdifficult to remember because once you write itdown, anyone can find it and copy it 14. Table of Letters & SymbolsO Draw a table with two rows and eightcolumnsO In the eight boxes on the top, write a letterO In the eight boxes below, write acorresponding symbol or number 15. Tips and AdviceProvided by 16. Internet Use Agreement Orcutt Union School DistrictInternet Use Agreement


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