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Parkes ATUC Report Nov 2007. Stats. Scheduled observing time (2007) 85% Downtime (last 12 months): 1% system faults 3.1% high wind. Observer feedback. 25 reports last 12 months 9.7 for after-hours support 9.4 for quarters comfort - 7.4 for RFI (immunity from). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Parkes ATUCReportNov 2007

  • StatsScheduled observing time (2007)85%

    Downtime (last 12 months): 1% system faults3.1% high wind

  • Observer feedback25 reports last 12 months9.7 for after-hours support9.4 for quarters comfort

    -7.4 for RFI (immunity from)

  • From Production and Impact of Radio Telescopes 2001-2005

    Trimble & Ceja (2007)

  • Open Days, Sep 20073500 visitors2000 tower tourists

  • Receivers

    With new 16-26GHz receiver, can cover most of the the spectrum from 1.2 - 26GHz

    20cm multibeam remains state-of-the-art for next 4-5 years (until FPA?)

  • Receiver developmentsFrequency agility - lightweight 18-20cm receiver use Multibeam only for part of year upgrade existing H-OH?

    8GHz MARS receiverModify conversion to get 1GHz bandwidthNew S/X feedhorn for astrometry/geodesy

  • Pulsar/transient backendsPulsar timingPDFB2 operational (1GHz x 2IF)PDFB3 coming soon (1GHz x 4IF)

    Search modeAPSR coming soon (~8Gb/s BBR)Search mode for PDFB3MBDFB (new 13 beam search engine)

  • APSR the Delluge

  • MBDFBCollaboration between Swinburne, Berkeley, Manchester, Cagliari, ATNF, Effelsburg

    13-beam filterbank search engine with higher spectral resolution. Targets; MSPs, transients, relativistic binaries

  • Still lots out there

  • Spectral line Multibeam correlator still the workhorse2048 or 4096 channels max for nb > 2Up to 16384 channels for single beam

    MOPS correlator needed for 16-26GHz receiver possibly using PDFB3?s/w correlators possible (using CPSR,PAMELA)

  • Standing-wave problemRobert Braun et al. taking a fresh approach.

    Use randomised scatterers at aperture blockages

  • VLBIParkes key element in VLBI array

    Mark 5b recorder now (almost) working

    eVLBI PAMHELA on track

    16-26GHz receiver

  • Mark 5 VLBI recorder

  • Matenet now replaced by observatory fibre links

  • FPA 12m testbed antenna

  • The price of flexibility more automation of routine configurations

  • Unattended operation?Completely unattended operation may leave ATNF exposed

    DCP within 1km, possibly asleep;Maintaining observer vigilance Remote monitoring, including fire alarms Odd noises early intervention

  • For the chopAT correlatorWBC (Wideband pulsar correlator)Mark3A VLBI recorderS2 VLBI recorder

    PDFB1 lifetime is limitedPulsar analogue f/b ditto (post-MBDFB)