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My presentation at Dag van de Docent, K.U. Leuven, Belgium


  • 1.Parasitic LearningCEO Teemu Arina / Dicole Ltd. tarina.blogging. 2007-12-13 Photo: Tracy O

2. Who am I?Photo: Don J. McCrady 3. Zeitgeist The Spirit of the Age 4. All-at-oncenessMarshall McLuhan (1911-1980) Photo: matildaben 5. Meta-experiences Medias are identity devices Photo: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino 6. Knowledge workbecomesnetwork work 7. Pattern Recognition Information overload is an opportunity for pattern recognition Marshall McLuhan Image: jbum 8. Education: from outcome-basedto process-based Photo: Pavlos Pavlidis 9. Serendipic Learning Photo: Cocca 10. Informal learning 11. Parasitic Learning Learner using someone as a teacher through virtual means without the knowledge or consensus of the host Photo: Spike55151 12. Information Technology Core is information 13. Interaction Technology Core is interaction Ref: Esko Kilpi (2006) 14. Personal Learning EnvironmentSharing linksdel.icio.usBlogs ReflectionSharing Flickrphotos,YouTubevideos,YOUOdeoaudio(PLE) Collective Wikipedia Other editingcommunities 15. Web X.0. 16. Integrated intelligence Individual intelligenceComputer intelligenceIntegrated:Collective intelligence (networked) Image: uscfan 17. Luddites 18. Social media synonym for the social web? 19. Palimpsest (wiki) Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (5th century) +Ephraem the Syrian (12th century) 20. Tatler (blog)Richard Steele (1709) 21. Welcome to the Futureps. Its broken. 22. Forget Best PracticesBest practice = Past practiceReflection = Future practice Image: Felippe Torres 23. Worst Practices Learning Image: Duncan 24. Artist: Lotta Viitaniemi, Story: Kim Forsman & Teemu Arina Dicole Ltd. 25. Artist: Lotta Viitaniemi, Story: Kim Forsman & Teemu Arina Dicole Ltd. 26. Efficiency is not effectiveness 27. You need inefficiency, in order to adapt Image: Lab2112 28. Anatomy of an Organisation as an OrganismNervous systemBrain Feeds, Search, APIs -Wikis, tagging -Sharing, discovering andConnecting and remixing tapping into reectionsreectons SensesBlood system Blogs, Microblogs,Social networking, Social bookmarking - Real-timeReection in and on actioncommunications,Network analysis -Optimizing interaction owSkeletonAutomation, Real-time processes,Operativetechnologies - Back- bone for business processes Ref: Teemu Arina, Illustration: Lotta Viitaniemi 29. Gesamtkunstwerk of our time I am convinced that there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and thatany who can feel these vibrations is inspired Richard Wagner(1813-1883) Image: Z E N 30. Contact info CEO Teemu Arina Dicole Ltd. 050 555 7636 Blog: tarina.blogging. Photo: Tanakawho