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  1. 1. Jewelry Designs for Indian Ethnic Wear
  2. 2. When we talk about Indian culture, traditional Indian jewelry can't be left unspoken of. Indian ethnic jewelry is famous worldwide and jewelry designers across the globe seek inspiration from Indian style jewelry. India has been ruled by so many dynasties and has been occupied with so many ethnicities, and all of them have contributed towards the rich Indian ethnic jewelry styles. These traditional styles of jewelry can enhance the beauty of Indian ethnic attires by a great extent.
  3. 3. Kundan jewelry also features precious stones embedded in a wonderful arrangement. This type of jewelry is generally made of gold or silver. Apart from traditional apparels, this jewelry looks good with semi traditional attires as well. Kundan Design
  4. 4. Antique design jewelry features dull shine and has a rough texture. It is a historic jewelry style which was worn by many ruling dynasties and other elite people, and has made a major comeback in the Indian fashion world. It looks extremely elegant with Indian ethnic apparels like a Kanchiveram and Banarasi silk saree. Antique Design
  5. 5. Many Indians believe that navaratnas or gemstones are capable of changing fortune and bringing good luck. Navaratna jewelry includes all the nine gemstones in just one ornament. You can get it in the form of necklace, ring, bracelet or bangle. This style of jewelry suits all types of Indian ethnic wear. You can wear it at times when you don't have enough time to shop around for a matching accessory. Navaratna Jewelry
  6. 6. In case you want to avoid chunky jewelry pieces, bead jewelry is best for you. This jewelry is simple and lightweight. The best thing about it is that you can wear it with western style outfits as well. Bead Design
  7. 7. This particular style of jewelry is greatly influenced by the Indian temples. Jewelry designers in India have sought inspiration from beautiful designs and architecture of temples to create spellbinding jewelry for many years. These designs were originally used to create jewelry for deities in temples, which are now being used by several designers to make enchanting jewelry pieces. Temple Design
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