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  1. 1. 3 , . - ll , _ll_l_ / MI 7.. Alliance Filaments LimitedHEAD omcs ,,7 ALLIANCE FILAMENTS LIMITED 1001 - 1002, lash Textile & Yam Market, it Ring Road,Surat 395 002'1 Gujarat,India. _4j; z Tel:+91 251 3069128 *Telefaxz +91 261 2346458 Email:info@a| |iancef'ilaments. comPLANT ADDRESS Plot No.20 to 38, Block No.214,B/ h. Essar Petrol Pump,At.Mota Borasara,Kim,Tal.Mangrol,Dist.Surat - 394 110 Gujarat,India. In - ii}lllWW. ALLlAN(EF| UlMf. llTS. (0M
  2. 2. I , . - l 4 I i ll /II II I 7..Alliance Filaments LimitedVISION & MISSIONVision is a driving force behind the success of every organization and Mission serves to be the vessel to ensure the same. 0urVision: To be a premier provider of textile products and services globally.One step at a time and opportunities have no boundaries is what we believe in.Now that we enjoy strong presence and rm hold on the domestic market with our product line,we would like to explore the business opportunities globally with potential expansion. Our Mission:We aim at excellence and believe success will follow.Constant improvement and innovation top the priority list to serve diverse needs of our valued customers.We focus more on delivering value than mere products. lllWW. Al. LlAN(EFlUIMf. llTS. (0M
  3. 3. - ,7 1 ll / _lll_/E II I Alliance Filaments LimitedQuality AssuranceQuality fabric is an outcome of quality yam manufacturing,quality control plays a vital mle to ensure we are producing the right product with the right parameters by not compromising on its quality. At Alliance Filaments,the quality measures have given the highest priority to ensure the desired outcome.0urQA team keeps constant tab on our product line and ensures detailed level of accuracy in quality to serve and exceed our customers expectations. WWW. ALLlAN(EF| LAMf. NTS. (0M
  4. 4. ,7 ,ll / _lll_/E II I Alliance Filaments LimitedManagementlMth the best managerial and technical know-how,we have not just achieved and maintained the quality standards ofourofferings but also eamed support of our longstanding customers and business associations. Professionalism and Transparency have served as the main pillars of our undertaking.We believe trust is the biggest element in any business and we proudly enjoy this element within our organization. Our Board of Directors and senior management possess strong knowledge and working experience of the textile industry,which serve as a guiding force to manage Alliance Filaments. WWW. ALLlAN(EF| LAMf. NTS. (0M
  5. 5. i , . - I 4. I _l ll /II II I .7. Alliance Filaments LimitedFDY - FULLY DRAWN YARNFDY is used as weft or weaves.It can also be knitted or woven with any other lament yarn in order to produce different varieties of fabrics such as home furnishing fabrics,fashion fabrics,terry towels,etc. '11. ll..il_I. '.l1s'l "I'll. WWW. ALLlAN(EFlUlMENTS. (0M
  6. 6. 1 , . - l 4 I i II I I /II II I .7. Alliance Filaments Limited DTY - DRAW TEXTURED YARN Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when Polyester (POY) is simultaneously twisted & drawn.DTY yam is mainly used in weaving &knitting of fabrics for making clothes,home fumishings,seat covers,bags,etc. . _.. . ~ *l= l.l|12 ll-'li'il1i|5'10): 75 373. 42.,72. 973 D:7,c: < D-7,77:d 1-373 373.72. 96 r. ~7:7:. ;7 D7.-: -dWWW. ALLlAN(EFlLAMf. NTS. (0M
  7. 7. I , . - i 4 / . i ll /II it E 7..Alliance Filaments LimitedNFY - NYLON FILAMENT YARNNylono laments yarn commonly known as Nylon FDY (fully drawn yam) is mainly used to make sarees,duppttas first twisted and then used on weaving m/ c to produce nylon fabric.Nylon FDY can be directly used on warp knitting m/ c and on circular knitting m/ c to manufacture Knitted fabrics like innenvear, T-Shirts,Socks etc. . _.. . v- ~ Ililflllli ? l5'li', I1sII~ "llI12WWW. ALLlAN(EF| LAMf. NTS. (OM
  8. 8. I , . - I l / , _l ll /It It I .7. Alliance Filaments LimitedPOY - PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARNPOY is made by spinning Polyester PET (hips ordirectly from PTA & MEG.It is mainly used in texturizing to make textured yarn,also known as Polyester Drawn Textured Yam (DTY).POY can also be used in draw warping for weaving and warp knitting of fabrics. oi: i.Il: t; : |u~l. '.l: l.I ~f-ll-I: 1 7, .179 A I l 4 .'i ex V1 I Ti-, ~ IIt I I .2 97:7 L!JI I 3% T J7,-21 WWW. ALLlAN(EFlLAMf. NTS. (OM
  9. 9. 3 , . - ll , _lll_ / are 7.Alliance Filaments LimitedHEAD OFFICEALLIANCE FILAMENTS LIMITED1001 - 1002, lash Textile & Yam Market, Ring Road,Surat - 395 002 . ,Gujarat,India.J 7 Tel:+91 261 3069128'Telefax:+91 251 2346458 'Email:info@alliancefi| aments. comPLANT ADDRESSPlot No.20 to 38, Block No.214,B/ h. Essar Petrol Pump,At.Mota Borasara,Kim,Tal.Mangrol,Dist.Surat - 394 110 Gujarat,India. WWW. ALLlAN(EF| LAMF. NTS. (OM
  10. 10. @nmAlliance Filaments LimitedThank youFor more details please visit us at WWW. ALL| ANCEF| LAMENTS. (0M


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