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  • Parks & Recreation: Historically Significant,

    Always Essential 38th Annual NJRPA Conference

    & Exhibition March 3-6, 2013

    Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Atlantic City, NJ

  • Mission Statement New Jersey Recreation and Park Association

    is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting parks and recreation;

    enhancing the professional development of its members; advocating sound policy and stewardship related to

    parks, recreation, resource management, and leisure services; and increasing awareness of the value of play and

    preservation of the environment to interested citizens and the public.

    Parks & Recreation: Historically Significant,

    Always Essential

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    Sunday, March 3 9am-1pm 2nd Floor Registration Booth REGISTRATION & PACKET PICK-UP

    10am-4:30pm Diamond A Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinician’s Workshop— 4th Edition .5 CEU Presenter: Gregg Heinzmann, Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council Designed for parks and recreation staff and youth sports administrators, this full-day session teaches the fundamentals of implementing the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic—Sports Awareness For Educating Today’s Youth™—which meets the stipulations of the NJ State “Little League” Law (P.L. 1988, c.87) and the Minimum Standards for Volunteer Coaches Safety Orientation and Training Skills Program (N.J.A.C. 5:52). 1. List minimum standards for partial civil immunity. 2. Identify strategies to decrease injuries. 3. Effectively administer the Rutgers SAFETY Clinic. 4. Pass a self-study, take home exam at 90% proficiency. 5. Assist volunteer coaches with developing a philosophy

    of coaching consistent with the development of children.

    11am-4pm Diamond D Training Smorgasbord: A Buffet of Ideas That Will Engage Staff .4 CEU Presenter: Kim Aycock, Camp 2 Camp Learning Solutions, GA You are cordially invited to a training smorgasbord guaranteed to satisfy a hearty appetite! This metaphorical buffet will offer a large selection of “appetizers” (ways to get staff ready to learn), a 3-course “meal” (including brain-friendly ways to present training topics and incorporate movement/visual aids to enhance learning), and “dessert” (ways to put a flavorful end to training sessions). Come hungry and leave full of ideas (doggie bag included) that will add spice to any training session and engage your staff in the learning process! Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their staff training schedule to this session if possible. 1. Relate six basics of how the brain learns during the training

    process. 2. Identify brain-based teaching methods using a “smorgasbord”

    theme (a menu will be provided as one of the handouts): Appetizer: Get “Hooked”! (Ideas to “prime” the brain and get staff ready to learn!) Course 1: Brain Bites (Brain-friendly ways to present staff training topics so that they are remembered long after session is finished.) Course 2: Movement Morsels Accompanied by Music (Ways to incorporate movement into any training session/staff meeting.) Course 3: “See”-Food Sampler (Ways to use visual aids to enhance any presentation and optimize learner retention.) Dessert: Keep your fork…save the best for last! This course promises to be the “sprinkles” on top! (Flavorful ideas that will

    end a training topic/session with a “bang” and capitalize on how the brain remembers what is taught first/last.)

    3. Apply brain-based strategies into staff training by plugging various techniques learned in this workshop into their own training sessions.

    11am-4pm Gold Room “Show Me the Money” Grant Workshop .4 CEU Presenters: Judith Leblein Josephs, CPRP, Summit Community Programs; Tammy Wetzel, Triad Associates With the 2% cap, budget cuts, and reductions in state aid, there has never been a better time to hone your skills at Grant Writing and Corporate Sponsorships. There are lots of opportunities for funding parks, recreation, and wellness programs. You just have to know how to find them and how to get them. This workshop combines some of the best thinking on grants and successful examples of corporate partnership and advertising as new revenue streams. Attend this pre-conference institute and walk away with a briefcase full of opportunities. 1. Learn how to view grants from the perspective of the funders

    and utilize that knowledge to determine the organization’s best opportunities.

