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  • 1. SECTION II: APPE SPECIFIC INFORMATION 1. APPE Type and Name: Please list the APPE type you are detailing. If you are filling outinformation for a PATIENT CARE or NON-PATIENT CARE (ELECTIVE) experienceplease put the name of your APPE next to the type, e.g. PATIENT CARE NUTRITIONSUPPORT. Note that only one APPE type should be listed here.Patient Care- General Surgery 2. Primary Preceptor: Please list the primary preceptor for this APPE, her/his title, area ofpractice or specialty, and an email address where she/he can be contacted by students.If the primary preceptor would like a work number included, please list that as well (listinga phone number is optional).Brian Howard, PharmD, BCPS email: brian.howard@hcmed.org3. Preceptors: Optional Information. If there are other preceptors the students will come inregular contact with, please list their names, titles and areas of practice or specialty.Marcelline Rudebusch, PharmD email: marcelline.rudebusch@hcmed.org4. APPE Structure: Please use this space to explain where the students will beworking/learning, what activities they will participate in, and how they will be splitting uptheir time within those areas and/or activities.Students will be following/monitoring patients in the burn unit and/or on the Surgery, Trauma, Neurosciences floor (STN).Students will use the majority of their day to monitor his/her patients. This will be done by incorporating the following activities: Using kinetics to properly monitor, dose, and adjust antibiotics. Recognizing and adjusting medications for renal function Learning standard treatment for burn patients Identifying drug interactions and medication errorsTime will be allotted in the afternoon to discuss patients and topics with preceptors. Student Roles and Responsibilities: Please list and explain what the student role/s will be during this APPE, e.g. reviewing charts, interviewing patients, medication counseling, etc. Also include any written or presentation responsibilities they will have, e.g. drug information papers, journal clubs, presentations, etc.Students will:Follow and monitor patients in the burn unit and on STNReview patient medication lists and identify appropriate interventionsPrepare for and discuss various topics with preceptors 5. Educational Opportunities: Please list any group learning opportunities the students willhave, e.g. noon conference, journal club reviews, lunch and learn sessions, topicdiscussions, committee meetings, etc.Lunch and learn noon medicine conferences are available. Students are asked to limit

2. noon conference attendance to those with topics relevant to pharmacy practice.6. Other Requirements: If you would like students to do a brief interview or send in theirCV prior to registering for your APPE, have foreign language skills, etc., please list thenecessary requirements here. 3. SECTION I: GENERAL APPE SITE INFORMATION 1. APPE Experience Types: Please place a check mark next to the rotation types available at your facility. __ACUTE CARE__AMBULATORY CARE__COMMUNITY PRACTICE__INSTITUTIONAL PRACTICEx_PATIENT CARE__NON-PATIENT CARE (ELECTIVE) 2. Facility or Pharmacy Name: Please indicate the name of your facility or pharmacy below. Patient Care APPE at HCMC in Kidney Transplantation 3. Region: Please place a check mark next to the region in which your site, facility or pharmacy resides. __BEMIDJI__BRAINERD__DULUTH/IRON RANGE__FERGUS FALLS__MANKATO__ROCHESTER__SAINT CLOUD__x TWIN CITIES__OTHER THIS ENDS THE GENERAL SITE INFORMATION SECTION. PLEASE CONTINUE AND FILL OUT SECTION II, THE APPE SPECIFIC INFORMATION. IF YOUR SITE HAS MULTIPLE APPES, PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS(1 THROUGH 7) FOR EACH APPE AVALIBLE AT YOUR SITE. SECTION II: APPE SPECIFIC INFORMATION 1. APPE Type and Name: PATIENT CARE-KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION 4. 2. Primary Preceptor: Tracy Anderson-Haag, Pharm.D., BCPSClinical Pharmacist-Kidney TransplantationEmail: ander363@umn.eduPhone: 612-347-77973. Preceptors: N/A4. APPE Structure: This practice experience primarily involves care of inpatient kidney transplant patientswith some involvement in ambulatory care of outpatient kidney transplant patients in theTransplant Clinic. Approximately 60% of the students time will be spent in self-directedpreparation of thorough pharmacotherapeutic assessments and care plans for thetransplant patients under their care. Approximately 20% of student time will be spentone-on-one with the primary preceptor, 10% or time in group lectures or learningexperiences and 10% on projects assigned by preceptor. 