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  1. 1. How to Look Best in Sarees
  2. 2. The elegance that sarees bestow upon women is known to the entire world. This amazing attire has tremendous ability to make a woman look fantabulous. All thats needed is the right selection and the correct way to drape. You have to select the saree considering many things including the complexion and body shape of the wearer. The following tips may be very useful in selection of a suitable saree for you as per your body shape.
  3. 3. For Plump Women For women on chubby side, fabrics like georgette, chiffon and crepe are better which make the wearer look slimmer. These fabrics are light and soft and dont allow the apparel to show the chubbiness of body. If you have a plump body, you can find a new charm in your personality by wearing sarees made of these materials.
  4. 4. For Slim Women If you are a skinny woman, you need to dress to appear fuller. Fabrics like tissues, organza and cotton can help you in this effort. These fabrics seem to add volume to the wearers body and she looks a little fleshy. Thin women can also try South Indian silk sarees to make them look great.
  5. 5. For Short Women For short women its always better to wear vertical lines. It makes them appear taller. They can also try small prints. Such specifications are easily available in sarees. Sarees without any design or with small design on borders is preferably to have a taller look.
  6. 6. For Tall Women For those ladies who are too tall and want them to look a little shorter, broad borders and large prints are best for you. These prints and borders give out an impression of shorter height which is favorable for tall women.
  7. 7. Selecting Right Kinds of Accessories Just selecting a right kind of saree is not enough to make you look good, opting for appropriate accessories is equally important. The best thing about saree is that you can wear lots of jewelry and other accessories with it. Neck piece, earrings, bangles, rings, nose pins and much more, you can wear anything with saree. All you have to make sure is that the accessory goes great with the saree as well as your body type.
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