    2. Learn how to work with stakeholders to properly plan and develop a grant project concept.

    3. Learn the straight forward instructions that have the greatest impact.

    4. Gain an understanding of what corporate partners want and expect for their dollar.

    9pm-Midnight Signature Suite, 49th Floor, Taj Tower OPENING NIGHT SOCIAL Begin your 2013 conference experience with your colleagues and friends! Join us in the beautiful Signature Suite which provides fantastic panoramic views of Atlantic City for a great evening that will include music, dancing, and fabulous refreshments. A host bar of beer, wine, and soda will be provided and a cash bar will be available for cocktails. Entertainment provided by Gregg and Casey Heinzmann. Promotional support provided by Boyce Associates.

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    Monday, March 4 8am-2pm 2nd Floor Registration Booth REGISTRATION & PACKET PICK-UP

    8:45am-10:15am Diamond A Best Practices in Parks and Recreation .15 CEU Presenter: Michele Potter, Parks, Recreation, and Culture, Gaithersburg, MD Come see why the City of Gaithersburg MD is one of the best places to live in the United States! Learn how the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture weathered the economic storm, remained debt free, did not incur layoffs or furloughs, maintained a fun, creative environment, and rewarded staff. Learn ten strategies that will guide you through an economic downturn or a natural disaster where resources must be reallocated. 1. Learn strategies to lead during changing times. 2. Discuss methods of maintaining morale during this economy. 3. Review how to thrive despite circumstances that affect even the

    best planners.

    8:45am-10:15am Diamond B Working with the “Y” Factor .15 CEU Presenter: Lori A. Hoffner, Supporting CommUnity, Inc., CO Employers, department managers, and supervisors are frustrated with the turnover rate of young employees, as well as the cost associated with hiring replacements. There is also a lack of problem-solving-skills with younger employees that result in poor customer service. The flip side is that the Gen “Y” or “millennials” are reporting a lack of training to handle a variety of issues on the job, as well as the need for a more supportive role from their direct supervisors. By addressing the needs of younger employees, identifying areas of concern, and providing adequate training, the turnover rate can be reduced, competent and qualified employees will be retained, and the level of customer satisfaction will increase. 1. Define current employment trends of the “Y” Generation and

    identify areas of strength in hiring practices. 2. Discuss the need for in-depth training for younger employees and

    how to empower those employees to take a leadership role in the workplace.

    3. Recognize and list practices, policies, and procedures that will support and motivate young staff.

    8:45am-10:15am Diamond D Big Deal or No Big Deal: A Framework for Co-Counselors .15 CEU Presenter: Kim Aycock, Camp 2 Camp Learning Solutions, GA Set up your co-counselor groupings (group leaders, program staff, etc.) for success by establishing lines of communication and teamwork BEFORE the first camp session begins. This proactive approach will

    be the difference between make-it or break-it relationships as staff work through issues that can potentially turn into a big deal if left unexplored. 1. Promote the discovery of commonalities in staff while

    establishing a framework for working together and accepting differences through intentional activities carefully designed for this purpose.

    2. Take staff to the next level in their co-counselor relationships through carefully chosen exercises where they solve various challenges together that foster communication, teamwork, and trust.

    3. Guide important staff conversations on “big deal” or “no big deal” issues through the final exercise.

    8:45am-10:15am Gold Room A Higher Level of Inclusive Play .15 CEU Presenter: Michael Fingeroth, Landscape Structures, Inc. Presented in cooperation with the NJ Commission on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities This session will provide participants with an overview of the emerging awareness of a new population of children on the playground, and how to design playgrounds that meet their unique needs. Attendees will learn more about the range of disabilities of playground participants and especially the rapidly growing incidence of children with autism and related spectrum disorders. Tips and strategies will be provided on how to make small to major changes in play spaces to make playgrounds not just welcoming, but engaging, challenging, and therapeutic. Participants will gain ideas on how to plan inclusive playgrounds that are embraced by the community and create a source of community pride. 1. Define the growing demand for inclusive playgrounds and

    differentiate between meeting ADAAG requirements and creating an inclusive play design.

    2. Describe why sensory play is important for all children. 3. Provide examples of inclusive play design elements and best


    8:45am-10:15am Silver Room Make the Most of You Tube™ and Other Social Media .15 CEU Presenters: James Daggon, Emerging T


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