5. Student Roles and Responsibilities: Students will actively participate in all aspects of the pharmaceutical care of kidneytransplant patients. The student will perform complete pharmacotherapeuticassessments on inpatient transplant patients immediately post transplant or followingadmission for post transplant complications. This will involve chart review, direct patientinteraction and communication with other health care professionals. Students will also beactively involved in therapeutic drug monitoring of outpatient transplant patients. Patientwork-ups will be presented to the preceptor daily for feedback and discussion. This APPEwill facilitate the development of clinical skills and their application in the transplantpatient population. Students are responsible for one formal case presentation. A 15-minute powerpointpresentation is required, with a 5 minute question/answer session to follow. Thispresentation is given to other students, pharmacy residents and pharmacists at the site.Additionally, an article review or journal club and other additional projects may beassigned as determined by the preceptor.6. Educational Opportunities: Students are required to attend all student conferences, the nephrology teachingconference each Wednesday at 12pm and Nephrology Grand Rounds each Friday at12pm. Students are also invited to attend educational opportunities sponsored by theDepartment of Medicine when they are pertinent to pharmacy practice. Students willattend one Transplant Journal Club monthly. 7. Other Requirements: Students should have an interest in clinical pharmacy and patient care for this APPE. 5. Patient Care Inpatient Medicine/ Inpatient Oncology ServicePrimary Preceptors Katie Won PharmD, BCOP Gwen Betterman PharmD, BCOP Clinical Specialist, Hematology/ Oncology 612-873-4734APPE Structure The student will be on a 5 week rotation as a part of an inpatient general medicine service. The student will accomplish this through interactions with patients, physicians, nurses and other professionals at HCMC on rounds with the resident physician team and through chart reviews. Students will also provide clinical pharmacy services on a daily basis to the patients on the inpatient hematology/oncology service.Students will spend 50% of their time on the inpatient medicine service patients and 20% of their time on the oncology/hematology service patients. The other 30% of time shall be used for independent study time on relevant topics to patient specific topics.Student Roles and Responsibilities The student will participate in rounds with the resident physician teams. To prepare for rounds students will have to work up and maintain a pharmacotherapy plan for all patients admitted to the services. The students will learn how to initiate and monitor therapy used to treat hematology/ oncology patients, both chemotherapy and other drug therapy.The students will be responsible for one case presentation during the rotation. The presentation will be in a power point format and given to fellow students and preceptors at HCMC. A project may also be assigned (chart review, nursing in-service, education etc.)Educational Opportunities Students will meet with their preceptor daily and review cases and discuss patient specific topics. The student and preceptor may discuss further topics as assigned by the preceptor. Attending the other student cases is a requirement. The student is also invited to attend Tumor Conference held weekly to discuss complicated oncology cases and may attend general medicine noon conference. 6. IF YOUR SITE HAS MULTIPLE APPES, PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS(1 THROUGH 7) FOR EACH APPE AVALIBLE AT YOUR SITE. SECTION II: APPE SPECIFIC INFORMATION 1. APPE Type and Name:PATIENT CARE NEPHROLOGY HCMC 2. Primary Preceptor:Bhavin Patel, PharmD Clinical Pharmacist Nephrology E-mail: Phone: (612) 347-6371 3. Preceptors:N/A 4. APPE Structure:This practice experience involves care of inpatient chronic renal failure, dialysis, and kidney transplant patients. Approximately 40% of the students time will be spent in spent in self-directed preparation of thorough pharmacotherapeutic assessments and care plans for the renal patients under their care. Approximately 30% of the students time will be spent on rounds with the multidisciplinary health care team. Approximately 20% of the students time will be spent on one-on-one discussion time with the primary preceptor. The remaining 10% of students time will be spent in group lectures and learning experiences.5. Student Roles and Responsibilities:Students will actively participate in all aspects of the pharmaceutical care of renal patients. The student will perform complete pharmacotherapeutic assessments on inpatient renal (chronic renal failure, dialysis, and kidney transplant) patients. This will involve reviewing patients charts; evaluating the rationale and appropriateness of all prescribed medications; identifying, resolving, and preventing drug therapy problems; providing pharmacokinetic drug monitoring; actively participating in daily medical rounds; communicating with other health care professionals; and providing patient medication consultation if appropriate. Patient work-ups will be presented to the primary preceptor daily for feedback and discussion. This APPE will faci


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