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  2. 2. When it comes to our regular jeans, we all are well versed in coordinating them with uppers, footwear and accessories but its not the case with colored jeans. You have to wear them with great care otherwise it can spoil your look instead of enhancing it. When all big brands like Arrow, Wrangler and Killer are offering colored jeans, how can you stay away from its charm. Lets see how to put these jeans on to get a rocking look.
  3. 3. These jeans look nice when worn with tops in neutral colors. Two bright colors can make you look like a new version of Ronald McDonald. If you have a pair of bright red jeans, you mustnt go for dark green or orange colored tops. Pair it with a fawn or light cream top and get an amazing look. Pair Your Colored Jeans with Neutral Colors
  4. 4. If you want to wear jewelry with your colored jeans, go either for a pair of earrings, a neckpiece or a bangle. Dont wear them all. Just one piece of jewelry is enough to compliment your look. These jeans look best when worn without much of accessories and jewelry. Dont Overdo on Accessories
  5. 5. Its great to pick bags and footwear in the same family color but the shades should be complementing the color of the jeans well. For example, purple bag and shoes will accentuate the look of green jeans. This type of combinations goes really well. So think a little before picking footwear and bags while wearing your favorite colored jeans. Pick Suitable Bag and Footwear
  6. 6. Dark makeup doesnt suit colored jeans unless you are not playing clown in a show. And dont even think about matching the tone of your makeup with your colored jeans. Green eye shadow with green jeans will ruin your entire look. Put on light makeup, if possible keep it neutral. Mild makeup will grace your colored jeans look significantly. No Loud Makeup
  7. 7. You mustnt opt for a formal hairstyle when wearing colored jeans. This goes especially for those ladies who keep long hair. Let your hair be casual just like the rest of the look, and have a perfect tip to toe look. Let Your Hairstyle be Casual
  8. 8. Colored jeans are in great hype and women are really falling for them. But the right way to put these denims on is necessary to get the best look. It can give you a perfect appearance for a day out with friends or a shopping session. From now on whenever you think about slipping into your colored jeans, be advised with the above tips to get best out if it.
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