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Part 2 of FOSIS's "How to run a successful Islamic Awareness Week campaign?" course held in Imperial College, London, UK. Content was designed and delivered by


  • FOSIS IAW Training Resources
  • Finance & Marketing
  • Finance 1. Before IAW
  • Form a Budget Rough Estimates Example: Exhibition 1000 Talks x 3 @ 250 each 750 Lunchtime Stories x 3 @ 100 300 Marketing 1000 Books/Literature 500 TOTAL 3550
  • Sponsorship - Community Build up to IAW Jummah Appeal Talk/Show Vision of IAW Talk of past successes Be Specic of what/how much you want Give out leaet Individual Networking Talk about it! Get people Involved
  • Sponsorship - Small M.Biz Be Selective of Muslim Businesses you approach Set Criteria Show IAW Proposal Be Specic of what you want Throw in a sweetener if you have to, e.g. marketing opportunity Expect 50 - 100 If they cant help, ask who you can approach.
  • Sponsorship - Large M.Biz Muslim Directory - Be Selective Muslim Banks, Muslim Charities, Clothes Shop, Bookshops Set up appointment with decision maker Prepare Sponsorship Document: ISOC Intro IAW Proposal Bronze/Silver/Gold Sponsorship Packages Marketing Incentive Expect 100 - 1000
  • Sponsorship - University Set up appointment with top University ofcial/Alumni Foundation IAW Proposal Explain the positive benet of such a contribution to University Image, relationship with ISOC members, and Muslim Community Be VERY Specic of what you ask for: Ask for a venue they normally charge to be given to you for free Sponsor an opening event that would be attended by dignitaries
  • Sponsorship- Local Authority or Fund Research for local authority funds that support cultural projects and see if you can appeal for such funds a year in advance Check if money is Halal (You dont want to be using lottery money for IAW!) Be prepared for Long application forms Very critical evaluation procedure Suggestion: Ask for a Muslim working in the Local Authority to help you!
  • If ALL fails... Start crying :( Make dua =) Cut Costs Negotiate with speakers/exhibition providers Cut marketing budget Widen Appeal in the Community Be Creative! Sell 10 dawah coupons! Continue with IAW as planned and continue appealing during and after IAW..
  • Finance 2. During IAW
  • During the week All major payments go through the Treasurer e.g. Exhibitons/Talks For petty cash: Assign CASH to whoever will be mostly be around, e.g. IAW co- ordinator OR Give cash in advance to individuals responsible for certain tasks e.g. getting food for lunchtime stories ALWAYS KEEP TRACK!! (Cashbooks + Receipts + Excel sheet)
  • Finance 3. After IAW
  • Where did the money go? Sit with Treasurer to ensure that all bills/receipts paid (or how much left) Prepare a leaet explaining exactly how money was spent (to the penny!): Send/pass to all sponsors (Jummah attendees, ISOC members, Businesses..etc) Shows transparency Encourages future sponsorship If youre still short in cash, the leaet should also show how much is needed
  • Marketing 1. Posters/ Leaets
  • Stage I: General Program A3 Poster Catchy/Colourful 1 - 2 weeks before IAW Explains the entire weeks programme Advertised in the following areas University Area (Departments + Libraries + Student Halls) Muslim Community (Mosques, Shops) Local Areas/Public Buildings (Public Library, Metro, cafes, shops..etc)
  • Stage 2: Portable Program A5 Cards High quality, full colour 1 week before IAW and during IAW One side: Catchy Title. Second Side: Timetable of IAW Program Advertise in the following: University Area (Departments + Libraries + Student Halls) Muslim Community (Mosques, Shops) Local Areas/Public Buildings (Public Library, Metro, cafes, shops..etc) @ IAW Talks - Exhibitions - Stories
  • Stage 3: Mini-Program A6 leaet Black/White Daily leaeting around University area during IAW One side: Tonights Talk. Second Side: IAW Timetable
  • Marketing 2. Using the Web
  • Traditional Web Tools ISOC Website University Events Website Student Union Online Events Calendar Mailing Lists ISOC Mailing List University department Mailing list Nearby ISOCs Any related Mailing lists
  • Web 2.0 Tools Facebook Paid/Unpaid Twitter YouTube Blogs? Islamic Forums
  • Marketing 3. Community/ Individual word of mouth
  • University Area Tell your class or year group Stand up in front of lecture hall and tell them about your exciting IAW Wear T-shirts advertising for IAW Advertise in your Student Union Newspaper Invite your personal tutors/lecturers/Flatmates personally
  • Muslim Community Friday announcements @ Mosques in your area Ask Taxi Drivers to help you market IAW! Encourage word of mouth Bring 5 non-Muslims to our talks and get free dinner! Give out Invitation cards for people to give to their colleagues/friends